All We Need To See

I dance with you, my love
And we make it a dance of joy
We make it a dance of laughter
Our faces that radiate our love

And we don’t move too slowly
Or we don’t go too fast
But we dance our perfect rhythm
At our perfect pace

And all is alright
We don’t turn around
We don’t look behind
As I have you in front of me
And you have me before your eyes
And that’s all we need to see
That’s all we need to dance


The Little Lights

The waters seem to dance
Our emotions flow into one another
An undercurrent of desire
makes waves
and moves us together
We shine the shimmer
on the surface
The little lights travel
between your heart and mine


He Will Pick Her Up

And it’s time now
He cannot wait any longer
He needs to have her
He needs to take her
She needs to be in his arms
And everywhere on his body
In his imagination
He already made the move so often
But then his feet made him stop
Or was it his head that took over
But now his soul finally gives green light
And the stars have the perfect pattern
And even if he would stumble,
even if he would fall
He knows she will lift him up
All the struggle, all the suffering
It needs to stop
It’s time now
He will pick her up
And will go on road with her


Eight Letters, Three Words

Eight letters in a line,
you can make three words of it
And then build a sentence
that says ‘I love you’
They are just letters
that sound superficial
As they have been wrongly used
by too many people
Empty characters
They didn’t give me any grip
As I fell right through
the letters and out of words
in the space in between
Hopelessly and straight
into their deepest meaning
When I fell in love with you


The Magic Of The Irish Flute

Previous: The Hedgehog Girl

Who is coming there
It’s the shaman of the woods
It’s the fairy man
With his Irish flute
Looking for his hedgehog girl
She made herself so small
She rolled into a tight ball
And then, off the earth she fell
Down into the ground she went

But where is she
As she can’t be seen no more
So he takes his Irish flute
and starts to play his sounds of love
And she wakes up and hears the call
Her ears, her heart bewitched
And she begins to unroll
She goes up while she follows
his magical tunes

And then she sees him, her own fairy man
She asks ‘why did you come for me,
how did you find me
as you were supposed to forget’

‘My love, the Irish flute can’t forget about its muse
It can’t forget about the one that
breathes the fire into its music
And wherever you may go and hide,
I’ll always find you in your dreams
I’ll always find you in both of our hearts

And now rise again
Don’t make yourself so small
You don’t need your spines
As you have a big light
in your heart to guide
and to protect you’


The Hedgehog Girl

I am a hedgehog girl
And here in the big forest
among the tall trees
I am small
My spines have failed me
I have nothing to protect

And I make myself even smaller
As I roll into a tight ball
Unseen I disappear
Into a hole in the ground
So the world can forget about me
And I can forget about myself


A Certainty

Your hand in mine
And we walk through the world
We see walls crumbling
We see illusions shattering
And we climb mountains together
We walk through rain showers of teardrops
We hear thunder voices
And our shadows are following us

But still
Your hand in mine
It is your hand that keeps me going
Your hand that comforts me
As we walk through nights without sleep
And days with shaken dreams
We see safe houses breaking down
We see monsters on our path
But we chase the clouds together
We reach for castles in the sky
And we’ve learned to dance on ruins

And your hand in mine
It’s a certainty
In a world where nothing is
certain no more


A Journey Of Soul Love

On this sacred journey of love
I need to believe
what is not touchable
I need to believe
what I have seen in your eyes
The truth I know in my soul

I need to fully trust myself
Trust my own heart
I need to fully surrender
And find this higher faith
Live this higher love
Despite my mind,
Despite the facts

It’s not an easy task, my love
I am blindfolded
And sometimes
it’s all just so dark
What I yet cannot see,
yet cannot touch,
yet cannot hear
I need to find it inside
Hand it over to God
And keep moving forward

I need to go down on my knees
Fall through my thoughts
Break through old patterns,
Leave old pain and old beliefs behind
To find this pure, true love,
To find you on the other side


Having It All

Let the wind come
Let the rain fall
We will dance without clothes
We will thankful kiss the ground

Even if we need to wander
With the sky as our roof
With no other belongings
Than each other and our hearts

We will still have it all
since we have the love


Farts Of Poetry

I write so much now
I almost write about every fart
of our journey together
Here’s to the free creative expression
Every feeling, every experience
I catch it in lines of poetry
And then,
Even in a fart I’ll find the beauty


