We Will Meet

We will meet
in the space without words
In the place, where our hearts connect
In the inevitability of our fate
In the wandering of our thoughts
In the realm of dreams
In the kisses we imagine
In our wishes upon a star
In our eye gazes we remember
In our embraces we still feel
In the prayers we are sending

We will meet
Again and again
Or is it more about staying
And in fact,
are you always here with me


We Do Not Need To Know

Where does our love come from
Where do we go
And then why, oh why
And how and when?
But perhaps,
we do not need to know

We love as we love
We love now
And now is all we have
And we dance and we sing
and we cry and we laugh
But we love
Yes we love
How we love
We will love
Nothing more
Nothing less
we need to know


Waiting For You

My dear, come to me
Here in my rose garden
I wait for you
Under the rosebush
The door of my heart is open
To the one that suits the rose

Anytime I will receive you
Velvety and sweet-scented
I invite you here in my rose garden
And offer you the rose of my heart

Find your home here in my arms


The Echo

My heart cries out for you
Over the mountains, down into the valleys
Over the rivers and the seas
Over the towns and the villages
Over the woods and the fields

Through thunder and lightning
Through the rain, the storm
and through the clouds

And then I listen to the echo
that rolls back over the mountains,
the valleys and overseas
Or do I hear your heart
that is crying out for me?


What Is Real

There are storylines around us
Fantasies and fairy tales
Knight legends and dragon stories
Foggy dreams and screaming nightmares
We have a you and we have a me
We are the actors, the creators
the narrators, the story keepers
But the only thing that is real
is this love


A Beautiful Flower

I’ve seen your beautiful flower within
Nothing you can do to hide it
I’ve seen your golden wings
So don’t think
that you are trapped
I’ve seen your inner diamond
How it pulses and radiates
I’ve seen your purest colours
So don’t serve me just your grey
I’ve seen into your depths
So no need to show me your mask
And no need to show me
something other than
the beautiful flower that you truly are


In Every Corner Of My Heart

I see every hour of the night,
every corner of the dark,
every of my restless thoughts haunting me

Since you are in every corner of my sleepless dreams
in every corner of my heart
in every of my tears

You are in every corner of the page
in every of these words
in every of my prayers

You are in every corner of the night
and you’ll be
in every of the dawns
in every of my new days


At Least

At least,
the stars are still in the sky tonight
Our names still written in it

At least,
I still have my hands
and pen to write
and sad poems flowing
from within

At least,
we still have our hearts
although they’re aching
and incomplete

At least,
we still have these
shared tears



The rose has opened itself
And shows its inner core
Unfolds its process of blossoming
No thorn that can protect no more
The wind strikes its petals
Bees circle around
And even though,
she could break now
Her heart scattered in pieces
She doesn’t close
but let the sun come in
Let its rays caress her
And tenderly they whisper:
Don’t lose hope


A Curtain Of Teardrops

A curtain of teardrops before my eyes
And I fall into Fall again
The same pain,
the same cycle
So close and yet
so far away

Bonded in sadness
we are
connected in our broken hearts
And now it’s my turn
to wait for the sun
to show its face


Ocean Of Love

I once thought
that there was an ocean between us
A wall that divided common ground
And that I needed to send ships
and airplanes
to reach you on the other side
of where I was

But now I know
there never was an other side
and no other place

And if there is an ocean between us
there is only an ocean of love



I see you with my eyes closed
I feel you with my skin untouched
I dream you when I’m awake
And hear you in unspoken words

I taste you with my lips unkissed
I receive you when I breathe
I dance you in the steps I take
And embrace you with my arms unfilled
I meet you in my heartbeat


The Art To Love

They were not from here
They came floating
from above the clouds
They went through heaven
and through hell
And then turned
the world into gold
As they danced their ways
sang their words
and radiated
their hearts
crafted their story
drew their melodies
and painted
their songs
As they understood the art
to love

A love,
that was not from here
that went through heaven
and through hell
but that always understood the art
to connect their hearts


What If

What if paradise
knocks on your door tonight
to deliver the gift
you have always longed for

What if the stars finally align
and let your deepest wish
rain on you

What if the prayer
you have said
again and again
has been heard
and will be answered

What if the angels
shower you
with the love of
your heart’s desire

What if all the hope,
written in your poems,
the subject of your dreams
will materialise
itself outside the words
into the real

What if paradise
knocks on your door tonight
Are you home
and open to receive?


