Together In Art And Heart

Wherever we are, whatever we do
Even if I fly in the air
like a smooth melody
And you wander on the ground,
you feel like in a staccato
Even if you surf the waves
and I am underwater
Even if you chase the moon
And I haunt the sun
Even if you are in the dark
of the night
And I am in the light of the day
We are together always
in art and heart


She Understood

She always wanted people to understand her
And if they didn’t and only judged her
She tried even harder to be understood
By opening up herself,
by explaining her heart
which led to more hurt
Until she decided to let go
of wanting those people to understand her
And instead, to understand herself
so thoroughly,
that she doesn’t need anyone else
no more to be understood


A Craving Desire

I fly in the air like a kite
the strings that are tied
to my heart, my body,
my soul, my mind
you pull them, you crave them
closer and closer to your heart,
from heaven and the realm of dreams
to the tangibility of earth
And willingly and full of desire
I let you pull me in
As I cannot wait to land onto you


In The Ether

There’s so much going on
in the ether
Where the air is thin
And no lines are drawn
Where all is fluid,
energy flows and fizzes
Messages are sent and
through the ether

I can almost feel your breath
And touch your skin
Fervent thoughts
dance back and forth
between us
Your voice in my mind
sounds like music

And from within you kiss me
Warm airwaves move
strongly through me
as our hearts make love
in the ether


Focus On The Sky

Sometimes, the ocean between us
is a big gap
A cruel dark blue monster
that has teared apart our lands
And we both stand on our shores
I call out for you
Your name, I shout it in the wind
Do you hear me or do the waves
make too much noise?

Please, let’s not look at the sea
But let’s focus on the sky
Our wings of love have grown
strong enough
to go up and meet above the clouds


I Danced Before Your Eyes

I read back some old letters
that I once sent to you
How I danced before your eyes
in my words
Did you know back then
that it was you who had put
the music on
Did you know I danced
solely for you
And that in fact, in every letter
I invited you implicitly
hidden behind strong
but shy words,
to dance together with me


The Crown On Your Head

You sit on your throne in my words,
and make glitter and glamour of them
You rule their tides,
their melodies and rhymes

Without you my poetry
would be just an empty,
run-down palace,
a trove without treasure

For a kingdom needs its king
Just like my poetry gives
you the crown on your head


Lolly Love

Love drips from my words
as I dipped them one by one
in this delicious fluid
Touch it with your finger
Stroke around the letters
Lick it with your tongue
Suck it with your lips
Let its sweetness
explode in your mouth
And taste with your heart
all my precious love for you


Throw Me A Line

If I get off track
and get lost in my fears and thoughts
Can you please pull me back
and throw me a line
By a prayer, a song,
By a kiss blown in the wind
By a wave of love you send my way
By the thought of me
Just pull me on my heart string
Back on track and back to you


A Session With Myself

Since I work as a psychologist
I thought, well, let’s analyze myself
For I have this issue
That I think all the time about you
That I write all those poems
My heart that beats, bursts
and longs like crazy
And I have these strong and deep emotions
I did an intake interview,
observed my own behaviour,
asked a hundred questions,
I reflected, empathized
I took the DSM-V, the handbook
of all the mental disorders
But I could not find a box
I could be fitted in
So then I gave myself the diagnosis
that I am just madly in love with you


A Scientific Research

I did a scientific research on
the love I feel for you
In an objective and unbiased manner
I tested the hypothesis ‘I love you’
I did a literature review of my poems
and wrote a theoretical framework
I did an observation of my heart
I systematically collected the data,
analyzed them
And then came to the conclusion
Now it is scientifically proven
that I love you



Sparrow and robin,
sitting there on the branches
Cats that are lying in my garden
Bees on the flowers
Butterflies that are fluttering
before my eyes,
My kindred spirits,
You my beloved,
Do you want to be my family,
my true tribe
To which I can belong?


Spring And Winter At The Same Time

And I walk on the path
through the woods
Where I once walked with you
It was Winter then
Bare trees bowed for us

And now, it is Spring
A roof of green leaves
above my head
It’s almost like
I hear your voice
And see you next to me
in your warm winter coat
How I want to put
my arm in yours
And wish this road
will never end

As my feet walk in Spring
my mind wanders in Winter



I took the two variables
‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’
to measure if there is
a statistical relationship
between them
I quantified and counted
Used the formula
and found
a correlation coefficient of 1
which means
it is mathematically proven
the more I love you
the more the ‘I miss you’ variable
will increase


Yes Now

Where are we, my love
Did the light catch us
When we held hands
I looked at you
You said ‘yes now’
And we jumped
into the unknown

I see white all around us
Like a blank page
on which a new story
is eager to start
And its main characters
just both came alive


Flowers Of Love And Hope

At the end of the day
I walk in our garden of love
with a watering can
full of thoughts, songs and poetry

