A Rose Is Always A Rose

I dreamed it was many years later
and I had grown old
I was afraid to show myself to you
As your wild rose had lost
her bright red colour
And her petals didn’t have
the same strength,
But were hanging down
I was afraid you wouldn’t love me no more
You wouldn’t even recognize me
And maybe, even prefer another rose
Shyly I looked at you
But you, beautiful you
You didn’t even see my wrinkles
You only looked in awe
Locked with my eyes once again
And touched base
with the timeless beauty
inside the rose’s heart


The Sun Is Waiting For You

I see you in a bare, black landscape
Among mountains and shadows
Is it the underworld
of sadness and fear?

Create from your heart
And take your paintbrush
Make a few green trees,
some colorful flowers,
a cat by your side and draw birds

Let me be your light in the dark
Come forward in love
Do not wait for the sun
For the sun is waiting for you
On the other side
of the mountains of fear
There is love



And if snow disappears
If fences have been taken down
The land have been weeded
And the trees are bare
My skin so naked and thin
My heart underneath is visible
All is so vulnerable and open


A Celebration Of Love

On this Valentine’s day
I could bring you an ode,
sing you a love song,
I could write you a poem
And tell you
in rhyme and words
in melody and colours
How much I love you
Each day even more

But then I realized,
Words wouldn’t have the right depth
Colours wouldn’t have enough brightness
And each melody would be
too mundane

So then I made in my heart
A celebration of our love
Not for you to read,
to hear or to see
But to feel


More Than We Think

What would the moon see
if she looks down from above
Would she see me staring
and thinking of you?
Would she see you staring
and thinking of me?

Would she see how I look up
at her and the stars at night
And see you doing the same?

Would she see those two flames
burning inside our hearts
Two little lights that light up
from the earth
Would she smile as she sees
distance is relative
and we are connected
even more than we think?


A New Story

I have a new story to write
As this one is better,
much better than the old
I will let out all my butterflies
and they will fill each page
with high vibrating love
I will then poetry you into it
together with me
We will dance our blissful lines
The story will rewrite history
And will create a new tomorrow


To Calmer Waters

Follow me to calmer waters
As we sail towards destiny
Have my back, my love
While I hold us steady

I am not afraid no more
to move away
from all that doesn’t serve
my highest good

I am not afraid no more
to be on my own,
to go within
To lead with my heart
And to protect our ship

We are here on open sea
And although there is water all around
In my mind I already see the shore


My Wild Man

There is a wild man in you
that is wild at heart
and has wild dreams

A wild man that does not play
by the rules
but follows his own wild ways

He is led by a fire inside,
the tunes in his heart,
the love he envisions in his songs

A wild man that longs
for his wild rose
and to dance with her,
wild and playful


The Love Letter You Gazed Into My Heart

I showed you every part of me
I wrote you every detail of my heart
As I wanted you to see me,
to read my beauty
And to love me within
and beyond my words

And now I realize, I never needed to
For you always see me even with your eyes closed
You saw my light shining
long before I saw it myself

The love letter you gazed into my heart
When you looked at me
I didn’t dare to open it back then
But now, carefully I read
your words one by one
Each word is full of love

If I only had opened it before
I didn’t need to seek your love
in all the words I wrote to you
As all the time inside my heart
your love letter was stored


The Lines Of Our Hands

I hold your hand
and with my finger
I follow each line
on your palm
Pain that left deep traces
Memories that are carved

I then hold my hand
next to yours
And click the paths,
connect the dots

No more loose ends
and lost ways
As the lines together
show a drawing
and tell a beautiful
story of love


Dawn Is Never Far

Dawn is never far
It can take some tears
Some yearning
Some battles through the dark

The light can be patiently waited for
Time can be dreamed away
Poems can be written
Moments can be danced
Thoughts can be positively used
or be wasted

But dawn will come
The sun will rise
And what is wished for
upon a star at night
and sown in the heart
will once see the light


A Deep Breath

And with a deep breath
I put the mental chatter to rest
And move into my heart space

I break the chains with
disturbing thoughts and
stories of the past
To make a new future
in this moment

There is gold to find
within the heart
when I lift the veils
to see the truth
As here in this moment,
in this breath
there is love
and there is you


A Cross

Half awake,
with one foot in the dream space
I have a vision of the two of us
We wear medieval clothes
You draw a cross on my forehead
And I draw one on yours
You say: ‘We are brave knights
and forever bonded in this sacred love
We have some battles to fight
As this love is not for the faint-hearted
But faith is by our side
And you are the bravest knight of all
So my love, don’t give up
And remember,
we are marked by a cross.’


