And I walk around in this town
seeing everything anew
through your eyes
the canals, the park, the Dom Tower
reaching out my writer hand,
my heart to you
so you can walk with me here
side by side

And we could go anywhere
and nowhere
Left or right
We could get lost in these streets
Knowing that in each other’s heart
we’re always found

And wherever we go
Even if it seems like
we go round and round and round
On our journey of love
every step, all paths lead home



And we float in the river
and do not hold on
to any rock no more
our likes, our dislikes
our old ways, our patterns
we just let them go
as we flow together
bonded by the life line
between our hearts
save forever
in the waters of the universe,
the stream of love



I will nurture you with my poems
with words that kiss you gently
on your lips
with a heart, with arms that reach
across the ocean to hold you
and put your heavy head against
my chest
with thoughts that surround
and set you in light and love


What Makes A Poem Beautiful

And sometimes a poem
doesn’t have beautiful words
but the F-word is smashed
into it
screaming with anger with the world
hurt and raw, naked ‘I miss you’s’
stand lonely in the empty spaces
in between
and tears drop from the letters
like waterfalls
But what still makes it beautiful is
it is written with the indelible ink
of love


Tears Will Dry Up

And when I see you
in your world in black and white
and look into your eyes
it’s like I look into a mirror
and see myself
see a well of sadness
All those tears we’ve cried
my love, one day
the well will dry up
and then we’ll only cry
tears of joy together


The Art Of Heaven

The September morning sun
shines brightly on me
and makes my world
a colourful painting
to remind me that even though
nights can be dark,
days can be rainy and grey
and the Dutch summer
has been painfully missing you,
There are magical ways
in which heaven’s light
can do its work,
use its paintbrush
and can shine its art through


What I Stand For

I don’t take sides
I’m neither left nor right
I’m not ‘they versus us’
I’m not of a party
I’m not in a box
and therefore
cannot be framed
and won’t take
any blame and shame
on me

The only thing I follow
is the truth
of my heart
the only thing I stand for
is love


To See You

I count stars tonight
and watch the moon glow
full of desire, full of hope
How infinite the universe is
just like our love
that reaches further
than the eyes can see
so at the utmost reach
of sight
the heart takes over
to see more stars,
to see you


Set The Wild Horses Free

Free the songs silently
sung within
but almost explode
in crescendo
The feelings bubbling
deep down in your belly
The passion running
through your veins
The waves of desire
that flood your heart
Dance with me and set
your wild horses free
let them ride the love
Ride the world together
with me


My Pen Knows More

Often my pen seems to know
and to believe more than I do
When I see grey skies
My pen writes them blue
When I’m knocked down
by reality
my pen writes a fairy tale
When I’m lost
my pen finds me
When I don’t like myself
and see only mistakes
my pen let me look
through your eyes
to put me back into place
When I don’t like the now
and miss you like crazy
My pen writes a bright future
together with you


By The River

Meet me by the river
in the homeland of our dreams
where things flow
where things sing
what shall be and so it is

Where we don’t need
to miss each other
where the future beckons us
with its sun
that shines upon our tears
and makes a rainbow
for the present moment


Through The Window

A strong wind blows
and through the open window
finds its way inside
And I sit still
within the movement
my eyes closed
to see you

And then it’s like
another window opens
Desire whirls
within the heart
within the body
and makes me fly
through the window
to merge with you


Who We Truly Are

And we make a palace
of our memories together
where we store
only the good ones,
look at all the diamonds,
the treasures
and dance in its ballroom
among the gold, alchemized
when we met
Where we remember
when we look
in each other’s eyes,
who we truly are


As Long As We Love

And in another realm
I cry with you together
in your arms
about all that happened
the ocean between us
missing each other
an empty bed
longing that hurts
And as we dry
each other’s tears
we smile as we know
as long as we love
as long as we cry
we’re never truly apart


Brave Bird

Early in the morning
while I think of you
I watch the rain fall
And despite the bad weather,
the grey, depressing sky
I hear a bird sing
Just like my heart, the love
will never be silenced
even if it storms, thunders,
or rains,
regardless of heat or cold
it will always sing its song