Dancing On Ice

(With video below)

And she glides over ice
She skates and dances
She goes round and turns
And makes figures
With her skates she draws
circles and hearts on the ice

In the Dutch landscape
Where the sky is grey and the weather is cold
She carries the California sun
of her man in her heart
The fire of inspiration burns in her
She dances her poems
on ice
As her skates make the moves,
make the words rhyme

And she is free to move
And free to love, free to write
With her golden dreams
She skates on and on

Until the stars appear in the sky
And it is time to go
Only then the ice queen leaves
for her ice palace in the clouds


Watch this video to see how the fire of inspiration burns even while skating on ice:

Express Yourself

If you want to express yourself
Use my heart as a paper
to write your love messages on

If you want to portray
what is on your heart for so long
Then use me as the picture
on which you can project it

If you want the butterflies to fly out
Then use my chest for them
to land on

If you want to speak the love
into your reality
Use my ears as they want to hear

If you want to paint to me
Your expression of love
Use me as your canvas
Your heart as your paintbrush

Because, my love,
if you want to express yourself
Here I am


Why Giving Up Is Not An Option

How could the night give up on the morning
How could the moon give up on the sun
How could a fish give up on the water
How could a flower give up on its seed
How could a tree give up on its roots
How could a writer give up on her muse
Then how could I give up on my dreams,
could give up on you?


Dancing In The Rain

This Sunday morning
When I woke up
I looked through the window
And it was raining and raining
The kind of weather
That would make you depressed

But then I imagined
How each raindrop contains
a bit of our love
And how the heavens are showering
it divinely
It made me want to go outside
And to dance in the rain
On this blessed Sunday morning



I thought of you and then
At exactly that moment,
There was the noise
of fireworks in de sky outside!
Wow, God is giving me a sign!
My inner world, outer world
and the universe align
Such a synchronicity!

(Though I must confess
I think about you all the time
So the miracle might be
less big)


Receiving Your Gifts

I thought I had grown so strong
That nothing could break me
And the stars and the sky, it all was mine
But I realize,
there’s still a part in me that thinks
I am unworthy of love

And then maybe,
it wasn’t what I thought it was
That only you were the one that ran
and hid and couldn’t believe
But perhaps I gave so much love
as I was unable to receive

Can you please help me
to fully open my heart for you
To let all your love for me come in
So I’ll be ready to receive
the full abundance of all of your gifts


Two Bears

On this cold stormy day
Let’s seek a shelter
Let’s retreat from
the world and the worries
And then
be like two bears
cozy cuddling
in our carefree cave


If I Could Be Where You Are

If I could be where you are
I would walk by your side
And would tell you my tales of the day
I would write you my poems
And then would read them myself

If I could be where you are
I would cuddle with you,
And would just let our bodies connect
and be touched
And then no words would be needed,
As that language would speak for itself

If I could be where you are
I would look with you at the stars tonight
And then I would not need to wish no more
As I would have you already near
And that’s all I would wish for

If I could be where you are
I wouldn’t be here


Secret Love Spies

Shhtt… silently I sneak to you
And sneak around to see
What you are doing
What you are putting out there
in the open sky

And shhtt… silently you sneak to me
To see what I am doing
As you like the art
to secretly observe
And you are just
as sneaky as me

We are secret love agents
We secretly spy on each other
But we also know it from each other
So apparently,
we are not that good at hiding
this secret spying
As you see right through me
And I see right through you
But at least, it’s utterly


Running After My Positive Words

My words are often more positive
and optimistic than I am
And sometimes I get tired
of running after
my own positive words again

But then, my words take me by the hand
Smile at me, seduce me
And show me the beauty of life
in tales, verses and poetry
I sigh, I surrender and
can do nothing but follow


The Tender Touch Of Love

You looked even more beautiful
when I saw you
Is it the tender touch of love
that caught you
and makes your face
serener and softer?
That draws a smile on your lips
And makes your body dance?

In your eyes I saw even more of you
Like water that is transparent
and shows its deeper beauty
Like you’ve allowed yourself more
to open up to me and to the love

You have changed, my dear
The tender touch of love
has made of you
Even more the man of my dreams


Meeting Halfway

And we both walk
I have you on the horizon
And you have me in the silver lining
in the sky

Every step takes me
closer to you
And your steps pave
the road towards me

And I cannot wait anymore
As I have waited for too long
So I here I run, here I fly
my way towards you

And you as well,
You run, you fly
Our hearts beat faster
We’re almost there
We already see
How the sky colours
How the sun rises
And how the birds gather above us
As they show us the way to go

And then halfway,
We both arrive
exactly at the same time
Synchronized as always
As love is right on time

And in an embrace
we meet
like we never met before
We both lift each other up
And we fly
But are anchored in each other
In arms that have longed
for too long
In kisses that now
can be given
In love that now
truly can be lived


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are Always Best Besties

Previous: The Rage Of The Feminine

You say: ‘Wow! You were very impressive
in your last poem, my sexy sweetie’

I say: ‘Thanks, my cutest cutie,
Actually, I’m myself
a bit impressed by it too
As I was really angry
But my own anger,
my own power and divinity
often scare me
I’d like to be
more of the harmony
And to make peace and love
Instead of war.’