And I do not want to water
the weeds of fear, of doubt
and confusion
But I water and nurture
the flowers of love and hope

What you give your attention to
What we focus on we get more of



Make your heart as light as a feather
Free it from any burden,
from any ties to the past
Let pure light flow into it
And let it cleanse
All the sadness, the resentment
All what made it heavy
and afraid of love
Let it again dance on the wind
As your heart was never meant
to stay on the ground


What We Can’t See

If we can’t see the whole picture
As half is hidden and not shown to us
If there’s a curtain of fog,
an incomplete puzzle
And we hold single pieces
in our hand
We can only have faith and trust
There’s a divine plan behind everything
It’s all being sorted out from above


Imagine An Ocean

Think of an ocean
Think it as big as you can
And then imagine it even larger
Think of the depth of the water
How endless deep it goes
Its clear blue that reflects the light
Think of all the treasures
that the ocean holds underwater
The coral, all the diamonds
In the most beautiful colours
And then think of this ocean
as my love for you


Elements Of Longing

At times longing comes
in a wave that rises
Water that takes and pulls me
wildly to your shore

And sometimes it is a fire
within me
A burning desire
My body that wants to
feel and touch yours

Sometimes the longing
is solid like earth
Grounded in knowing
that you are mine

And at times longing
is subtle like air
it takes me high up
and let me dream
on my cloud


Honour Your Treasures

A little girl sits in the sand
She holds a treasure in her hand
So dear to her heart
Someone comes who
tries to get it from her
and manipulates,
plays on her feelings,
tries to force her, screams,
and throws with judgements

Another person comes
who says:
‘Your beautiful gem,
my dear, just hold it
as long as you need’

With whom would the girl
feel safe to share the beauty
of her treasure?


A Place To Be

My love, can you take me
into your poetry and your songs
Let me dance on your lines
And swing in your tunes
from note to note
And word to word
Close to you in your art
Where your heart is
Let me colour it from inside
I’ll make it joyful and exciting
I’ll play poetically
with rhyme and chords
Give me a place where I can be
all that I truly am
And just take me far away
from where I can’t


The Lioness That Walks Alone

And the lioness walks alone
on her path through the savannah
of life
As she doesn’t want to be held
hostage by other people’s belief systems
But she chooses freedom instead
and to honour and stand for the truth
within her
She knows that it means at times
you need to move away
and walk in solitude

But look, lioness, look around you
How the sun smiles, how the birds sing for you, how the trees bow
Your beloved walks with you in heart always
How the whole universe conspires
to support you
For the bravest of soul are those
who choose love over and over


Tu Me Manques

Instead of ‘I miss you’
They say ‘Tu me manques’ in French
which means:
‘You are missing from me’

You are missing from my arms, my love
You are missing from my eyes
You are missing from my skin
I’m incomplete without you
You make my eyes see
You make my arms filled
My skin sense
My soul whole

Tu me manques, mon chéri
For you are never missing from my heart


Sing, Sing, Sing!

Oh beautiful bird,
just sing, sing, sing!
If your heart feels caged
Your tunes of truth
will set you free

Take a deep breath
Inflate your chest,
round your belly
And sing!
Exhale your heart
With all your force
Bring it out loudly
Let it take you
high up and fly

Just sing!
Move the air
by your voice
Make waves of sounds
That will float you
to me
My heart will hear
As it is on
the same frequency


The Memory Of The Heart

Many memories just fade away
Or become vague figures
in the distance
Blurry images that can’t be grasped
no more
In time they slowly lose their trace

But the memories I have of you
all have their vivid imprint
in the now
How you looked at me
The words you said
How your arms felt around me

For it is the heart that knows
The heart that remembers
the true essence of love
and how you are stored in it


Watch Over My Heart

Watch over my heart
when others try to hurt
and invade it
when they don’t see its beauty
but say
there’s something wrong with it:
Too sensitive, too strange

Watch over my heart
when I run away from it
when I don’t see its beauty
and think the others are right

Please keep it safe and protect it,
caress it
Hold it in your loving arms
Until I return to it
and own it, make it again
my home of love and poetry


Real Poetry

Sometimes my own poems
just scare me
for they are so real
and honest
They aren’t photoshopped
Their words uncovered
They do not use a filter
or wear make-up
However, the most scary thing is
that not even the profile
they use is fake
But they are signed with
my very real name


Let The Story Unfold Itself

You don’t need to hold your pen
so tightly,
to take control over the story,
to rationally construct the words,
overthink what will be next
and have a grip on every line

But just let your muse
naturally flow into it
Take a step back into faith
Give space to the divine
to do its work
And let the story unfold itself
right before your eyes



When I get polluted
by what other people think of me
by their actions, energy and words
or by my own fear-based beliefs,
I take a shower with our love
and let its healing, clearing waters
run over me
until I am again nothing but
my pure naked truth