A Space Of Love

I hold a space
of love for you
A space to fly
to shed your tears
to jump of joy
and to create

A space to fall
and then to rise

A space to hide
and turn your back
and shy away

A space to let
your inner child
come out and play
To heal the wounds
and leave
the old behind

A space to dance,
to roar, to laugh,
to shout and be afraid

A space to find me
by your side


The Bee In The Flower

And she kept on dreaming
and seeing
the rainbow in the sky
the king in the kingdom
the fairy in the tale
the bee in the flower
the honey in the milk
the ship in the haven
the magic in the wand
the diamond in the rock
the holy in the grail
Since she dreamed for two
So he could come on board


Walking Forward

When our paths parted
we walked forward
on our own paths
through woods of darkness
Autumn leaves were falling
Through cold winter days
and aching marshland
Though we kept the sun
in our hearts

And we planted our seeds
watered our strength
with our tears
And from mud
new flowers arose
Green plants grew
along the path
And we walked parallel,
it seemed

And we both went far
away and out of sight
in foreign lands and
to places unknown
But as we walked forward
our paths intertwined


Die Sprache Der Liebe

In jeder Sprache
könnte ich singen
über die Liebe
die dir gehört
In jeder Sprache
findet sie die Wörter
and schreibt sie
ihr eigenes Gedicht

Sie sehnt sich
in jeder Sprache
Sie zaubert durch die
Wörter hin
Sie ist die Flamme
und das Licht
Sie ist das Lied
und die, die singt



All these earthquakes
that have shaken
that have taken
away a steady ground
On edge I am
An abyss yawns

But I come to the edge
and dance
Dance all night till dawn
And I let the earth be shaken
Let the heavens trembling
Make the ripples in the waters
As I dance
I chase away the shakes

And even if I fall
I dance
And all the stars
will shoot along
My feet have got the rhythm
And from the edge
I’ll find my higher ground


Take Your Wings

So take your wings
and we’ll fly away
Far from here
We’ll leave this story,
leave the pain
And seek a shelter
in our dreams

Take your wings, my love
It’s time
Come fly with me
Let’s breathe again
Beyond the words
Out of lines
of a story
too absurd

We’ll make new stories
Let me make up
new dreams
What you want, my love
What you wish
I could even make up
we have wings


I’ll Bring You Home

My dear, here you are
Come here next to me
It’s been too long
We’ve went so far
Yet in our hearts
we always knew
I never left
You never went
Goodbye only meant:
I’ll see you soon,
I’ll see you here
We’ll meet again
and new

And now
New times have come
And we are near
Closer than
we ever were
So let our dreams
lead us the way
Please take my hand,
my heart, my eyes
my love, my whole and
more and more
It always was
It always has been yours
I’ll bring you home


Wild Horses

I ride my wild horses
through the dark woods
Where thorns and needles
split open old wounds

And rain falls hard upon me
Shadows all around me
And I loose my hands
As there isn’t a use
in pulling the reins

Oh wild horses
Where are you going
Is it the untamed fire
that inflames you
even more?

Now the raging fears
have free rein
I seek for my heart
to guide me
on this wild ride
out of the maze



My eyes long to be locked
with yours
My hand longs to be held
by its equivalent
My fire longs to be stirred up
by the flame in your heart
My breath longs to be
moved by your air
My arms long to be filled up
with all that you are
My water longs to flow
through your river
My body longs to merge
with your sacred temple

Every piece of me
longs to be completed
by pieces of you


Hotel Credible

There are worlds within worlds
behind the walls
of Hotel Credible
Where the true believers
rest, balance their scales,
create their dreams
underneath the sheets
with the sweetest smell
And where the windows always
let the light come in
of the One and Only Sun


Shared Words

I find you
in my words
Where our worlds meet
My words dance
sacredly with yours

My writing hand
draws you closer in
and then yours
takes me
by the hand
leads me
through metaphors
of shared dreams

One step further
One word closer
Ink melts
One poem

Until we both unclothe
us from our words
to dive into
their deepest meaning



I’m losing ground
and I’m falling
Keep on falling
Where are my angel wings
My fairy powders
Why is everything
so real
And my dreams
don’t take me in?

Where are my stories
with happy endings
Where are my poems
that let me fly

And I am falling
Keep on falling
Can you catch me, love
Make me a parachute
As my tears
do not have a hold
And my fears
seem to pull me down

Let me land safely
into new worlds
Where the rivers are flowing,
always flowing
And where no frontiers
can divide
Where fields are wide
and open
And a rose reminds me
of what is locked
deep down inside



Here I stand unclothed in front of you
All veils around my heart have been lifted
I cannot hide behind my words no more
Vulnerable I am, the way I was born

My only weapon is my nakedness
If you fire words of harshness
I will undress even more
to reveal a deeper layer of my heart
and how it beats of purest love

What do you see when you look into my mirror?
Is it your own nakedness that scares you?

Walls can be broken
Masks can be scattered
Though pure nakedness is unbreakable

In naked beauty lies my strength and truth


Crescent Moon Lullaby

Oh crescent moon above Lisbon
You rose from the shadows
since you grow
in your full truth more and more

And now you are waxing
and this night when I’ll
be sleeping
and you’ll keep watch
over the land underneath,
will you please bring
my beloved in my dreams


In The Courtyard Of The Castle

My dear king, where are you
I drink my glass of wine
in the shades of trees
of the courtyard
protected by the castle walls

And I look out for you
over the town,
the river and the hills
While a summer breeze
blows through my head
and strokes my cheeks

And I could conquer worlds now
and create by my poetry
My sight is so clear
My army so strong
But would it matter
as my glass is half full
And you did not yet appear?

