Warriors Of Love And Light

A wind of turmoil is blowing around
and dragons of fear and sadness
are near.
And you wonder
How to fight
or is it better to hide
And not to show your face
No more.
Who is the enemy
and who can be trusted
Is this real
Or are we living a dream

My dear, my hand.
Feel how it holds yours always
I am with you
You are with me
We fight the dragons together
Warriors of love and light are always tested
I have your heart
and you have mine
And no dragon can come in between


The Queen Of The Birds

Look at the peacock
She is the queen of the birds
Elegantly she dances around

Sing her your songs
Court her kingly
Give her the crown of your heart

And then proudly
she’ll show you her feathers
Her truest colours
and all her beauty
is and will be yours


Girl By The Castle

Oh girl by the castle
Are your tears falling down again
Your heart too much of a burden
And your fairy dreams don’t let you in
Because your king is not at home?

Oh girl, looking at the clouds,
the hills and the river down there
While wishing for the stars
and a flying horse to ride

Wipe away your tears
and be his queen
Straighten your back
Rise in love
The castle is yours
For your light
is needed in the world


Eternal Lovers

Many lives we lived
And many times we died
and were reborn again
In different places
In different shapes
But we always made this promise
to meet on the other side
And to look for one another
In heaven or on earth
To find and to recognize
by the beat of our hearts
by the mirror of our eyes
by the knowing in our souls
For we are eternal lovers
And not even death or life
can tear us apart



The strong wind is coming
He came from the west
and crossed the ocean
to ashore Portuguese land
And the rain is falling
The branches are bending
All is in motion
The wind wants
and I want you

Be as the hurricane
And blow fiercely,
blow strongly,
blow loudly
your way here to me


Girl By The River

There is a girl on the riverbank
And she waits for him
Her gaze longs
in the distance
There where the river flows
into the ocean
Far beyond her eyes can reach
But her heart knows where to look

She watches the ships that sail by
And counts time
While her tears drop one by one
into the water
The river carries them away
and brings them to the ocean
Far beyond her eyes can see
But her tears know where to flow


Precious Rose

The rose of your dreams
that is given to you

Water her with tenderness
Shower her with words of love
every day
Embrace her with your light
Let her blossom in you, by you
Be her thorns and protect her
Sing her the song of your heart
Nourish her with gentle hands
and sweet touch
Like no one else
than you could do

And love her madly,
love her preciously
Look at her
She will feed herself by your gaze
As her beauty is meant
for your eyes only


The Path To Your Heart

I walk the path to your heart
And see the rivers of tears you cried
How the pain in your chest got fluid
and flowed from your eyes

I see you heart broken
and lost in a dark forest
All the dreams you dreamed
to keep your head up high

And you’ve been so lonely
Though there was this longing
A flame that somehow burns
inside your chest
and that kept you going

Your feet towards a horizon
but you couldn’t see
and you didn’t know
But you walked and you walked
And you looked and you hoped
You created, you laughed and you cried

Your heart so vulnerable
So easy to touch
So you took the stones
and you built a wall
No one could come close
no more

But you were lonely
and you still had your dreams
And I see your struggle,
I see your pain
Your tears a river
that flow from my eyes
As I walk the path to your heart
I walk the path to mine


Fragile Hearts

Fragile are our hearts
Now love has awakened
them and has opened doors
The world outside is big
and the wind is blowing
in our face

But we can’t go back to sleep
no more
As we’ve heard the call to love
And we’ve seen
the truth in our eyes
We have a lot to give
and have a lot to gain

Fragile are our hearts, yes
But stronger do we grow
as fragile hearts are
of those who are brave
enough to face the wind
since they are rooted
in love


Dawning colours

The moonless night is dark and cold
Lonely are the hours without light
When everything is black
With no blanket to cover old wounds
But my dear, do not fear
Although the moon seems lost
Just look at the stars
and know, in the dawn we’ll find
our colours back


You Have All Of Me

How can you ever lose me
as you have all of me

You have my eyes
that wish to see you
You have my lips
that want to kiss you
You have my hands
that write about you
and that want to stroke
every part of your skin

You have my words
that embrace all yours
even the words you have not yet spoken
You have my mind
that thinks all the time about you
You have my time
as it is consumed by you
You have my always
as it has been always you

And if you would ever lose me
I would find me back with you


From The Rooftops

I could shout from the rooftops
And let the birds sing it
Send my messengers around
Let the sun declare it in the sky
And let the air hum it, vibrate it
Let the flowers bloom it
Bring it into the world
by words of poetry
by dancing footsteps
So everyone will know
That I love you
And how much my heart bursts


The Most Beautiful Poem

Everywhere you are
Wherever I go
You are always around,
my fairy man
I am always with you
You are always within
No days without you
No place where I cannot find you
Your presence surrounds me,
infuses me
As the most beautiful poem
sung by the wind
And written in our hearts


On A Dutch Island

Here on a Dutch island
the sun is shining
again now the storm
has passed
I build a bridge of words
to your heart
and craft my float of love

And with each of my steps
I make little earthquakes
So even you on your island
far away and overseas
will be moved by my heart



The Dutch sea seems endless
Emptiness stretches
in front of me
Waves come my way
And then suddenIy
I stand with my feet
in the water

And I could drown now
In my longing for you
In my fears of a love
we do not control

Take my hand and please
dive now with me
What else could we do
The water is everywhere
And we both lost our smiles
Before the sea takes us
Let us take the sea



Are you awake, just like me
Do you stare into the dark
And let clouds pass by
through your head

Do you see mountains
arising, too big to climb yet
And then you dream
with your eyes wide open
about clear blue skies
and you have this burning longing
inside your heart?

