The Day The King Returns

Once there were a king and a queen
that had seen the light
in one another’s eyes
But then the light got too bright
to look at
And the dark appeared even darker

So the king rode his horse and left
the kingdom
And went on a quest
to defeat the dragons
While the queen freed the land
from fears and turmoil

But her heart kept burning and longing
For her king to return to their sacred land
His ring still on her finger
Every day she climbed the tower
to look for a sign on the horizon

And so the days passed by
And the queen cried her tears
She fought her battles
She grew stronger
But she never gave up
on the one who belongs
to her heart

And then one day in the distance
a man comes closer
It is the day the queen has prayed for
Ever since the day
the king left the kingdom

And the flag is raised
And the fire is burning
The glasses are filled
Happy tears are flowing

And as their eyes find back
one another’s light
They merge in each other’s arms
Their flames shine as one
and light up the kingdom



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