The Greatest Story Of Love

Let me be our storywriter
And in all what we did and do
In all what we said and say
I’ll find the beauty,
I’ll find the love

Let me transform our storyline
and heal the pain
I’ll find comfort and hope
Even on the darkest page
I’ll let the words dance,
will let my sun shine on
every spot, every corner,
every shadow
And then I’ll write, we will live
the greatest story of love


For G. -Gangsters In Love

This is for you, G.
It sounds like a gangster name
Because that’s what we are, G.
We are gangsters in love
Lovers in crime
Of course I would like
to have our full names on billboards
Along with our pictures
So the whole world knows about us

And then we put ‘WANTED’ on it
Because that’s what we want
I want you, you want me
And then we aren’t just G. and M. anymore
We show everyone our true gangster faces
As we commit our crimes of love:
Me loving you
You loving me

But, oh man
It’s a jungle out there
It’s a fucking hell
So for now
I will just call you G, G.
But you fucking know who you are, G.
And I know who you are too, G.
Because that’s why I fucking love you

*This poem is based on fictional realism. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely intuitive or just accurate.
The author M. who prefers to stay anonymous, is only responsible for the last sentence and confesses to be fully guilty of that.



We walked through the forest together
Side by side
On a cold day in February
You told me about a new song
on your mind
And about finding a home

I told you my secret
I had never shared it
with anyone before
How I was captured
in a violent nightmare
And you showed me
the way out

But I didn’t tell you
My other secret then
That it was you
who I secretly loved


A Girl’s Dream

I remember,
I was a teenage girl
And the Dutch winter was cold
With a friend I skated on
the frozen ditches and lakes

And one day when
we were tired of the ice skating
We went inside to see a movie
It was then that I watched
for the first time ‘Dirty Dancing’

I was in awe
I was breathless
Never had I watched such a film before
I wanted to watch it
over and over again
And although the Dutch winter was cold
Dirty Dancing made it all hot

It coloured all my romantic girl dreams
How a guy and girl that had to conquer huge obstacles
In the end lived the ulitimate love story
And of course
I also wanted so badly
to dance so dirty
with the man of my dreams
It made me long for
my own dirty dancing man

And now,
many years later
I hear ‘The time of my life’
on the radio
And I see the final Dirty Dancing scene
in my mind again
How the girl is lifted by the guy

And then I realize,
In you, my love,
I’ve found my dirty dancing man


Time Of My Live – Dirty Dancing Scene

Old Poems

I found some old poems
that I wrote as a child
and as a teenager
Words of sadness
and of dark nights

How I was
so much lost in the world
And tried to find
my way home
How I yearned for love
And for ‘the other One’

And now I realize,
Already back then
in my old poems
I looked and longed
for you


The Fragrance Of My Heart

Do you smell the sweet scent
of a rose
That comes like a
breeze of Spring
dancing towards you
It lightly caresses your nose
And then
it heavenly infuses you
Seduces you
Pulls you
Magnetizes you
Wants to fully take you in?
That’s the fragrance of my heart


Among The Shitting Wild Cows

This morning among the shitting wild cows by the river Waal in Nijmegen the wild rose recorded a video while she danced on her high heels in the wild cow shit.

If the love flows….. things can get really wild

Lyrics of the song:

There are days
that thoughts arise
and big mountains appear

Days that we don’t know
what to do
And all feels troubled
and unclear

But if the love flows
We don’t need to worry no more
For all is the right time
And that’s just fine

We help one another grow
We learn, we dance, sing and create

Every day we
come closer to our dream
And everything is safe and well
As long as we believe

And if the love flows
We don’t need to worry no more
For all is the right time
And that’s just fine

We give it all to God
We give it to the stars
And then we only need to love


By The Grace Of Your Eyes

Before your eyes
I blossomed
Your gaze was the sunlight
that shined me up
into the air

All the tales I told you,
Your eyes were the
magic wand that gazed
the fairies into it

And still
every word I write
comes alive only
by the grace of your eyes



We both look into the mirror
And I see myself relfected in you
You mirror me my shadows,
my wounds,
and my deepest fears

Do you see yourself
reflected in my mirror
Please, don’t look away
Do you see how the light
of our love shines into it
and makes all visible
so we can heal?

