The Rainbow

No matter how it storms
Or how much rain falls
There is always a rainbow
between our hearts
A path of faith to walk on
in all the countless colours of our love
A promise of light
A bridge of hope
that reaches into the heavens
and bonds the two of us


In Mysterious Ways

I bought myself a cup of coffee in town
and went outside to sit down with it
I put the cup on the table
But when the cup was empty
and I wanted to bring it away
Suddenly, I saw there was a heart
drawn on the table
right underneath my coffee
I had not seen it before
Your love is sent to me
in so many, mysterious ways


Loving Self-Talk

If you feel down and you talk
negatively to yourself,
Just imagine what I would say,
what I would write to you
How each word would caress you tenderly
and would immerse you in sweetness
Let my voice sound inside
and let it soothe you
So you always have me with you
as your best friend



Do you feel this instinct in your heart
This craving
Like a hunger, a thirst
that seems unbearable
A lion inside that wants to break free
and run towards his counterpart
Almost out of control
Driven by the force of true love

I feel this instinct in my heart
An untamed lioness that craves
her lion


Take Your Pen

My arms lie on my desk
My head rests heavily on them
‘Take your pen and write,’ an angel
whispers in my ear

‘No, I can’t do it anymore,’ I reply,
‘I am too tired, the journey is too hard
My heart is full of sorrow
And it doesn’t matter, whether I write
or not
He knows I love him more than
anything in this world
When my words knock on my door
I will just let them sing silently
within me’

The angel whispers:
‘Take your pen and write
Words that knock on your door
need to be written
Your voice that sings within you
needs to be heard
An angel that whispers in your ear
needs to be listened to
For it is your own soul that pushes you
to do what is right
You cannot run from your destiny

Take your pen and write
For your pen is your sword of truth
It is your magic wand
Love needs to be written
And light needs to shine’


Explore Me

Oh my explorer, sail to my land
Find my treasures, make your discoveries
Although, you’re well-known
in my heart,
behind my words there is yet
a world to explore
Deep within me
in unknown territory
Maybe, even unknown to myself
There is the exotic, the wild
and the pure
Draw your map
Leave your traces
Where no one has gone before
Place your mark there
And raise your flag
as my land is yours


It Is A Beautiful Day

Although the day may look grey
It is a beautiful day to take a stroll
through the city
To sit on a bench and dream of you
To feed the pigeons and watch
the city life pass by
To give the beggars some coins
and to write a poem

It is a beautiful day to let
my tears flow when I miss you
to go with the flow
wherever the waves may take me
It is a beautiful day just to love you


I Dance For You Tonight

Let me dance for you tonight
Lit by the full moon
I dance the stars into the sky
I make our wishes burn fiercely
above us
I dance the kisses onto your lips,
the sparkle in your heart,
the passion in your eyes,
your knees on the ground,
your desires reaching out
Love moves my curves
Graceful and sensual
Follow my body for it tells you a story
And only you can read,
only you can see
I dance a silent dance
But you’ll hear the words
You’ll hear the music
You’ll feel its meaning
As I dance for you
For your eyes only


Two Wizards

They were both wizards
in their world of make believe
They let their love be the magic wand
that could bring them to any place
and that could let them take any form
They made their own fairy tales
Just by the power of true love
So one day they both closed their eyes
They felt the love in their hearts
and imagined to be two birds
so they could fly and cross an ocean
to be with each other


Shared Melancholic Longing

A Portuguese photographer told me
that my eyes have the perfect
Portuguese look
as they express saudade,
this sad, melancholic longing

But then I saw your pictures
And oh man, it was like I looked in the mirror
for your eyes have the same
expression, the Portuguese look

Or is it just the melancholic look of
two lovers that miss each other,
the pain of physical separation,
visible and tangible in the eyes
Two counterparts that already longed
for each other the day they were born
Even long before they first met


