Let’s Shake

If you feel those shakes inside
And your thoughts run like crazy
Your nerves almost break you down
Let’s then shake together
We’ll dance the shake
And we’ll shake together those shakes away


Her Smile

She shares her smiles like sun rays
A little gift of light
and empathy
To warm the hearts
she meets

She gives her smile
to a beggar woman
that almost seems invisible
As she gave up to
hold out her hand
to people who pass by

A smile to a young mother
that looks helpless
and exhausted
As her child
doesn’t stop to cry

She gives a smile to the cashier
that doesn’t seem to like her job
But she has a lot of worry
If she’ll have enough money
to survive the end of the month

She gives a smile to a guy
whose head is hanging down
And whose mood
seems depressed
As he sees darkness all around

She shares her smiles like sun rays
But the brightest smile
she keeps
for the One who
makes her smile
And who she’ll meet
when she returns home


Just A Scared Boy, Just A Scared Girl

She had already left
and he was still there
But when she drove away
She realized
She hadn’t shared with him
What was most important,
She had just talked
But hadn’t shared
the depths of her heart

So she drove back
and ran towards him
While he stood outside
And under the night sky
full of stars
She told him she loved him

But he got scared
as she had spoken
the words he had longed for
to truly feel them all his life
But could not yet say himself

And when she saw
the fear in his eyes
She got scared too
They mirrored each other
He suddenly seemed
a small boy
She a small girl
That both longed to be loved
But both had scars
that somehow blocked
their heart streams
to freely flow
into one another

And scared as she was
She ran away
She left him alone
She turned around
one more time
And there he still stood
as a helpless,
scared child
She left him behind
and let him drown
in the sea of love
Where he was not yet
able to swim

And now, some time
has passed
And she realizes
how she once
abandoned him

So after all that time
She drives back
to go to the small boy
under the night sky
full of stars
once again

And she takes his hand
Takes him in her arms
And tells him
Although she once left
He never left her heart
And she never stopped
to love him


Broken Trust

You flew out
Brave as you were
You trusted
But the wind
blew harsh words
that cut
your heart full of love
into pieces

You got your wings broken
And fell down
to the ground
You were wounded
and lost

But you took
the pieces
One by one
And healed your wings
the love in your heart
grew stronger

Now, do you dare
to fly out
Do you truly believe
in love again
Do you dare
to trust the wind
That in fact,
he did it out of love
and only helped you
to get stronger


The Bird That Was Afraid To Fly

Once there was a singing bird
And every day, every night
He sat there on his branch
He sang his heart out,
and made the hearts of others melt
by his songs
But he could only sing and dream
about the clear, blue sky
and the lands far away
where his female counterpart
As he didn’t dare to take flight

Though every day, every night
the singing bird got unhappier
And even his dreams
and his songs didn’t seem
to soothe him no more

His female counterpart
asked him when he would come
And he told her that would be never
He said to her to leave him alone
and he dwelled on his branch of fear and sadness

He said to himself:
‘I cannot fly, what if it won’t work out
She cannot truly love me,
I will only hurt her
and get hurt myself
And my wings can break.’

A wise owl that had watched
and heard it all,
smiled and said:
‘Oh bird, you want to protect
yourself from suffering
so you don’t fly
and push away everything
of love that could give you wings
But here you are and look
Now you even are
in greater misery
As you cut yourself off
from the truest love.’

So then one day
the singing bird called on all his courage
And even though he was still afraid
He started to sing a song
He spread his wings and jumped
and flew towards the horizon
of his love


Take Off Your Coat

There are cracks and holes
in the ceiling above your head
And there is dust and water
coming in
You try to repair, try to get a grip
but it is useless nonetheless

What can you do when all falls apart
When cracks are getting bigger
When outside trees lose their leaves
When Winter knocks on your door
And you try to save your box of memories

Let the ceiling of old beliefs collapse
Let the ground of the past be taken from you
Take off your black coat
and let the old you die
Allow death to do its work
And let it free you

Look around there are ruins everywhere
But see,
Among the grey, among the dust
There is a wild rose blossoming
Untouched, and it is for you

Rise from the ashes now
Rise towards the sun
And build your new world around
the rose



Don’t drink from the glass
of sarcasm
to put yourself down
to make yourself small
as a way
of not being too vulnerable
when standing in the spotlights

But drink from the glass
of love
Let it running through your veins
It will heal you, strenghten you
Don’t let others be deceived
A hero has a naked heart
Glamorous is the one
who let his pure beauty shine



The sky seems pregnant
Waiting for an outburst
The energy is building up
and wants to find a way out

Intense is your touch
Your gaze seems to burn
The orchestra is playing
and the tones
are reaching up,
coming together
towards the climax

Let us be the lightning and the thunder
Let us ride the waves of creativity
We can cry, release our tears
We can laugh, we can sing
We can dance, we can write

Let us discharge
And then rest in silence
When the thunderstorm has passed,
in each other’s arms


A New Page

You stepped on a white page
Like you left the dark
And you embrace more
of your inner sun

Yet careful are your footsteps
and covered are your eyes
as the light seems too bright
to look at
And it is easy to fall
back into the black holes,
into old stories of what once was
but isn’t now

But you want a new beginning
A new page, a new story
A wind of change is blowing
through the book

And I know you will make it,
write it
As firmer is your hand
braver is your pen
by the rise of every new day



And into the lake
of emotions we look
The water seems still
with ripples of sarcasm,
anger, guilt and shame
on the surface
But they don’t show
the deeper waters
of what is true and pure
Is it the sadness we feel
but we cannot express
But that moves underneath
A deeper pain that is hidden
at the bottom, in the dark?
Is it the love we want to live
but that stirs
the waters of fears?

The surface seems polluted
What it shows isn’t real
The deeper waters want to flow,
want to move
So one day
all the water of the lake
will be pure


Scared Birds

You are a singing bird
that is scared to fly
And I am a flying bird
that fears to sing
Can you help me
to retrieve my voice
and to sing the melodies
I hear inside
And then I will help you
to jump and trust your wings


To Love Is Enough

Barefoot we dance
We don’t need clothes
to cover
Nothing we have
Or do we need to own
No masks to wear
Nothing to aim for
The past dissolves
The future isn’t there
Only the love we live
The love we dance
in nakedness
The love we sing of
And rhyme and write
play, create
Barefoot we love
Undressed we dance
And to love is



A wanderer he is
With a guitar in his hand
A free bird that flighs high
on his dreams
And he longs across the ocean
There where she is

A wanderer she is
The poems she writes
She hears melodies behind
And on the other shore
She longs across the ocean
There where he is

Wanderers they are
He plays her strings
She writes the words
in his heart
Free birds that dream
that soon the ocean
will be bridged


Dancing In The Dark

Into the dark we fall
The black hole seems deep
and endless
We cannot see
what is behind
or in front

If all is dark
Let’s dance, my love
Our hands are our eyes
Our feet are our ears
that hear the music
And will move

Hold me close
Your body to mine
will fill the void
will clear the sky
We’ll be the white letters
on a black page
We’ll build a world
And I’ll dance you
you’ll dance me
back into the light


Fragile Hearts

Fragile are our hearts
Now love has awakened
them and has opened doors
The world outside is big
and the wind is blowing
in our face

But we can’t go back to sleep
no more
As we’ve heard the call to love
And we’ve seen
the truth in our eyes
We have a lot to give
and have a lot to gain

Fragile are our hearts, yes
But stronger do we grow
as fragile hearts are
of those who are brave
enough to face the wind
since they are rooted
in love


You Have All Of Me

How can you ever lose me
as you have all of me

You have my eyes
that wish to see you
You have my lips
that want to kiss you
You have my hands
that write about you
and that want to stroke
every part of your skin

You have my words
that embrace all yours
even the words you have not yet spoken
You have my mind
that thinks all the time about you
You have my time
as it is consumed by you
You have my always
as it has been always you

And if you would ever lose me
I would find me back with you


A White Shell

Your pure heart
is as the white shell
in the sand
A treasure to cherish,
gifted by the sea
to share its wealth
and its beauty
with the land

It is
the other part
that fits
my white shell
and once together
makes it complete


On A Dutch Island

Here on a Dutch island
the sun is shining
again now the storm
has passed
I build a bridge of words
to your heart
and craft my float of love

And with each of my steps
I make little earthquakes
So even you on your island
far away and overseas
will be moved by my heart



The Dutch sea seems endless
Emptiness stretches
in front of me
Waves come my way
And then suddenIy
I stand with my feet
in the water

And I could drown now
In my longing for you
In my fears of a love
we do not control

Take my hand and please
dive now with me
What else could we do
The water is everywhere
And we both lost our smiles
Before the sea takes us
Let us take the sea



And in a field of waving grass
A flower grows
First yet shyly though
As she learns to dance
to the sighs of the wind
She discovers her gift
to blossom

Graciously she rises,
waves her way up
and opens her heart
to let the rays of light
come in