‘Oh no, you were totally right,
my sexy sweetie
We, masculines, we really screwed
it up with you,
I am very sorry
For all the hurt
I see your value
and I promise to respect you’

‘Ohhh thanks my cutest cutie
We always are best friends
We are best lovers
We are best besties
Let’s go back to harmony
Let’s now dance
And celebrate new beginnings’

‘Your wish is my command,
My sexy angry Goddess’


The Rage Of The Feminine

Do you hear my rage
thunder through the sky
Do you see my eyes fire furiously

Freya, Ishtar, Eireen,
Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana
They all stand here in line with me
For who we truly are
We are the divine feminines
We are fucking goddesses

Throughout history
You, masculines,
you let your ego rise
And you abused your power
By surpressing, abusing
and disrespecting the feminine

But I will not let no one
treat me like trash no more
I won’t hesitate
To just throw the door
into your face mercilessly
As my value
is not depending on you

You, masculines, rise into your divinity
Rise into who you truly are
Who you are meant to be
Let go of all your poor ego constructions
And use your power to protect the feminines
Act, take decisions
Use all your masculine qualities
in a constructive way

And don’t you ever call any woman a cunt
Never call her names
But treat all the women you meet
with respect
And if you have hurt her
Go fucking down on your knees for her
Rise back into your divine masculinity
Stand by your woman

And then,
We, divine feminines, will equally stand by you
We will receive you
We will be your home
And we will fucking love you

Picture: remnants of the temple of the Roman Goddess Diana in Évora, Portugal


Giggling Girl

She is in her house of poetry
where she writes her tales in verses
And she starts giggling
As she realizes, she can do anything
With her main characters,
The two lovers of true love
She is the creator of her world
The master of her own reality
She could just let him kiss her
And, oh man, she could write
how she kisses him back
And they could even do more
She feels like a God
As her main characters look at her
And ask her what to do next
She writes their texts
She let him say the words to her
How he loves her madly
How she is the girl of his dreams
And then, oh man, they have their moment of firework in the sky
But sometimes she only wishes
She could also write for the real



There is a land
It is the land of the rising sun
Where you shine
in your own strength
And find your own gold

It is the land
Where the well
of true love is
Where you can be
Who you are
Nothing more, nothing less

It is our homeland, my love
Where we come from
Where our hearts met
The land that we share

Do you hear the bells ring,
Do you hear its music sing in our hearts
in its call for us?
Can you feel the warmth
of its fire
And how its flame burns
In the two of us?

The flames that want to dance
That want to merge
That want to burst
Into a fire of one


Not The Girl Next Door

I’m not the girl next door
You find in every street
But I’m the girl overseas
You need to surf waves for me
Brave your deeper waters
And sing your songs
strong enough for me to hear

I’m not a flower you find in a garden
But I’m the wild rose
That dances freely in the fields
You need to dance along with me
And find your freedom at heart
So you can love me wildly
and openly

I’m not a girl of ‘just a girl’
Or ‘another girl’
But I’m the girl of ‘THE girl’
Of ‘your girl’
Your wild rose overseas


Cocoon Of Love

I wallow in our love
And make a cocoon of it
To seek protection
against swords and thorns
of the world outside
And then I’m in there
together with you
Like two butterflies
Holding each other
in the knowing that
Our best time
is yet to come



How the wild rose
dances in the fields
And opens her heart
to people who pass by

Some of them
do not understand
her beauty
They call her a friend
And then just betray her
Or stand on her
Take some petals
And then leave
her heartbroken

Is she just stupid
and too naive
That she dances
Like an innocent child
Gives chance after chance
And perceives people
and the world
every day like a blank page
Always sees
the good in them,
Or is that just part
of her pure beauty?


Hold Me In The Now

Hold me, my love
As I need to forget
In your arms

Please, sing for me
Read your poetry,
Dance, jump, play
Make love to me
Tell me stories,
tell me jokes
And hold me
even closer

Just do everything
you can imagine
To stop those tears
running down my cheeks

And hold me
in the now
Far away from past
And future


Be Ghosts Together

Previous: Trash

My love, when I feel like
I’m just trash to others
And I am like a ghost
that does not belong

Can we just be ghosts together
That belong to each other
And then we say ‘boo’
to the people that hurt me
And left me alone

And out of the trash
that is thrown
we make a treasure
to keep



I’m here all alone
The lights have already been
turned off
And everyone has left me
I’m like a ghost
And have nowhere to go
But staying here

Am I just left behind
like trash that you throw
after it served its purpose?
What is a friend and
who can you trust?
I care so much
about others
But in the end
who truly cares
about me?