Divine Interventions

Two small yellow trams
glide through the streets of Lisbon
Each has its own destination
But then, they suddenly seem out of control
Is it because she is in one of the trams
And he is in the other tram?
The strong magnetic attraction
between them even make trams
go their own way
and drive towards each other
until they almost collide
Because the whole universe will conspire
and will push and pull
to bring two lovers of true love
back to each other
and then will even make trams
to its vehicle of fate and fortune


Poseidon And Amphitrite

The ocean between us may look
calm on the surface
But my Poseidon, do you feel
in the deeper waters our waves of
longing and passion roll towards
each other?
The sea is our kingdom, our throne
The space is all ours
We drowned for too long in still
waters of sadness
We made the sea our dark grave of grief
as we were deceived by a Fata Morgana
That showed us we had lost each other
But let’s turn the tide
Our deeper waters true and pure
do call us
So let your mighty waves move
Let the tides go high
and make love
to bring back our sea to peace


The Composition

The piano starts to play ‘Für Elise’
a composition Beethoven once wrote
for a girl he wanted to marry
but was too shy to ask
And while this music plays
we zoom in on a scene
in the Dutch countryside

It is the 14th July, some years ago
It is a sun shiny day
and in an idyllic, green landscape
with an old farm barn and cows
and horses around,
another musician meets his girl
They look each other into the eyes
Like they have done it already many times
But this time they seem to find
a whole new universe
as they merge with one another

And a lot could have happened
They could have done and said
so much more
Like they both have dreamt
this moment over and over
But just like Beethoven
he was a bit shy
and instead of telling his girl
Later he wrote a composition to
express what he feels for her
and to play and sing for her
what is alive in his heart


Honour The Path Behind You

As you rise more and more in yourself
You inspire me to honour the path
that lies behind me
as so often I tend to erase the footprints
that brought me to today

I want to remove the old trails
And every day start on a blank page again
But you show me
to become whole within
is to embrace those parts from the past
And see in everything art and beauty

Just like this city through which I walk
that breathes history wherever I look
And that makes monuments from ruins

Let’s turn around together
and see how far we’ve come
Although some things may be ugly
or imperfect
There was and is always beauty
to be found in our love


Walk Here With Me

Walk here with me in this town
Dance with my feet
See through my eyes
The river, the castle, the colourful
houses, the Portuguese tiles
Sense through my skin
The wind from the sea
The warmth of the sun
Hear through my ears
The fado, the pigeons,
the sound of passionate Portuguese
Smell through my nose
The sardines, the salt water
Taste through my mouth
the red wine, the pastéis de nata
the fish, the bica
Feel through my heart
the soul, song and poetry
but above all, the immense love
I have for you that colours my senses
and illuminates this town


My True Fadista

And in the last evening light
in the old neighbourhood Alfama
on the stairs of a narrow alley
I listen to a fado singer
who pours his heart out with closed eyes
Songs of love, saudade, melancholic longing

And how much this singer may touch
And how many other singers I may listen to
There is no singer like you, o meu amor
Every singer I hear only makes me
miss you more
Your voice like an angel
that sings my heart purely into heaven
That cradles me, enchants, entices and soothes

Fado that means fate
is the music of destiny
Then you are my true fadista
Your voice, your song destined
to be received by my heart
Like I am your true poeta
My words, my poems, are fated for you


You Are Here

And when I sit by the river
and see all the water
My eyes wander in the distance
towards the west
Waves of panic roll over me
It is when instead of feeling
this union with you in heart and soul,
I feel the deep pain of bodies
that are separated from each other
Instead of seeing it with the eyes
of the spiritual
I see it with the limited eyes of the earth

But then I feel you in my heart
This strong heart connection
that calls me back to myself
‘Are you there, my love’, I ask
‘Yes I am here’, you say
I hear your gentle voice inside
Your comforting presence
that calms down my heartbeat
I cry and smile at the same time


Melancholic Passion

(With video below)