Melancholic Hope

I feel like you.
I write melancholic poems now
Like in the past, you wrote melancholic songs
It seems like we’ve switched roles
Before, in my poems
I held the vision and the hope
But now you seem to have it
Where I drown in sadness
Can we do it fifty-fifty?
And share the hope
and melancholy equally?
Or better, we just skip
the melancholic drama completely
And we only keep it
positive and optimistic


Melancholic Poetry

And she looks through the window
Of her house of melancholic poetry
And she longs for blue skies
She waits for green lights
As her heart feels on hold
Though her mind won’t
take a break

At night her beloved comes
to visit her in her dreams
He sings her his songs
But in the morning he’s gone
Leaving her the clouds
that cover the sun
And her melancholic poetry


Black Crows And White Birds

And there are the black crows of the past again
I thought they had already gone
Though they come fly over
to stir old wounds and hurt
I hear them caw to me issues
of rejection, of abandonment,
of exclusion and
the fear of losing love

But I heal, I clean and I release
All they have polluted
As they come to test me
How strong I stand in love
And if I can believe despite everything

The black crows and the ego birds,
the false beliefs,
all the hurtful thoughts
I let them fly, I set them free
And then I wait
for the white birds
to come in


Creation And Destruction

How much effort it takes
to let my birds fly in the open sky
And not to take them down
Put them back in cages
Hide them,
Hide myself from the world

The battle I have every day
Not to delete my words again
Not to remove my page
and my pictures
in which I feel nakedly captured,
from which I want to escape

Is destruction just the shadow side
of creation?
Like nature has its Summer and its Winter?
Or am I just a runner that runs
from herself, from love, from life,
because her own fears
are chasing her?

Why I then still keep flying
in the open sky, my love,
is because we made each other that promise
to stay strong, to keep faith and let our light shine

And then love and creation
are stronger than destruction


All Paths Lead Home

We stand on crossroads
Many roads we can choose
They show us the how,
the options and the ways
to go
But maybe, it’s not about
all the details
It’s not about how exactly
things will be
As we move forward in love
All paths lead home


A Wild Ride

Last night when I drove
through the city centre
of Arnhem
And I passed by
the Luxor Theatre
Where we once met
and you told me
‘Let’s fall in love again’,
It was almost like
I saw you standing there outside
Your eyes longing for me
to pick you up

And I looked at you
Our eyes locked once again
Then the traffic lights
turned green
But luckily,
I was right on time
to pull you with my eyes
into my car
and next to me


Dancing On Ice

(With video below)

And she glides over ice
She skates and dances
She goes round and turns
And makes figures
With her skates she draws
circles and hearts on the ice

In the Dutch landscape
Where the sky is grey and the weather is cold
She carries the California sun
of her man in her heart
The fire of inspiration burns in her
She dances her poems
on ice
As her skates make the moves,
make the words rhyme

And she is free to move
And free to love, free to write
With her golden dreams
She skates on and on

Until the stars appear in the sky
And it is time to go
Only then the ice queen leaves
for her ice palace in the clouds


Watch this video to see how the fire of inspiration burns even while skating on ice

Express Yourself

If you want to express yourself
Use my heart as a paper
to write your love messages on

If you want to portray
what is on your heart for so long
Then use me as the picture
on which you can project it

If you want the butterflies to fly out
Then use my chest for them
to land on

If you want to speak the love
into your reality
Use my ears as they want to hear

If you want to paint to me
Your expression of love
Use me as your canvas
Your heart as your paintbrush

Because, my love,
if you want to express yourself
Here I am


Why Giving Up Is Not An Option

How could the night give up on the morning
How could the moon give up on the sun
How could a fish give up on the water
How could a flower give up on its seed
How could a tree give up on its roots
How could a writer give up on her muse
Then how could I give up on my dreams,
could give up on you?


Dancing In The Rain

This Sunday morning
When I woke up
I looked through the window
And it was raining and raining
The kind of weather
That would make you depressed

But then I imagined
How each raindrop contains
a bit of our love
And how the heavens are showering
it divinely
It made me want to go outside
And to dance in the rain
On this blessed Sunday morning



I thought of you and then
At exactly that moment,
There was the noise
of fireworks in de sky outside!
Wow, God is giving me a sign!
My inner world, outer world
and the universe align
Such a synchronicity!

