Just A Scared Boy, Just A Scared Girl

She had already left
and he was still there
But when she drove away
She realized
She hadn’t shared with him
What was most important,
She had just talked
But hadn’t shared
the depths of her heart

So she drove back
and ran towards him
While he stood outside
And under the night sky
full of stars
She told him she loved him

But he got scared
as she had spoken
the words he had longed for
to truly feel them all his life
But could not yet say himself

And when she saw
the fear in his eyes
She got scared too
They mirrored each other
He suddenly seemed
a small boy
She a small girl
That both longed to be loved
But both had scars
that somehow blocked
their heart streams
to freely flow
into one another

And scared as she was
She ran away
She left him alone
She turned around
one more time
And there he still stood
as a helpless,
scared child
She left him behind
and let him drown
in the sea of love
Where he was not yet
able to swim

And now, some time
has passed
And she realizes
how she once
abandoned him

So after all that time
She drives back
to go to the small boy
under the night sky
full of stars
once again

And she takes his hand
Takes him in her arms
And tells him
Although she once left
He never left her heart
And she never stopped
to love him


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