The Place Where The Crazy Birds Go

Once there was a bird
And she grew up in a dark forest
where she didn’t have a safe nest
to stay
She was born lost
Even before she could go her way

She was not like the other birds
As she had a sensitive heart
that was as a precious, vulnerable treasure
With so much love and light to give
But throughout the years
She had learned to disgust her diamond
And she didn’t see its value

And when she left her tree
To go into the world
She didn’t know where to go
and what to do
And all the time she was searching for love
She knew deep down
she had her counterpart

And in her search she flew
against trees
She fell to the ground
Other birds shook their heads
They didn’t understand
And said: she must be crazy

And one day they told her
That the forest needed to remain sane
And that she as a crazy bird
should go where the crazy birds stay

So they took her to the other forest
They had built a cage around
And they kept guard
Because under no condition
the sane should get mixed up
with the insane

And there she was: locked up
She desperately needed some love
But instead they gave her pills, coldness and distance

As they told her all day long:
‘You are cazy, you are crazy’
She started it to believe it herself
And started to behave as a crazy bird

But there was a wise owl
Who had watched and heard it all
And he said to her:
‘Oh precious bird, this is not who you
truly are
You don’t belong here
You with your love and your light
in your heart
You are the one that is sane
And all the others
who treat you like this
have gone crazy
You need to go out
You need to break free
Continue to sing your own song
Fly your own way
And then it will all work out.’

So she plucked up her courage
And although they didn’t want to let her go
She spread her wings
and flew through the bars

And sometimes it was hard
as she could still fear what others
would think of her
And if they would judge her
as crazy

But more and more
She saw the value
of her own heart
She shined her light into the world
And grew confident
in singing her own song
And indeed,
one day she met her counterpart
She found the love
Then she knew
She had never been crazy


The Pain Of Being Excluded

Once there was a bird,
And you could call her a strange bird
As she was not like the others,
She was different
So yes, maybe she was a bit strange
Her feathers were coloured
And instead of just singing bird things
She sang her poetry

And one day she went to the forest
Of the black and white birds
And there was a singing bird
She wanted to listen to him, to his concert
She wanted to be part and join the others

But from his high tree he shouted:
And all the other birds
started to laugh at her

She could not believe
She didn’t understand
She only came to bring her colours
and sing him her poems of love
And now she was being excluded
And had to leave

And lonely and on her own
She cried and was in pain
It was like she had no right to exist
She wanted to hide her colours
and to paint them black and white

But then there was a wise owl
Who had watched and heard it all
And he said:
‘Oh strange bird, be proud to be strange as you add colours
to a forrest that has lost its shine’

And indeed
In fact,
the singing bird could never forget about the strange bird
And he kept wondering about her
He had only excluded her
because her colourful shine had blinded and scared him

And one day he regretted
and he flew over to her
He asked her
to teach him her colourful,
strange ways
and to sing in his forest


The Fear Of The Raven

Once there were
two nightingales
A male and a female

Every night the male bird
sang his heart out
in the trees
of the forest
And then the female bird
came to listen
to his magic sounds

And he saw her there
flying around
Under the moon
Her beautiful eyes
lit up the dark
And he flew towards her
To look
into those two diamonds

First she stayed
at a distance
But as she found
more trust in her heart
She flew closer too

But the closer they grew
The more he started
to shake
Who was that girl
With her magic eyes
that seemed
to have bewitched
his heart
As she stirred up
the deepest emotions
and the truest love

And then she also
started to sing
She sang her words of
into his ears
He started to shake
even more
He enjoyed it,
for sure
But it needed to stop
It scared him, overwhelmed him
It created too much turmoil

So then one night
He called in his friend
the raven
And the raven ambushed
the bird girl
And he thundered through
the forest:
‘Keep your distance, you
weird bird
Don’t come any near
to him no more.
Don’t even fly over
Or otherwise I will call
my army of ravens’

She started to shake
Like she had never shaken
And with her heart broken
and her head hanging down
She flew away

But what to do
As her songs of love
Continued to flow
from her heart
And she could not stop
to sing?
Though every night
She shivered
as she could still hear
the echo
of the thunder cry of the raven
in her ears

So in another part
of the forest
in her own tree
she continued to sing
No one, not even the raven
Could forbid her to love

And one night
When she sang her heart out
In her tree
Under the moon
She saw two beautiful eyes
that lit up the dark
It was her own nightingale
that came to listen
to her magic sounds