(Though I must confess
I think about you all the time
So the miracle might be
less big)


Receiving Your Gifts

I thought I had grown so strong
That nothing could break me
And the stars and the sky, it all was mine
But I realize,
there’s still a part in me that thinks
I am unworthy of love

And then maybe,
it wasn’t what I thought it was
That only you were the one that ran
and hid and couldn’t believe
But perhaps I gave so much love
as I was unable to receive

Can you please help me
to fully open my heart for you
To let all your love for me come in
So I’ll be ready to receive
the full abundance of all of your gifts


Two Bears

On this cold stormy day
Let’s seek a shelter
Let’s retreat from
the world and the worries
And then
be like two bears
cozy cuddling
in our carefree cave


If I Could Be Where You Are

If I could be where you are
I would walk by your side
And would tell you my tales of the day
I would write you my poems
And then would read them myself

If I could be where you are
I would cuddle with you,
And would just let our bodies connect
and be touched
And then no words would be needed,
As that language would speak for itself

If I could be where you are
I would look with you at the stars tonight
And then I would not need to wish no more
As I would have you already near
And that’s all I would wish for

If I could be where you are
I wouldn’t be here


Secret Love Spies

Shhtt… silently I sneak to you
And sneak around to see
What you are doing
What you are putting out there
in the open sky

And shhtt… silently you sneak to me
To see what I am doing
As you like the art
to secretly observe
And you are just
as sneaky as me

We are secret love agents
We secretly spy on each other
But we also know it from each other
So apparently,
we are not that good at hiding
this secret spying
As you see right through me
And I see right through you
But at least, it’s utterly


Running After My Positive Words

My words are often more positive
and optimistic than I am
And sometimes I get tired
of running after
my own positive words again

But then, my words take me by the hand
Smile at me, seduce me
And show me the beauty of life
in tales, verses and poetry
I sigh, I surrender and
can do nothing but follow


The Tender Touch Of Love

You looked even more beautiful
when I saw you
Is it the tender touch of love
that caught you
and makes your face
serener and softer?
That draws a smile on your lips
And makes your body dance?

In your eyes I saw even more of you
Like water that is transparent
and shows its deeper beauty
Like you’ve allowed yourself more
to open up to me and to the love

You have changed, my dear
The tender touch of love
has made of you
Even more the man of my dreams


Meeting Halfway

And we both walk
I have you on the horizon
And you have me in the silver lining
in the sky

Every step takes me
closer to you
And your steps pave
the road towards me

And I cannot wait anymore
As I have waited for too long
So I here I run, here I fly
my way towards you

And you as well,
You run, you fly
Our hearts beat faster
We’re almost there
We already see
How the sky colours
How the sun rises
And how the birds gather above us
As they show us the way to go

And then halfway,
We both arrive
exactly at the same time
Synchronized as always
As love is right on time

And in an embrace
we meet
like we never met before
We both lift each other up
And we fly
But are anchored in each other
In arms that have longed
for too long
In kisses that now
can be given
In love that now
truly can be lived


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are Always Best Besties

Previous: The Rage Of The Feminine

You say: ‘Wow! You were very impressive
in your last poem, my sexy sweetie’

I say: ‘Thanks, my cutest cutie,
Actually, I’m myself
a bit impressed by it too
As I was really angry
But my own anger,
my own power and divinity
often scare me
I’d like to be
more of the harmony
And to make peace and love
Instead of war.’

‘Oh no, you were totally right,
my sexy sweetie
We, masculines, we really screwed
it up with you,
I am very sorry
For all the hurt
I see your value
and I promise to respect you’

‘Ohhh thanks my cutest cutie
We always are best friends
We are best lovers
We are best besties
Let’s go back to harmony
Let’s now dance
And celebrate new beginnings’

‘Your wish is my command,
My sexy angry Goddess’


The Rage Of The Feminine

Do you hear my rage
thunder through the sky
Do you see my eyes fire furiously

Freya, Ishtar, Eireen,
Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana
They all stand here in line with me
For who we truly are
We are the divine feminines
We are fucking goddesses

Throughout history
You, masculines,
you let your ego rise
And you abused your power
By surpressing, abusing
and disrespecting the feminine

But I will not let no one
treat me like trash no more
I won’t hesitate
To just throw the door
into your face mercilessly
As my value
is not depending on you

You, masculines, rise into your divinity
Rise into who you truly are
Who you are meant to be
Let go of all your poor ego constructions
And use your power to protect the feminines
Act, take decisions
Use all your masculine qualities
in a constructive way

And don’t you ever call any woman a cunt
Never call her names
But treat all the women you meet
with respect
And if you have hurt her
Go fucking down on your knees for her
Rise back into your divine masculinity
Stand by your woman

And then,
We, divine feminines, will equally stand by you
We will receive you
We will be your home
And we will fucking love you

Picture: remnants of the temple of the Roman Goddess Diana in Évora, Portugal