Neither Of Us Is Left Behind

Two silhouettes run, dance
through the dark
towards the light
As they hold hands
they almost seem to fly

They want to be on time
to catch the dawn,
catch their dreams
and live their love
For they know
Now is the moment
Not yesterday,
not tomorrow

But right when they think
that they will make it
and there is nothing left
that holds them back
on their way,
she falls down to the ground
and finds herself lost

She starts to fear
The golden sun will soon rise
Its rays will show the doorway
Did he run further on his path
without her
Did he leave her behind
in the dark
Is he ahead
She screams for him:
My love, where are you!!!!

But then she hears his voice
right next to her:
I’m here, I’m always here
By your side, where I belong
Give me your hand
We can only reach
the horizon together
On the path towards the light
Neither of us is left behind


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