Would it matter
That the flags are raised,
the cannons are loaded,
the table’s set,
and I toast to us
even though
There is only one glass
And there is just me
and the endless horizon
to gaze at?

Yes it matters
that the sun is shining
the king is always expected
And although my glass is empty
My veins are filled
with glowing warmth
As the throne of a king
is in a queen’s heart


I Give It To The River

I throw a flower into the air
and it takes a free flight
before it lands in the water
and the river takes it

And I give it to the river
All that is not mine
I am in motion
though my feet remain
on the riverbank

And even my strongest
heart’s desire
I give it to the river
River, will you take care
While I find ground
on solid land

And I trust you are not far
as I’m not far either
and the water will guide us
to find the harbour
of common ground


Angel Of My Heart

My angel of my heart
Even behind your clouds
I see your light
In your biggest storm
I find your stillness

Even your thunder words
In your masks I see your face
When you shout
I hear your quietness
In your distance
I feel your close embrace

Even in your fears
I see your courage
In your pain
I see you healing

In your tears
I find the rainbows
In your lies
I see your truth

Since in you
I find you


The Imperfect Rose

I saw a rose that had scars
of rough weather
of thunderstorms,
rain and cold
She had lost
some of her petals
And although
she had her shadows
and wore her thorns
She was the most
delicate flower
rooted in heaven
As she had found
her radiating beauty
within her
perfect imperfection


White Birds

Tonight white birds fly over Lisbon
to reconcile heaven and earth
and bring peace
between your heart and mine
And while the church bells
of the cathedral ring
The flying messengers
come to sing
That all is safe and well
and forgiven
Since the sky that connects,
has been cleared


Up-tempo Beat

My love, let our feet dance and dance
to this up-tempo beat
Let our heads forget and forget
till we only have
this empty space
of sounds and footsteps
Com’on my love
The dancefloor is all ours
Can you feel the rhythm?
Let our bodies move and move
Faster, even faster
Let us whirl around like a wind
till there’s nothing left
but movement
but action
but vibrating tunes
Let us dance, dance, dance
As though we are
from a reality
that went crazy


True Monarchy

Once there were
a queen and a king
that had their
colourful tiled palace
on a mountain
in the woods
of Sintra

And each day they looked
over the green land,
the sea, the wide sky,
the valley
and all the abundance
of their fairy tale like

Though it was
in one another’s eyes
they found
their true monarchy



Hear how the ocean rages
It spits its water
on the beach
A dragon rides the waves
and fires words
that thunder
against the cliffs

Oh dragon inside my heart
Roar your fire
Shout your strength
Over the land and
the mountains
And be as wild
and fearless
as the raging sea


Looking Out For You

Clouded is the sky
Like the sea it lost
its colours of deepest blue

All seems so grey now
Where are the rainbows,
the sunflowers,
the brave heroes
of the glorious sea?

Lost feathers on the beach
Oysters in the sand
that keep inside
their precious pearls

Sand rubs my feet
The sound of waves
invades my ears
and thoughts

But look,
on the horizon
ships come in
Fishermen bring
tales and treasures
to the land

And look,
how the seagulls float
Do they know?
Have they seen?

As long as there’s hope
that the sun will shine again
I’ll look out for you


Love Is Everywhere Around

Always firmly stand your ground
Love is everywhere around
The sun shines on your face
So don’t give up

Don’t give in to fears and doubts
Always look beyond the clouds
The truth is in your heart
And so is he

Just open to receive
All is already here
The prison is your mind
Though in the castle of your heart
you are free



Sharp words have torn apart my heart
Dark shadows have fallen upon us
The night came showing us no mercy

Though the swords that cut my heart
Mirror me the beauty
Of a heart that is wounded
As it loves so deeply

Please don’t let the night divide us
At least let us meet again by day


The Small White Church

July opens the door to summer
A strong wind moves the trees
In a park I walk on green grass
with daisies and clovers
While white butterflies dance
around me

And in the middle
a small white church stands
in sacred devotion
Inside the angels sing
about the force of purest love

The wind bends the grass
Birds surf the air
My hair and dress
wave like a flag
On a Summer day in a park
As I enter the white church
and let the sound of angels
surround me


The Recalcitrant Poem

I want to rhyme in schemes
But my poem doesn’t let me to
I want to find the harmony within the A,B,A,B
But my poem wants the A,F,B,G

I want to find perfect words
But my poem likes pure expression,
raw words, flowing like a rough river
directly from the heart
I want a garden with borders
but my poem likes the wild flowers
and the uncut grass

I want to write an
composition in
But my poem does
whatever it wants

And now, at least,
I want to end it all in style
But my poem says:
Just do whatever you like