Please use the mirror
Shine your heart’s light
into it
As bright as you can
I will do the same
Through the mirror
I will then mirror you
You will mirror me
and reflect it back


Morning Coffee

I sit on the couch
My legs tucked
I drink a coffee
The clock is ticking
I tap the cup
with my fingers
I sigh
My eyes stare
My heart misses
Through the window
a morning sun shines
I wonder,
You on the other side
of the world
Where the night has fallen
Do you see me
in your dreams
Like I dream you
in the morning sun


The Fire Of Desire

Do you feel how under our love
the fire of desire is burning
We won’t tame the flame
no longer,
We let the fire rise
Let our bodies express our love

Want me, desire me, take me,
Kiss me, feel me, taste me
Hungrily, thirsty
I want you, desire you, taste you,
receive you

With our fierce fire
we burn away all
that is not of love
All our fears, all our doubts,
all our worries, all our thoughts
Our minds fade away
In our fire of desire
In our hunger for each other

Oh my love,
do you feel the fire burning
do you feel the fire rising
Wildly we dance its flame
We do not need to think
We only need to feel
We are just bodies
that express
our boundless, untamed love

We are the storm in the sky
We are the fire itself
We don’t withhold any longer
Express all our emotions
in this fire of desire
We burn high into the sky
And clear ourselves,
Clear our love


She Is Shy

She looks like a strong woman
That expresses
openly all of her heart
And that just undresses
herself before your eyes
and shows you all her naked parts

But in fact,
She is a shy girl
And her own naked poems
often scare her
She then covers herself
with shame
And tries to hide
behind her words

And after every poem
she has put out in the world
She holds her breath
As she fears
After that,
After showing her heart,
She won’t be loved
no more


You Are Okay

You are okay
Right who you are
You don’t need to change
Just be

And embrace yourself
like I embrace you
Embrace your light
and your shadows
Find beauty in everything
you did and do

You are okay, my love
More than okay
You don’t need to change
Just be


When We First Met

It was on a day in October
that we first met
Somewhere in the south
of the flat lands

I entered the venue
and saw you standing there
You didn’t see me yet
I felt drawn to you

Your energy felt intense
Like it wanted to magnetize
me to you
I heard how you spoke
about your journey home

And later our eyes met
for the first time
And instantly
there was this bond
Or perhaps it was already there
even before we knew

Our eyes recognized
The flame was ignited
I had never felt anything
like this before
I wondered,
Is this love
It seemed not from this world

We didn’t know then
That from that day on
Nothing would be the same
no more
And that our journey had started


I Believe In You

I believe in the shining sun
in your heart
And how it is rising
more and more

I believe in your hands that can
build a world
That can play new songs
And write new words

I believe in your eyes
that are the most
beautiful ones
I’ve ever seen
I know they can see beauty
and hope
And they can envision

I believe in your feet
that carry you to
where you need to be

I believe in the strength
of your arms
as they can hold me
like no one else could do



You fear your nakedness,
to be fully seen
and there is nothing you can hide behind no more

You fear to break
into pieces
When you stand
in your naked vulnerability
And you would allow
yourself to love openly

You fear
your naked skin
and your naked heart
cannot survive
on its own
Will you still be loved
if they see
all of the true you

My love, my eyes adore
all of what they see
of your nakedness
As they’ve seen
you naked ever since

And if you feel too naked,
Let me dress you
with my love
Let my naked body
be your second skin
Let it cover you
And come into it



I don’t want the leaves to fall
I don’t want the seasons to change
And the days to be shorter
Christmas to come
The clock to continue to tick

I don’t want to be moved
by the cycles, the tides
and the winds
Or just by the rhythm of
every day life
But I want to be the one
together with you
that moves the world

Can we please pause
And put the world on hold
And then first
Have you here with me
Before everything
can get back
into motion again


Your Arms

One evening in Fall
In a Dutch town by the river Rhine,
we saw each other
You came towards me
And took me gently
into your arms

And later
Your arms searched for me
And again
How much our arms longed
to be filled with one another

I felt like I river
I flowed towards you
I melted and became liquid
And your arms
were my riverbanks