The music starts to play
and then we are the fado
And in a naked, raw song
we let our bodies find each other
As if we only have the now
It has been too long, o meu amor
My tears drop on your skin
While yours drop on mine
They melt in the heat
of our passion
Lips and hands that seek
and taste desire
The flame in our hearts
We let it rise, o meu amor
We don’t let an ocean divide
no more
I kiss away the salt on your skin
Your lips that cleanse mine
What remains then
what always remains
after the last tone
the last note


The First And Last Word

In the bright city of myths and legends
Where so much history has been written
Where once the Phoenicians,
the Moors and the Romans came
Where a big earthquake destroyed everything
But many hands led by resilience
and dreams rebuilt again
The city from which new discoveries
have been made
And explorers conquered the world
Where people believe in fate
and in the leading hand of God
Here in the Sé de Lisboa, the cathedral
I light a candle for me and you
Like I’ve already lit many
Each as a holy beacon of light around us
Then before the altar I kneel down
And pray for a miracle
Or do I pray for destiny to unfold
May we be reunited
And be brought back together
My Lord, my angels,
please, wipe away these tears
Lift the heavy burden from my shoulders
And help me to have faith
in the divinity of true love
Help me to believe and to see
what my heart and soul know
But my mind seems to doubt
That true love will always have
the first and last word


Lost In Lisbon

Rain in sun shiny Lisbon
Wherever I go my tears follow me
I try to seek you in my words,
in every corner, every street,
in the movement of the city
the flow of the river,
in shop windows,
in wine and in fado, in poetry

And I know, I won’t find you there
for first, I have to find you within
to see you without
But sometimes, there is just
this big sea of tears between us
That makes me float away from myself and thus
from you



Like a princess I lie on my bed
the doors to the balcony are open
From outside I hear the sounds of
passionate Portuguese
And if I take a deep breath
I can smell the river and the sea
Salt water and sardines
The moon shines on my face
And then I think of you, my sun
The sun that shines on the moon
His rays so bright
That she reflects it strongly
and lights up my face


The Breath Of Mystery

A mist is blown into the forest
of Sintra
A white breath of mystery flows
around the top of the mountain
It uncovers the unseen
as the veil between worlds
is lifted
Nymphs, spirits and fairies appear

And I sit down on a rock
On the altar of true love
I have sacrificed my soul
Mystery blows around me
And I can see

There you are my beloved
The eyes of my heart have caught you
Where truth is felt
And the deepest love makes visible
Even if all is covered with mist


The Fairy Of Sintra

A fairy of the woods of Sintra
took me with her
We went to Quinta da Regaleira
She showed me the underground caves
the womb of mother earth
Where inner light can be found
in darkness
If you can’t rely on your eyes no more
It is your heart that guides you

We went up the hills
And flew with the robins
Along palaces and castles
Our heads in the clouds

And before I said a farewell
I asked her why all the time
she had spoken to me in plural form
Where there was just me
The fairy lady smiled and said:
‘Oh princess, don’t you see?
there is your prince next to you
lovingly holding your hand
Each step you take
He takes the same too
His energy body just as real
as you and me’


On A Rooftop

I stand on a rooftop
and look over Lisbon
A guitarist next to me plays
The Beatles’ song ‘Yesterday’

And it’s so easy now to fly out
to follow the stream of my thoughts,
the wind of my desires
and to seek you everywhere
in every corner, on every cloud
to even look across the ocean
For there are Sirens by the river
that try to entice me to fly farther
But I know in the end I will hit
my head against a cliff

Somewhere down there
I hear the sound of church bells
that reminds me
to keep my feet on the ground,
my energy at home
To look for sacredness within
As the holy grail of our love
My key to you lies inside my heart

And then around me
the wind may blow
the Sirens may call
Yesterday may pull
Memories may shout
But I’ve found my ground
on a rooftop, in the eye of love


Fully Naked With Clothes On

True intimacy is not just sharing
each other’s naked bodies
But it is to be fully naked
even with clothes on
To be seen by the eyes of true love
that see through anything
and touch the deepest core
To feel each other’s emotions and energy,
Hear each other’s thoughts
even when a thousand miles apart
and out of sight
To feel the intimacy of two hearts
that always communicate with each other,
sharing a strong, unbreakable bond


We Are The Sea

I sit on a hidden and quiet beach
which used to be the private beach
of the queen of Portugal
The Atlantic Ocean waves before me
Seagulls in the sky
Salt water on my lips
And warm sand on my naked skin
A sea wind sighs over me
My hair dances
And between the clouds
the sun carefully appears

I sit majestically in lotus pose
I close my eyes
The sea rolls through me
I connect with you
Through the royal portal
of my heart
And then there are no miles in between,
but we are one

We are the sea
Our tides of desire, longing and love
pull and move us
Our deep waters fill the gap
Between my land and your land
And no dikes, no borders
can hold back its incredible force


Love Without Words

It is nighttime in Lisbon
and I cannot sleep
I sit on the balcony
The moon and stars serenade me
with their light

And if you would be here
I would cuddle up to you
And with our fingers
we would draw lines between
the stars
We would paint in the sky
And we would love without words

I sit here alone
You are far away
In your sky, across the ocean
the sun shines
Both we look up
with our fingers we paint out
our love
You paint with sun rays
I paint with stars and moon
And we love without words


The River Sings

Tears run down my cheeks
when I take my first steps in Lisbon
The city is a museum of memories
that don’t take me in
but let me stand on the treshold
and I can only watch
how Portuguese melancholy
comes over me like a big wave
and makes me miss you so much

And I walk straight to the river
I almost run
while the last sunlight shines upon me
I hear the whisper of the river Tagus
that strokes like a warm evening breeze
gently over my cheeks
to bring me a kiss from my beloved,
a message from overseas

And the Tagus sings:
‘Oh dear, don’t step back into memories
but step forward into visions
Dream and write your beloved
here with you
Pull his ship across the ocean
By the force of the love in your heart
He is closer than he’s ever been


My Secret Luggage

At Amsterdam airport
I had to go through security
The alarm sounded
And the bodyscan
showed all kind of suspicious spots
in and on my body
I had to take off my shoes,
my jacket, my ring, my bracelets
There I stood half undressed
and barefoot
They searched my body
But still, the alarm sounded
They didn’t understand why
I smiled, of course I knew
Their security system just detected
the high frequency of true love
in my body
But their technological feat
couldn’t uncover that
Inside me I carry you with me secretly



If you look at the surface
from where you stand, from where I stand
It may seem our lands are separated
I cannot see yours
You cannot see mine
Other lands and an ocean are in between
But if you look deep down in the earth
you see that our lands share the same core
and that in depth they are connected

If I look in me I feel you
in my belly, my heart
Deep down under my skin
my land and yours
are undivided


Union Within

I am the strong woman
And I am a shy girl
I am optimistic
and can drown in deep despair
I am courageous and open
I am closed off
and shaken with fear
I am adventurous, sociable
And I am a loner

I always thought that
to become whole within me
All the time I need to be
that strong, expressive woman
And make the other pieces of me
But then I realized,
to be whole is to accept and acknowledge
all those different pieces
to unite them within me
and don’t see them separated

And maybe I am all, maybe I am none
I am the presence behind it
that observes and writes about this

I am the poetess
and I am my poetry
I am your beloved
and I am the poet
My beloved is in me

(As within, so without)


Heart Hunger

Do you feel this heart hunger
Let the flame of your love for me
burn so fiercely
that it burns away all the fears, all the worries,
the obstacles, the barriers, the control
that it vaporizes the ocean between us
Let your longing be the bridge
Your craving be the magnet
that pulls you to my well
For you know,
only my waters can quench
your thirst for love
Only my heart can satisfy
your heart hunger
Like mine can only
be satisfied by yours
It is the soul that searches
that wants to merge
and find its home


The Messenger

Since a few months there is a raven
that comes to caw me his song
every morning at my bedroom window

When I wake up in a pool of sadness
for I missed you in the darkest hours
The raven caws me out of my
melancholic thoughts