Just A Scared Boy, Just A Scared Girl

She had already left
and he was still there
But when she drove away
She realized
She hadn’t shared with him
What was most important,
She had just talked
But hadn’t shared
the depths of her heart

So she drove back
and ran towards him
While he stood outside
And under the night sky
full of stars
She told him she loved him

But he got scared
as she had spoken
the words he had longed for
to truly feel them all his life
But could not yet say himself

And when she saw
the fear in his eyes
She got scared too
They mirrored each other
He suddenly seemed
a small boy
She a small girl
That both longed to be loved
But both had scars
that somehow blocked
their heart streams
to freely flow
into one another

And scared as she was
She ran away
She left him alone
She turned around
one more time
And there he still stood
as a helpless,
scared child
She left him behind
and let him drown
in the sea of love
Where he was not yet
able to swim

And now, some time
has passed
And she realizes
how she once
abandoned him

So after all that time
She drives back
to go to the small boy
under the night sky
full of stars
once again

And she takes his hand
Takes him in her arms
And tells him
Although she once left
He never left her heart
And she never stopped
to love him


The Bird That Was Afraid To Fly

Once there was a singing bird
And every day, every night
He sat there on his branch
He sang his heart out,
and made the hearts of others melt
by his songs
But he could only sing and dream
about the clear, blue sky
and the lands far away
where his female counterpart
As he didn’t dare to take flight

Though every day, every night
the singing bird got unhappier
And even his dreams
and his songs didn’t seem
to soothe him no more

His female counterpart
asked him when he would come
And he told her that would be never
He said to her to leave him alone
and he dwelled on his branch of fear and sadness

He said to himself:
‘I cannot fly, what if it won’t work out
She cannot truly love me,
I will only hurt her
and get hurt myself
And my wings can break.’

A wise owl that had watched
and heard it all,
smiled and said:
‘Oh bird, you want to protect
yourself from suffering
so you don’t fly
and push away everything
of love that could give you wings
But here you are and look
Now you even are
in greater misery
As you cut yourself off
from the truest love.’

So then one day
the singing bird called on all his courage
And even though he was still afraid
He started to sing a song
He spread his wings and jumped
and flew towards the horizon
of his love


The Silent Bird Starts To Sing

The silent bird
tried to find her voice again
For a very long time
she didn’t dare to let herself be heard

She listened to the singing bird
how he sang his heart out
and she admired every tune
But thought that she would
never be able to sing her own heart songs

Though the melodies she heard inside
got stronger and stronger
as the songs of the singing bird
merged more and more with
her silent poems

And one day she called on all her courage
and she gave voice to the sounds
in her heart

It stirred up the deepest emotions
as she sang her poem of love
for her singing bird
she felt him close

But when she finished her song
She got shy
And her own voice made her scared
‘I cannot sing, the singing bird
sings his songs better’
is what she said to herself
‘And I won’t sing again, no never
It’s all hopeless’ and she fell
from her branch into despair

A wise owl that had watched
and heard it all,
smiled and said:
‘How can you love the singing bird entirely
if you don’t love your own singing within you?
Don’t silence the songs of your heart
Don’t silence the love.
You may be scared to sing,
the singing bird is scared to fly
you two are both meant to fly
and to sing, so help each other.’

So from that day on
the silent bird wasn’t silent
no longer
And if you listen carefully
you hear her singing her poems
gently into your ears

from the rooftops

to love is enough

i walk the path to your heart


The Day The King Returns

Once there were a king and a queen
that had seen the light
in one another’s eyes
But then the light got too bright
to look at
And the dark appeared even darker

So the king rode his horse and left
the kingdom
And went on a quest
to defeat the dragons
While the queen freed the land
from fears and turmoil

But her heart kept burning and longing
For her king to return to their sacred land
His ring still on her finger
Every day she climbed the tower
to look for a sign on the horizon

And so the days passed by
And the queen cried her tears
She fought her battles
She grew stronger
But she never gave up
on the one who belongs
to her heart

And then one day in the distance
a man comes closer
It is the day the queen has prayed for
Ever since the day
the king left the kingdom

And the flag is raised
And the fire is burning
The glasses are filled
Happy tears are flowing

And as their eyes find back
one another’s light
They merge in each other’s arms
Their flames shine as one
and light up the kingdom


The Swan Song

She glides over water
Adorned with white feathers
she floats by the grace of her heart
In the shimmering mirror
of the rippling water surface
she looks for the image
of her other half
She sings her song and longs
for its echo

Then one day
her white equal alights
from the heights of her dreams
She recognizes her counter part
And they court for life,
mate for the heavens
As their curved necks entwine
elegantly in a heart
The mirror and its image are one
And in a duet of
sacred partnership
They perform their love
in A minor

Until the day
the heavens open
A choir of angels appears
and shows them the way
And full of devotion
the couple performs
their earthly final;
the most beautiful swan song


The Tale Of The Rising Star

Once there was a tiny little star
That hid itself in the dark sky
And made itself invisible
As it was afraid of its own light

The other stars asked:
Why are you preventing us
from seeing your treasure
How can you truly appreciate
the diamonds we are
If you are withholding
your own full shine?