Higher Love

This is not a love of
staying on the ground
Of being small and average
But it is a love of rising
and rising even higher

It is not a love of still
having your ties to the old
But it is a love of flying,
of breaking free,
reaching for the stars
in your full potential

It is not a love of trying,
of testing the waters first
But it is a love of jumping
A love of diving
Of surrender and blind trust

It is not a love for
the faint-hearted
But it is love for the braves
That dare to face their fears
And go beyond their comfort zone

It is not a love for just you
Or just me
But it is a love for us together
That we are meant to shine
into the world



Imagine, my love
How we sleep at night
in each other’s arms
Do you feel my body
to yours
My skin to your skin

How we wake up
I see you and you see me
How we smile
And that’s just
what makes our day
How we dive
one more time
Under the sheets
to merge and melt
in one another

How we drink
our morning coffee
in the garden
How the birds
and the cats
look at us

How we write our words,
Play our music and we
look again
at one another
and we smile,
we just smile.
As we know
We came from far

How we ride our bikes together
Through the forest,
the countryside,
along the sea
Do you hear our laughter
in the wind

How we close the curtains
at night
How we light the candles
And find each other’s arms
on the couch

My love,
Feel, taste, smell,
See, sense, hear.
And imagine.
Just imagine


This Perfect Love

We are imperfect
We have our ways
We have our stories
Our scratches on the plate
We have fingernails broken
Little dots on the lens
We have noise on the line
We have our habits
and our flaws
We have our things
We have the sounds
out of tune
We have words
that do not rhyme
We have physical shortcomings
Or we have of something
a little bit too much
But we are perfect
for each other
And we have this
perfect love


A Picture Of Togetherness

With your heart’s eyes
you captured us
in an image of
You and me
in peaceful green

I am proud to be
your true fairy woman
You are proud to be
my true fairy man

How nature connects us
Breathes through us
Blesses us
How we are alive
And together
In this timeless vision

As the heart’s eyes see
Always far beyond


Slow Down

When the mind runs in circles
And you run after it too fast
When ideas pop up
And you can’t even follow them
no more
When new poems, new songs hum
around like butterflies
But you can’t catch them yet
When your fingers on the strings
Can’t keep up
with your voice
When there is so much to do
But you don’t know
where to start
and where to go
When you feel time is pressuring
And you’re like a rat
in a race
Then we need to take
a deep breath
And we need to slow down


The Ways Of The Wild Rose

You saw me as a wild rose
Light and playful
I was blossoming
And I told you my tales

But when time passed
Thoughts became more rigid
Missing you became more aching
And I forgot about the ways
Of the wild rose

How she doesn’t grow straight
But she goes the way
she likes to go
Not restricted by garden borders
She dances around in the fields

She touches your heart lightly
but reaches very deep
Her smile invites you
to let go, to dream and let
dreams become real
She shows you ways you had imagined
But never dared to go

And how wild she is
Intensely she let her
heart’s desires blossom
And she leaves you breathless
You want to beg her
for more and more

She colours the fields
Paints your heart
in the colour of love

I will grow into the wild rose
And will retrieve her ways
Light and playful
Wildly I will dance around
in your heart


Stick To The Love

When the radio plays old songs
Or the noise it too intense
When the heart is too much touched
We want to drive away

We take our vehicle of our mind
To drive away from our heart
With every doubt, every fear
We drive away

But no,
we are not going there no more
We don’t take the road of the past
This time we stay
And whatever happens,
We stick to the love


She Wants To Disappear

When things burn
too much,
She wants to run
She wants to remove her words,
erase her picture
Tear out her page
And then disappear
behind the clouds
Where she can’t be seen no more
Where she is not there no more
Where there is nothing left
Not even a trail
But then behind her cloud
She longs for him
to come to seek her


The Place Where The Crazy Birds Go

Once there was a bird
And she grew up in a dark forest
where she didn’t have a safe nest
to stay
She was born lost
Even before she could go her way

She was not like the other birds
As she had a sensitive heart
that was as a precious, vulnerable treasure
With so much love and light to give
But throughout the years
She had learned to disgust her diamond
And she didn’t see its value

And when she left her tree
To go into the world
She didn’t know where to go
and what to do
And all the time she was searching for love
She knew deep down
she had her counterpart