As if it wants to tell me about the
blue skies that are on their way
It says not to worry, to have faith
And that you love me, all is safe
After death there is rebirth
After every night comes a new day

Did you send me that
magical messenger, my love
To serenade me your heart every morning
And to guide me towards the sun
I received those divine rays of light
brought to me by Apollo’s raven


Veni Vidi Vici

And here we are in ancient Rome,
La Città Eterna
Oh my Julius Caesar
You once came
You saw my eyes
You conquered my heart

And now come again
I wait for you here in the temple
as your empress
I defeated Brutus
And therefore changed timelines

I went to the thermae
and took a bath
I washed away the dust of the old city,
the old stories
And all that bothered my heart
I wear my white tunica
and scent like a flower
A golden crown adorns me
Pure is my soul

Please, my emperor
let us rise the empire
Conquer once again my heart
Let us live eternity
here in my arms
We write history
In Caput Mundi

We came
We saw
We made love


I Am Your P.P.

I am your P.P.
Your Personal Poetess
Just give me a word, a theme
and I write you a poem
All what you do
and even what you don’t
What you write and sing
All our dreams
I record it
for I’m a humble word servant
of true love
I take note and do
poetically the correspondence
of all the matters
of our hearts


My Magical Kisses

My kisses are like my pen
They are my magic wand
And can take you wherever you wish
Do you want to be my king
I kiss you a crown
And with the next kiss
a horse and a cloak

Close your eyes
for this kiss is intense
Then open them again
And see how I’ve kissed you a castle

I kiss you some fireworks
on the inside and above us in the sky
The heat of a summer night
And fairies sing around us

Taste the love on my lips
Lick the sweetness from them
It will enchant you and bring you
in higher realms

I kiss your dreams come true
And kiss you into
a thousand and one tales
Let us take this wild ride
And then after a while
I kiss you back on your feet
And only we know
the magical stories
and where we’ve been


Timeless Romance

I take you back to the
30s of the last century
into a film in black and white
An orchestra plays
A crooner sings
We have dinner at a table for two
You offer me a rose
A candle burns
Our dreamy eyes smile
and drown in each other
You reach for my hand
and ask me to dance
And then we move
in a world of slow-motion
We dance colours in
the black and the white
Our eyes lock
You hold me tight
Then we put it on pause
and take the time
for a long, passionate kiss
And we fit so perfectly
into this simple life
Without electronics or wifi
As we don’t need to amplify
or digitalize our love
The only connection that matters
is the thread between our hearts
Our simple though far reaching
romance is timeless


Release My Words

Although I could never catch it all
And every attempt is in vain
Still, with each word I try to catch
my love for you
I put in each word as much as I can
And make them fully overloaded
with love

Can you please release my words
as they almost explode
Take them to your heart
and let their content flow into it
in a sigh of relief


Remember Your True Essence

Oh wild rose, why do you have
all those heavy teardrops
on your petals
that make you unable to move
in the wind
Did you forget about your wild nature
Do you miss so much your beloved
that you forget he has special powers
and he can be with you in the blink
of an eye

Just call in your fairy man
In fact, he is already there
For he never truly left
It is your mind that put up barriers
That only your heart is able to cross
Let him sprinkle his magic upon you,
Kiss each of your petals
His lips take away those teardrops
Let him caress your stem,
pull out the roots that are still
in old stories
and nourish the roots that grow into your dreams
Just look into his eyes
and let him reflect your true essence
Let him remind you of your wild nature
And then I’m sure you again
will start to dance in the wind


Make Sure That I Don’t Need To Miss You

When I go to sleep,
come into my dreams,
my wizard, please make sure
that I don’t need to miss you
I want to feel you
in every moment

Travel with me wherever
my subconscious mind leads me
Let us explore the world
behind closed eyes
Bring some magic in my dreams
Let us dance
in every corner of the night
and do all the things together
our consciousness by daylight
wouldn’t dare to