I’m here all alone
And now even
the questions have left me
I’m just a ghost
that talks to itself
Trash that is thrown



When the ground
beneath your feet
has been roughly
pulled away
You can only
go up and fly
And ask for dreams
to rescue you


Ask The Stars

When you don’t know how or when
Or which road to choose
Just ask the stars
And they will show you
The connecting dots
The story of us
The map of our fate

Do you see how the shine
of some of them is still to see
Even when they’re already
gone many light years ago?
Can you still feel my embrace
How I looked into your eyes
Even when you don’t see me no more?

Ask the stars
And they will tell you
about the lasting impression
The indelible mark
you left on me
And how the constellation
of the two stars
that we are
is meant to be


Be Mine

Be mine, my love
In heart, body, mind and words
In spirit, on earth and far above
Forever and far beyond

Be mine when you wake up
Be mine when you take
your steps into a new day
Be mine when you eat and drink
and smile and sleep
Be mine in all what you do
and what you leave

Be mine in your failure and in your success
In your tears and in your happiness
Be mine when you rise and jump
Be mine when you fall and bump
Be mine in motion and in stillness
In dreams and in what is real
Be mine when you miss me and I miss you
Be mine when you’re far away
and when you’re near

Be mine when you want to
walk away
Be mine when you wish to stay
Be mine when the sun shines and when it rains
Be mine signed on a paper
and in name
Be mine without any proof
and just in trust
Be mine for the laughter and the fun
Be mine for serious business

Be mine when you make love to me
In my arms, in my heart,
in my body, in my art
When you lead and when you follow

Be mine now and right on time
Be mine when you’re late
Be mine when you’re cold
and when you’re hot
Even moody, gloomy, clumsy
Be mine anyway and for sure
Naked and with clothes
Be mine when the door of your heart is open
and when it’s closed
Be mine when I am yours


Do You Feel Me

Do you feel me like I feel you
As a presence always around
Almost touchable sometimes

As a presence in my heart
A glowing, connecting warmth
As a waterfall of love
coming down

As a presence in my thoughts
An image before my inner eyes
A presence in my poems
In every word palpable

Do you feel me like I feel you
So we are never without
Even when out of sight
We both have us within
And have each other around


Love Magnetic Forces

Do you remember
How are eyes locked
and pulled us together
It seemed not of this world
A force that worked
beyond us
We did not have any control
Magnets we carry inside
our hearts
That pull us to each other

Like the sun and moon
pull the ocean
and let the tides arise,
We are pulled by love magnetic forces
Stronger than the own will of the ocean water,
Stronger than us
A force that always keeps
and pulls us together



I send love to those who beat
and mistreated me
Love to the ones that hurt me
I know, you did it
because you were in pain yourself

May compassion lighten you
May forgiveness reach you
And may you forgive yourself

May it bring peace to my heart again
And peace to your heart
As we all are the world
And every heart at peace
will contribute to world peace
And will benefit us all


Let Me Shout

Let me shout for once
Let me scream
All of my hurt
All of my dark past
From the deepest of my being
I will cry and roar

And then,
let me come to terms
with life and with myself again
In your arms,
Against your chest


The Sun In My Sky

You’re the sun in my sky
The flower in my field
You’re the colours of my rainbow
The bird in my tree
You’re my Spring after Winter
The water in my river
You’re the coral in my sea

You’re the chocolate of my cake
The flame of my candle
The exit of my maze
You’re the oasis in my desert
The painting on my canvas
You’re the heart of my matter
The love poem on my paper

You’re the cheese of my Netherlands
The dike of my land
You’re the altar of my church
The castle of my sand
You’re the wizard of my magic
You’re the king of my kingdom
The American of my dream
The Irish of my coffee
The ‘you’ of my poem



When you overthink
And your thoughts are like
jumping monkeys in your mind

Just play your music
Ground yourself in good vibes
And sing, sing, sing
Imagine me in front of you
How I mirror your smile

And over sing, over play,
over dance, over joy,
over smile, over love
your thoughts



She knows what violence is
As she experienced it in her own house
On her own body
The most brutal violence,
When you don’t even know
if you’ll survive the next day
And when you can’t even count
your scars no more

She knows what darkness is
As she went to hell
She went to darker than dark places
Where most people would have gone crazy
And would not be able
To go back to heaven no more

But in the violence, the hell and the darkness
She held on to the light of love
As love is her message
About love she writes

And even when someone
who she didn’t know
sent her in a private message,
after she published a poem of love,
a threatening picture of his collection of guns
She only sings, shouts louder now: