And if the ocean between us
seems yet too big to cross
then embrace me, kiss me, hold me
dance with me in your dreams

And dream as much as you can
day and night, dream far,
dream big, dream deep

Until the dreams become real
and the ocean a surreal dream


The Image

Her family had made a picture of her
They had depicted her in such ugly words
It broke her heart
And she stood next to the picture
and wanted to tell them
that the one in the image wasn’t her
that she has a good heart
that she has beauty inside
but they only fixated on the picture
and didn’t even notice her
So then she decided to distance
herself from the image
and to walk away from
the ones who took the shot

Instead she looked at the image
that her beloved has of her
in his heart


The Undying Light

Have you ever wondered,
these deep emotions
the depth we have for each other
in our hearts
how everything around us changes
and even we are not
who we once were
that time goes by
a lot has happened
and our eyes have not touched
for a while

But still, the love is there
deeply rooted in us
that in fact,
the more we shed our egos
the stronger and deeper
the love grows

Have you ever wondered
about the wonder
how special, how extraordinary
yet so normal and natural to us

Our love that is a love of the soul
it is the undying, eternal light
within us both


Danced Dedication

And somewhere in the ether
beyond the limits of words,
of body, of space
we find each other
I hold you,
you hold me
and we dance together
as we always dance
Each movement is a
dedicated prayer
With every step, every breath
every heartbeat
we honour love,
we honour us


From My Heart To Yours

I dipped my pen
in the golden ink
of my heart and wrote
a Valentine’s letter
I perfumed it with
the sweet scent of love
Adorned it with rose petals
and pressed with lipstick
kisses on it
Then I delivered it
to your heart

So close your eyes
to find it within
Unfold it, smell it and feel it
and read, my love,
read and soak it in



There are things that I don’t speak out loud
Things that don’t see the light of day
and are kept away from words

Things that have their own life,
their own world, their own way
Hidden for the eye, the mouth
and pen

Instead they are exchanged in feelings,
as they flow secretly between our hearts



Does she have any space
in the world,
in the life of others
Does the poetess
have space in the poems
Does she have
space in the songs

Or IS she the space
in which poems
and songs are written
as she has space
in his heart


Can A Word Ever Say

Can a metaphor ever depict
Can a word ever say
Can my eyes ever reflect
Can my body ever dance to you
how much you mean to me

they all fail separately
but it’s the sum total
It’s a world of metaphors
It’s a symphony of poetry
my eyes always looking at you
my body sacredly devoted
to yours
in an endless dance

it is through these many ways
in which my heart speaks
as it even speaks its love for you
through silence,

that you will know



Soft, poetic words
rain like ten fingers on you
cherish and stroke you
from top to toe
Words like two warm arms
that lovingly hold you
and embrace all
that is and all
that you are
Words like two hands
that blindly find
the poetry on you
carefully reading
and soaking in
each word
with their palms
Words like two ears
that hear your dreams
and deepest
heart’s desires
translating them
into kisses
and shooting stars
that make wishes
come true
Words like two eyes
that deeply gaze
into yours
telling you stories,
fairy tales from the heart
all you need to know
and even more
A poem like one body
wrapped around you
gentle naked truth
that is touchable
A poem like one heart
fused together
with yours


How Trees Grow Strong

Trees don’t grow strong
from only sunshine
But they grow strong
from fierce winds
and heavy rainfall
when they’re being shaken
to the core
and need to let go
of branches and leaves
When there are obstacles
that force their roots
to discover new ways
And they may still carry
the scars
from the storms they endured,
testimonials of strength
As they only grew strong
because of the challenges
they faced


A Fiery Storm

And outside I let the storm
blow through me
Wind that feels like fire
when I think of you
and I dance with it, I whirl,
I float and I fly
until I become the storm
that makes the land
and the water move
that makes the flames
rise high
by the power of love


A Wild Dance

Clouds float wildly through
the sky this morning
Accompanied by the noise
of un upcoming storm
Trees move their branches
wildly back and forth
And the river throws its water wildly
over the banks and the quay

Such wild thoughts
wild dreams
a wild heart and wild love
Such a wild dance to
dance with you today



The moon shines brightly on me
through the bedroom window
and before I go to sleep
and close the curtains
I write you one more poem
not meant for the public eye
but for your eyes, for your heart only
Therefore, I’ve encrypted it
with moonlight