Your light will help us to shine brighter
Together we’ll connect
the dots in this painting of life
And we’ll hold our place
in divine order
Illuminate the sky
As it was written in the stars

When the tiny little star
heard the words
of its sisters and brothers
And of its purpose to shine
It decided to take heaven’s stage

When the earthlings saw
the rising star above
They applauded
They named it the Pole star
And let it guide their ways



Let me tell you
about Arcadia
A landscape as wide
as the eye
can reach
With clear blue skies
as high as the mind
can think
The land where
wild roses grow
Their hearts
always open
Fields of red, yellow
purple and green

Will you come to me
here in Arcadia
This space in between
Where veils to
other worlds are thin
And dreams are realer than real
Where words and sounds
are being created
Where songs originated
and poems spring
from within
And where everything
is just as perfect
as it may seem

Will you stay with me
here in Arcadia
As king and queen
in this palace
on fertile ground
This source of creation
Where life awakens
To eyes that truly
wish to see


Ocean Of Peace 

I float in my own ocean
An endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And I am filled with grace

Though then the thoughts arise:
‘What if the storm is real
and this is just a dream’
‘What if dark clouds will push the sun away’
‘What if the waters will be rough again
And I will sink in deep’

My fears arise and make
Ripples in the water
On the surface
Of my ocean

Then I hear
a voice from within:
‘It is up to you
Do you let the sharks come in
Do you make
them appear
or disappear’
I choose.

I fall back in my own ocean
This endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And no sharks any near


The Other Side Of The Shore

And I walked
along the coastline
Dreamt of
the other side
of the shore
Drew a heart
in the sand
Then the waves
took the heart

Now the sand
is just the sand
Though the ocean
holds the treasure
of the land
And takes it
all the way
to the other side
of the shore
where my heart is


Cup Of Love 

I am on the other side of the river bank
And I hold my cup of love
up high
Precious nectar of the heart
that flows
Shimmering divine
I’d like to offer it to you
But I came from far
and I’m so tired and thirsty
So let me drink it first
Then please choose
If you’d like to drink
from this sacred cup of mine
If your heart is open
to receive
‘Cause this cup of deepest love
is for the braves
Who are willing to lose
everything they once believed in
And maybe
You too would like to share
your cup with me
And unblind me
with your truth
We only have a bridge to cross
So let us meet halfway
Let us be drunk by love
Drunk by our truth



There is a new cat in my garden. I don’t know where she comes from or to whom she belongs.

When I hung the laundry out on the line, she watched me from underneath the raspberry bush.
Later on I had a coffee in the garden and then we watched each other and I wondered: Who is observing whom?

I am a catwoman.

I wander through this world,

Look and observe,

Make myself invisible yet present.

I can lay me down somewhere

But can leave any minute.

I can be anywhere

and nowhere.

I heard the bees zooming around the roses, heard the sound of pigeons. A blue sky with white clouds passing by.
Me, the cat, the surrounding: it was peaceful and in harmony. We both had our own spot, our own space, kept and honoured the distance between us, yet very aware of each other’s presence.

Till the cat got tired of watching catwoman. And then she just slowly raised herself, turned around and showed me her butt.



She is still with me: Inspiration. She gently breathes the words into me. This white angel, does she come from heaven or from hell?
And now she even keeps me out of my sleep.

I ask her to leave, I don’t want her near me here. I tell her to go bother someone else.
This heart drown in pain doesn’t want to swim to the surface no more.
But she is still there, she smiles and invites me into her space.

I put my hands over my ears.
I don’t want to hear the words she blows to me.
I close my eyes.
I don’t want to see her flowing source of light.
I cover my heart.
I don’t want to feel how her touch has opened it.
But even then she is still there.

I tell her I can’t do it. I can’t do what she asks of me.
But she only smiles and then slowly whispers in my ear:

Write… just write