I am awake, just like you
And I stare into my dreams
And if I stare long enough
I see you above the mountains
in a clear wide sky
flying there with me



And in a field of waving grass
A flower grows
First yet shyly though
As she learns to dance
to the sighs of the wind
She discovers her gift
to blossom

Graciously she rises,
waves her way up
and opens her heart
to let the rays of light
come in

To reunite
and to merge
with her beloved, the sun


Candy Words

Can we go back in time
When you were still here
When all was fine
As long as I was with you

When you saw me
always pure, always beautiful
How you adored me,
bought me candy
Told me sweetest words
and would like to give me
everything I wished for

Can I sit with you, grandmother
Can I lay my heavy head on your lap
Will you stroke my hair
With tender, wrinkled hands that smell of smoke

And then tell me that it will be fine,
’cause that’s my wish
That you love me, that he loves me
-please tell me all your sweetest candy words
That you still see my inner diamond shine
And then pray my candy man
here back with me


Lead Me

Oh my man of beauty
How tired are my feet
How exhausted are my thoughts
As my dreams keep me out of my sleep
And my fears wake me up

I’ve been so strong
I’ve stood my ground
But now my legs are shaking
And with the tears
hope flows out of my eyes

In this dance we are doing
Can I fall into your arms
Will you take the lead
And I will follow
Wherever you may go
When you’ll do your steps
My feet will then do mine
Let me lean on your chest
Let me rest in your heartbeat
And slowly but steady
we’ll make the dancefloor ours


The Day The King Returns

Once there were a king and a queen
that had seen the light
in one another’s eyes
But then the light got too bright
to look at
And the dark appeared even darker

So the king rode his horse and left
the kingdom
And went on a quest
to defeat the dragons
While the queen freed the land
from fears and turmoil

But her heart kept burning and longing
For her king to return to their sacred land
His ring still on her finger
Every day she climbed the tower
to look for a sign on the horizon

And so the days passed by
And the queen cried her tears
She fought her battles
She grew stronger
But she never gave up
on the one who belongs
to her heart

And then one day in the distance
a man comes closer
It is the day the queen has prayed for
Ever since the day
the king left the kingdom

And the flag is raised
And the fire is burning
The glasses are filled
Happy tears are flowing

And as their eyes find back
one another’s light
They merge in each other’s arms
Their flames shine as one
and light up the kingdom


On My Cloud

I climb on my cloud
And I look down
If I can find you somewhere, my fairy man
Are you already coming
Are you doing fine
Is it your heart
that still weights too heavy
That prevents you from flying
Are you too wounded
from the battle?

Trust your wings, my fairy man
And I will trust your heart
I’ll send birds and angels
to accompany you
So you can climb here on my cloud
very soon


A Hand On My Heart

Lay your hand on my heart
Feel how it beats for you
How it pulses love
Through my veins
And how it’s keeping me alive
and strong

I lay my hand on your heart
And I make a vow
To always be at your side
You will never be alone
no more

And if you feel lost
I know how we can find you
If you feel you want to hide
Please hide yourself in me

And if you have worries
I will blow them from your mind
And if you feel scared
You can seek a shelter in me

And if you want to run
I’ll hold your hand
And we’ll run together
For the hills or even further

Lay your hand on my heart
I lay my hand on yours

And then just feel


Flying Bike

I ride my bike
Under a clear, nightly sky
The stars surround me
The moon is behind me
She’s got my back

And I am weightless
As I glide
over the roads here
in this town

I almost fly
It’s like I go to you now
And I could cycle
miles and miles and miles
Towards the west
A smile on my face
Stars before my eyes

Is it the moon
Or is it you
That fires me
Through the Dutch
nightly sky


I Love You

I want to shout at you,
scream at you
throw sharp words
of raging red
to crumble down
the wall around your heart
For what you have said
Most for what you haven’t
For all of my hurt
For all of my sadness

But as I love every piece of you
So much, so true, so deep
I even love
the wall around your heart

And please,
will you still love me
in all of my colours
even when I show you
my angry part


My Muse Of True Love

And into the infinite well of creation I tap
Shimmering water of gold in its purest form
between your heart and mine
A boundless flow of love
and light

You are there, at the source
My muse, my king of true love
In your eyes I see
the origin of every word I write
It always starts with you
Since you breathe
rivers of inspiration into me
Giving me the wings to fly high
And the courage to dive deep
into what is true


We Will Meet

We will meet
in the space without words
In the place, where our hearts connect
In the inevitability of our fate
In the wandering of our thoughts
In the realm of dreams
In the kisses we imagine
In our wishes upon a star
In our eye gazes we remember
In our embraces we still feel
In the prayers we are sending

We will meet
Again and again
Or is it more about staying
And in fact,
are you always here with me


We Do Not Need To Know

Where does our love come from
Where do we go
And then why, oh why
And how and when?
But perhaps,
we do not need to know

We love as we love
We love now
And now is all we have
And we dance and we sing
and we cry and we laugh
But we love
Yes we love
How we love
We will love
Nothing more
Nothing less
we need to know


Waiting For You

My dear, come to me
Here in my rose garden
I wait for you
Under the rosebush
The door of my heart is open
To the one that suits the rose

Anytime I will receive you
Velvety and sweet-scented
I invite you here in my rose garden
And offer you the rose of my heart

Find your home here in my arms


The Echo

My heart cries out for you
Over the mountains, down into the valleys
Over the rivers and the seas
Over the towns and the villages
Over the woods and the fields

Through thunder and lightning
Through the rain, the storm
and through the clouds

And then I listen to the echo
that rolls back over the mountains,
the valleys and overseas
Or do I hear your heart
that is crying out for me?