My Head To Rest On Your Chest

Please wipe away my tears, my love
And caress my bleeding heart in your hands
May I lay my heavy head to rest on your chest
May I sink into the comfort of the sound
of your heartbeat in my ear
My naked skin on yours
And your arms holding me
Until the night will pass
And the sun will shine again
Until there are no tears left
And my head and heart
can get up by themselves again


Don’t Worry

In heart I will stand by your side tonight
In your voice you will hear me
sing tenderly to you
I will hold the stars
above your head
as spotlights
Our love will shine
brightly upon you
So you won’t be in the dark
And in your beauty,
in your heart,
you will be



The sky burns
in pink and orange this morning
A nauseous longing
inside of me
A headache knocks
strongly in my head
as my thoughts
scream out for you
My lungs
have a hard time to breathe
A pull in my soul
towards you
And on my cheeks
bittersweet tears

I am exhausted
of the journey
and sick
In my craving for home


Hugging Bears In Arnhem

And in the autumn of 2015
we saw each other in Arnhem,
the Dutch city by the river Rhine
It seemed that the world had gone mad
The war in Syria had just brought
thousands of refugees to my land

As sensitive hearts we were both
deeply affected
And we talked about that
meanwhile our arms
were constantly seeking for each other
Like two hugging bears
we kept giving each other hugs
In a cold Dutch late autumn
We were longing for warmth

In a mad world
in which we both felt lost
and from which we wanted to flee
we hugged each other home that night
As in each other’s arms we found refuge


Zooming In

I play memories in my head
like short films
I rewind the times we met
And then I see your eyes
Always those beautiful eyes
to zoom in

How can I forget
As they burned their way inside
into my heart
And then became
the main scene
on the screen in my mind


Driven By You

While driving on the road
I could see you in every car that passed by
My eyes searched restlessly
for you everywhere around
Like they sensed that you are near
My heart driven by you
You fuel it
If I would let it steer
it would naturally finds it way
and would drive to you


February In Solingen

And one night,
it was a cold, rainy day in February,
we met in Solingen, a German town
We were both foreigners
in a land that was once divided in two
by a wall

Later you told me
you had seen me immediately
when I had entered the crowded place
Was something in you awaiting me
Although you said
you were surprised and happy
that I had come

Maybe, you were always awaiting me
Like I have awaited you all my life
And in Solingen we were
open to each other
in an innocent, childlike way
It was before ego fears
started to build a wall

In Germany we were both strangers
But together we were on common ground
And Germany shows us
Although a wall was once built
It can be broken down


Secretly Gazing

You like to watch from a distance
Your eyes always seemed to spot me
How I loved to be watched by those eyes
As they could see through anything

You think it was a secret no one knows
How your eyes gazed
and immediately seemed to love me
But I knew it all the time
Because when you gazed at me
I gazed at you secretly


A Monday Evening In Eindhoven

Do you remember, some time ago
on a Monday evening in Eindhoven
an ugly town in the Netherlands
that was beautiful only that night
because of you

I saw you standing in the distance
There was a crowd between us
We were both talking to others
But meanwhile I was all the time
secretly gazing at you

And I saw you did the same
Your eyes were magnetized to me
Tension was tangible and built up
As we both knew

How eventually the crowd would dissolve
And how we would end up
eye to eye and in each other’s arms



I showed you the art to dance
I let my words dance before your eyes
I let your heart dance with mine

And now my love, dance in all what you do
Dance your way out of your thoughts,
your worries, your fears
Dance through the night
Dance along with your songs
Let your world dance
Let your voice dance, your feet
Let your dreams dance
And let me dance with you


Solid Earth

Ground yourself in me
I am dressed in white
And although my hair waves
in the wind
I stand solid on the earth

Anchor your wild dreams in my light
Mine are anchored in yours
You led me all the way
And now I will root you deep in love


Conversation With The Moon – Part 2

‘Moon, my heart fills with love
when I think of him
My heart fills with ache
as he isn’t here next to me
Please tell me,
when will I see my beloved again?’

‘My dear, you will see him
the day the sun will rise
the day the king will claim
his power, his land and all
that is his

You will see him when the stars align
When the heavens give green light
When your heart is ready to receive

The day you have stood the tests
faith put on you
And your heart is healed and whole enough
to look with open eyes in the bright mirror of love’

‘But when is that day, moon?’

‘Right on time, my dear.
Anytime soon.’


Sun And Moon

The sun and the moon
He, the king of the day
She, the queen of the night
together they rule the sky
and balance each other out

Strong unseen forces
keep them in place
Divine order
keeps them connected
through time and space

He shines his light
He gives, she receives
and reflects
She rules the tides,
the waters of emotions
while he wakes up
to a new day
with action and decisions
to be made

You, my sun, my king
me, your moon, your queen
We complement
And together
we rule our sky of love


If The Voice Of Love Would Tell Our Story

If the voice of love would tell our story
It would speak of two hearts that once met
Eyes that recognized each other
As forever lovers of true love

There was and is a deep heart connection,
a sacred, fated soul bond
And even though,
there were some obstacles along the path
Their love grows stronger and stronger
And with their swords of truth and love
each battle can be overcome


Stop The Stories Of The Past

Stop the stories of the past
We don’t need them any longer
Our characters have grown
We can write new lines
every moment

When your mind starts to wander
Bring back your attention
to your heart
Feel me, feel our love
For it’s the only thing that’s real

Don’t let your mind be the narrator
but let the voice of love speak


Make It Move

And I stand still
I stay where I am
And wait for you to move
in our dance
As now, you have the lead

I am not going anywhere
As there is this cord
between my heart and yours
Even if I’d like to leave
I’d pull you with me

You are not going anywhere
Even when you tried
You ran from your heart
But your heart came after you

There is a tango playing
And the flames in our hearts
reach already high
for each other

Only your feet now,
that need to step
your arm, your hand that
will make it move