And in her search she flew
against trees
She fell to the ground
Other birds shook their heads
They didn’t understand
And said: she must be crazy

And one day they told her
That the forest needed to remain sane
And that she as a crazy bird
should go where the crazy birds stay

So they took her to the other forest
They had built a cage around
And they kept guard
Because under no condition
the sane should get mixed up
with the insane

And there she was: locked up
She desperately needed some love
But instead they gave her pills, coldness and distance

As they told her all day long:
‘You are cazy, you are crazy’
She started it to believe it herself
And started to behave as a crazy bird

But there was a wise owl
Who had watched and heard it all
And he said to her:
‘Oh precious bird, this is not who you
truly are
You don’t belong here
You with your love and your light
in your heart
You are the one that is sane
And all the others
who treat you like this
have gone crazy
You need to go out
You need to break free
Continue to sing your own song
Fly your own way
And then it will all work out.’

So she plucked up her courage
And although they didn’t want to let her go
She spread her wings
and flew through the bars

And sometimes it was hard
as she could still fear what others
would think of her
And if they would judge her
as crazy

But more and more
She saw the value
of her own heart
She shined her light into the world
And grew confident
in singing her own song
And indeed,
one day she met her counterpart
She found the love
Then she knew
She had never been crazy


The Fear Of Losing Control

I sail my boat
on open water
The waves are big
And the ocean seems
deep and dark
Emotions are rolling my way
And I try to control
the raging water
Not let it take my boat
and pull me
into the depths of the sea
Where you can get lost
And never return no more

And there are vultures
of thoughts in the threatening sky
Circling around
Waiting for their chance
to catch me

But then I hear
the voice of
the God of the sea:

Let the waters raging
Let the vultures take the sky
Just sail your heart
into calm waters
By anchoring it
into itself and
trusting its compass


Stories Have A Happy End (Song)

There is green everywhere
we run through the fields
The sun shines happily
Butterflies fly around
We hold hands
We are closer
Than we’ve ever been

The sky is blue, the air is cleared
Our hearts filled with love
Through our hair a summer breeze
We jump high, catch our dreams
We went to hell
We came back
Together we are strong

The fields are ours, a song is sung
For the onces who believe in love
Stories have a happy end
Fairies are all around
We hold hands
And we dance
The world is at our feet

song: stories have a happy end


Guitar Heroes On The Battlefield

Meanwhile on the battlefield the two lovers of true love are again battling with their minds….

Here we are
And instead of swords
we now have our guitars of true love raised
To defeat the monsters
of our mind

There is a doubting creature
coming my way
It says: ‘Things will never work out’
I scream at you over there:

I raise my guitar
And start to play:

‘Oh doubts, I am so sad
I cry and I cry
all day long
I am so desperate and depressed
And all seems
completely useless’

I sing my song but
even after I’ve finished
the monster still
isn’t gone.
It is a rough battle

You scream at me over here

You raise your guitar
And start to play:

‘I don’t like you anymore,
stupid doubts!!!!
Now fuck off
And fuck yourself
I shout it all out loud!!!’

But the monster is still there
And there are even more
I scream at you:

I raise my guitar
And start to play
I try it in a scared way

‘Doubts, you make me shake,
You make me tremble
I am on edge
I want to hide,
I want to run away’

But the monsters are still there
They don’t seem scared

You scream at me:

We raise our guitars
and start to play:

‘Oh doubts, oh doubts,
we are all in this together
Let’s sway, let’s clap our hands
We are all each other’s friends.’

I scream at you over there:

You come over to me
We both drop our guitars
Our eyes meet
Our eyes lock
We drown
And gone
are all the mind monsters


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The Landscape Of My Body

I stand naked in front of you
And I show you the landscape
of my body
with its curves, it hills, its valleys
Let it whiper its story
into your ear
As it has a lot to say

Do you see my eyes
How they see right through you
They always see so much
But then the mind comes in its way
And makes them hurt and feel pressure
Did you know I wore eyeglasses
as a child
As a way to protect them?

Do you see my head
It stores so many stories
But often when I don’t dare
to trust my heart
I am too much in my mind
And it is aching me a lot

Do you see my ears
How they can hear so truly
But they often
do not want to hear
It then makes them
ringing and aching

Do you see my neck,
my back, my shoulders,
How they mostly
are so tensed
As they tend
to take on them
too much weight?

Do you see my breasts
And how they
proudly show you
my female nature?

Do you see my belly
With all the scars on it
They tell about a nightmare
in which I was left all alone,
fighting for my life

Do you see my sacred
female portal
How this temple has been
brutally invaded
By people who abused
their power at moments
when I was helpless
or naive?
But do you see that
in spite of that
my temple never lost its sacredness
And how it is there to merge,
to complement and to reunite
To reach blissful divine heights
How you are the only one
that has permission to enter

Do you see every single
place on my body
And every single part?

Please kiss me with
your eyes
Hold me in your gentle
heart and hands

Do you see my body as a whole
How it was beaten,
so many times
Stabbed with a knife,
How it was kicked
and violently pulled and pushed
But do you see how nothing could
truly damage its pure beauty?

Do you see how strong it is,
how it shines and radiates
and how it has never stopped


I choose You

Whether there’s rain
and there are clouds
Or there is sun
Whether leaves fall
or nature blooms
Whether the wind takes you
Or the waves bring you back
Whether there are flowers
all around
wanting my attention
Or the tides bring me
new opportunities
Always I choose you
Again and again

I choose you in the midst
of the storm
I choose you on a happy
Summer day
I choose you in the thunder
I choose you in a gentle breeze
I choose you in lands far away
I choose you in the sky and down
to earth
I choose you in the rolling rhythm
of the train of every day
I choose you


Super Strong In Our Super Love

Meanwhile on the battlefield
the two lovers of true love
are still battling with their minds….

Here we are
with our swords of true love raised
There is a doubting monster
coming my way
It says: ‘He doesn’t really love you’
I take my sword and cut its head
I look at you over there and scream:

There is a monster coming your way
It says:
‘This is not true, she will abandon you.’
You take your sword and cut its head
You look at me over here and scream:

It seems to be an ugly battle
Once you allow the monsters
of the mind come in
They appear everywhere
But we stand our ground
And one by one
We cut the monsters out

There is a nasty thing
in front of me
that makes bad stories
about the future
But with all of my force
I cut it in several pieces

You scream at me over here:
I scream at you over there:

And then there’s a monster
that tries to convince you
not to look at me.
I scream at you:

You scream at me:

And then in the distance
We see a whole new army
getting ready
‘OH NO! You scream at me
I scream at you:

And so we win the battle
We are so bold, we are so brave
We are so sexy, cute and sweet
But above all
we are super strong
together in our super love


You Let Me Take The Open Sky

You let me take the open sky
to let me reach for the stars
to let my heart fly free
and to paint
with my words of poetry
in it

You let me take the open sky
to grow each day more
and more in confidence
And to believe
and to dream, dream, dream big
and even bigger

You let me take the open sky
As the time to hide
within four walls was over
and I needed to share my light
with the world

You let me take the open sky
As it is the only stage,
the only place
where our love fits in


Healing Your Body

I kiss your hands
First your left
And then the right
With my lips
each finger I touch
I kiss
the palm of your hand

Your hands, you played
so many sad songs with them
All the old pain they still hold
I kiss it away

I kiss your throat
The pain that is stored there
Things you’d like to express
But you’re not yet able to
I kiss the barriers away
So you can truly speak again

I kiss your beautiful eyes
They have so much vulnerability
Like they need protection
They see so much, so deep
But your mind makes
your sight unclear
I kiss away the scales
from your eyes
So you can truly see again

I kiss your ears
There is so much noise
Things that are troubled
I kiss it away so you can
clearly hear again

I kiss your back
Each part I touch
You put so much effort
in straightening it
But there were too many things
weighting on you
that made it stiff and rigid
I kiss your back
so you can freely move again

I kiss your knees
They often want to run away
They want to flee
Instead of standing up
I kiss them both
and kiss the old pain away
So you can freely choose
again what to do

I kiss both of your feet
And make them steady standing
So it will give you the strength
to walk your path

Each part of your body
I heal with my kisses
Your muscles, I make them
soft and relaxed again
I kiss away all the old pain
So your body can sink
into its natural, free state


A Scream In The Night

In the middle of the night
I wake up into a nightmare
‘Where are you, where are you!’
Completely panicked
My soul screams your name
Screams for you
My heart beats fast
‘Where are you, where are you!’
I shout into the dark
A wave of pain in my body
I have been amputated

And later in the morning
With the scream still in me
I look in the open sky
if you have left a sign there for me
‘Where are you, where are you!’
I look everywhere
And it’s better not to do it,
but now I just try to silence
the scream within

And then I remember
how we promised each other
to stay strong, to stand strong
to believe
and have blind faith



I am behind you
and wrap my arms
around you
Feel how my body
encloses yours
I kiss your neck
And then turn you around
I hold your hand
And take
a step backwards
I smile at you
And ask you to dance

You smile at me
You pull me gently
against your chest
You start to move
The candle burns

Slowely we go
Silence all around
Only the noise
of our footsteps
And our heartbeat

Our clothes rub
Desire burns
Lips touch
Hands search
Eyes long
Body parts unclothe
I breathe
You breathe
We glow

to the ground
Bodies melt
You enter
I enclose
You dance
I dance
Eyes drown
Eyes burn
Bodies explode

all around

I smile
You smile

The candle burns


A Tree

Let me be your tree
You can lean against my trunk
Feel how I give you hold
How I keep you grounded
And root you in love
Hear how the wind whistles
through my leaves
It carries
your worries away
far from here
And brings energy anew
Above your head
my crown offers you a shelter
to keep you safe
And hear the birds that sit
on my branches
They sing
how much you are loved


The Magic Of The Guitar

I took her again
from the attic
of my childhood
My guitar.
After all those years.
The smell of wood,
The smell of memories
How I once played her
But then didn’t touch her
for many years

And I enter her magical passage
And go from the black and white
into the colours
I meet you there, my guitar guy

I let it play in my hands
I whisper into it, say your name
And caress the guitar
like I caress you
My guitar guy, can you help me
to let my fingers dance
on her strings again
Like I let my fingers dance on you

First on your face,
your neck, your chest
And then slowly
I go down
I stroke you
Play with you
Desire you
I want to hear
all of your sounds

Can you caress
my curves
I let you enter
my magical,
sacred passage
Feel its warmth, its bliss
surrounding you
Play on my strings

And we sway together
We dance together
make love,
make music
make magic


Best Friends

I see a little boy in front me
it is your inner child
At first he is a bit shy but then
he let me take him by the hand
I tell him that all is safe and well
And that I’ve been and will be always there for him

I bring him to my inner child
and they start to smile and play
as they recognize
Both have been lonely in the past
and made up imaginary friends
But now they realize
that in fact,
they always had looked for
and had imagined each other
As they always have been best friends

And they dance in the field and roll
in the grass
Do you hear them laughing
while they run after butterflies
side by side
and hold each other’s hands


Fear Of Abandonment

Once a baby cried and cried
She had been born lost into the world
And her mother couldn’t take it no more,
left the house and left the small baby girl alone
Her father couldn’t take it either
and started to beat the newborn
to make her stop crying
Later it turned out, she cried
because all the time she had been underfed

And there she was all on her own
The hands that needed to protect her,
beat her and retreated themselves
She learned that love wasn’t unconditional
and she could be abandoned

And now that baby girl in me
is crying again
as she can’t believe
that our love is unconditional,
whatever happens, whatever we do
And she is terrified and panicked
to be abandoned
to lose you, lose your love
to be alone, without protection

Can we please both take that babygirl in me
and craddle and cuddle her in our arms
and then tell her that we will never
retreat our love from her
we will never leave her
and keep her always in our hearts


A Selfie Of Us

I have a picture of us together in my hand
We had just met for the first time
But it felt
like I had always known you

I smile, I shine by your side
My eyes say: ‘I have finally found him!’
Our bodies bend towards each other
You feel how our energies
want to merge

You look at me via the screen
Your eyes dreamy,
they want to lock
with mine
But they also look
a bit sad and melancholy
Your eyes say: ‘I have finally found her! But I know too,
it will be a hard journey
before we reach home.’