To reunite
and to merge
with her beloved, the sun


Out Of Sight

We vanish out of sight
Secretely we leave the page
We hide outside the storyline
Build our own castle
Out of reach of waves,
of storms and of rainfall
And even out of reach
of our own flaws
and crazy ways


Heart Connection

I seek you
in the glowing warmth of my heart
I bathe in the depths of the waters
where our hearts touch
And embrace you, dive into
a bond, stronger than
all what is outside of us


A Flame

I dance with the fire inside
A flame that burns for you
And even the October rain
And the waters
flowing from my eyes
Can’t make it fade away


Candy Words

Can we go back in time
When you were still here
When all was fine
As long as I was with you

When you saw me
always pure, always beautiful
How you adored me,
bought me candy
Told me sweetest words
and would like to give me
everything I wished for

Can I sit with you, grandmother
Can I lay my heavy head on your lap
Will you stroke my hair
With tender, wrinkled hands that smell of smoke

And then tell me that it will be fine,
’cause that’s my wish
That you love me, that he loves me
-please tell me all your sweetest candy words
That you still see my inner diamond shine
And then pray my candy man
here back with me


The Greatest Pain

Ugly words
Ugly story
Poetry left
and beauty
Just as you
and Summer did

My heart is squeezed
I cannot breathe
The greatest pain is
to be without you
And to exist
withhout existing


Lead Me

Oh my man of beauty
How tired are my feet
How exhausted are my thoughts
As my dreams keep me out of my sleep
And my fears wake me up

I’ve been so strong
I’ve stood my ground
But now my legs are shaking
And with the tears
hope flows out of my eyes

In this dance we are doing
Can I fall into your arms
Will you take the lead
And I will follow
Wherever you may go
When you’ll do your steps
My feet will then do mine
Let me lean on your chest
Let me rest in your heartbeat
And slowly but steady
we’ll make the dancefloor ours


Flying Bike

I ride my bike
Under a clear, nightly sky
The stars surround me
The moon is behind me
She’s got my back

And I am weightless
As I glide
over the roads here
in this town

I almost fly
It’s like I go to you now
And I could cycle
miles and miles and miles
Towards the west
A smile on my face
Stars before my eyes

Is it the moon
Or is it you
That fires me
Through the Dutch
nightly sky


He Can Find Her

She is on her own ground
In her house of poetry
And she leaves the light on
For him to find his way home

He can find her
In her house of poetry
Where she writes further
the story about her and him


I Love You

I want to shout at you,
scream at you
throw sharp words
of raging red
to crumble down
the wall around your heart
For what you have said
Most for what you haven’t
For all of my hurt
For all of my sadness

But as I love every piece of you
So much, so true, so deep
I even love
the wall around your heart

And please,
will you still love me
in all of my colours
even when I show you
my angry part


My Muse Of True Love

And into the infinite well of creation I tap
Shimmering water of gold in its purest form
between your heart and mine
A boundless flow of love
and light

You are there, at the source
My muse, my king of true love
In your eyes I see
the origin of every word I write
It always starts with you
Since you breathe
rivers of inspiration into me
Giving me the wings to fly high
And the courage to dive deep
into what is true


We Will Meet

We will meet
in the space without words
In the place, where our hearts connect
In the inevitability of our fate
In the wandering of our thoughts
In the realm of dreams
In the kisses we imagine
In our wishes upon a star
In our eye gazes we remember
In our embraces we still feel
In the prayers we are sending

We will meet
Again and again
Or is it more about staying
And in fact,
are you always here with me


We Do Not Need To Know

Where does our love come from
Where do we go
And then why, oh why
And how and when?
But perhaps,
we do not need to know

We love as we love
We love now
And now is all we have
And we dance and we sing
and we cry and we laugh
But we love
Yes we love
How we love
We will love
Nothing more
Nothing less
we need to know


Waiting For You

My dear, come to me
Here in my rose garden
I wait for you
Under the rosebush
The door of my heart is open
To the one that suits the rose

Anytime I will receive you
Velvety and sweet-scented
I invite you here in my rose garden
And offer you the rose of my heart

Find your home here in my arms


The Echo

My heart cries out for you
Over the mountains, down into the valleys
Over the rivers and the seas
Over the towns and the villages
Over the woods and the fields

Through thunder and lightning
Through the rain, the storm
and through the clouds

And then I listen to the echo
that rolls back over the mountains,
the valleys and overseas
Or do I hear your heart
that is crying out for me?


What Is Real

There are storylines around us
Fantasies and fairy tales
Knight legends and dragon stories
Foggy dreams and screaming nightmares
We have a you and we have a me
We are the actors, the creators
the narrators, the story keepers
But the only thing that is real
is this love