Remember My Gaze

And she said:

Who am I
Am I a poetess
Is it useful to write
Do my words contribute
to anyone,
to a better world
Is it enough
Am I enough
Who am I

And he said:

Your words are
a pure expression
of your soul
A gift from the heavens
Cherish it
Express yourself
as much as you can
To remind others of
their true essence
Your words are the stars
in the sky
If you don’t know
who you are,
Remember, how I looked
you into your eyes
How I mirrored you
your purest self
Remember my gaze
and know
that you are love
and that is your purpose


Our Dreamland

Late at night
do you hear me tell you
all my stories
the ones that are only
meant for you

The princess
that finds her prince
The knight
that finds his lady

Sweet good night tales
that lullaby you
magically to sleep
Only to wake you up
to our dreamland


When I Am

Maybe, I don’t need to go anywhere
I don’t need to travel to other places
I don’t need to do anything
I don’t need to fix or solve,
earn or achieve

I don’t even need to make
or write poetry
But I can just be
I can just feel
I can just breathe
and exist

And I will still be okay
I will still be valuable
I will still be loved by you


Through The Heart

Your fingers glide over the guitar
I close my eyes
And hear you play
the most beautiful sunrise
over a land far away
And I see the golden light
delicately streamed
by your fingers
as you play on the strings
of your heart
and let its rays caress me

And I feel you
How I feel you
Could we be more intimate,
more vulnerable like this
Your naked tune
that finds its way into me
And you go deeper and deeper
When the soul makes love
through the heart
time and space,
even the boundaries of a body
fall away


Don’t Cry For Me, Lisboa

Don’t cry for me, Lisboa
Although I didn’t visit you for a while
Bright city at the river Tagus
You remind me too much of my beloved
and all that is missing
Memories are captured in every tile

Tales have nowhere to go
I have been lost in your streets
and I was nowhere to find
I don’t want to make the Tagus
overflow with my tears
Or fixate the horizon
with my yearning gaze

But don’t cry for me, Lisboa
Wait for me instead
Keep me and my beloved alive
Honour us in your brightness,
in your poetry, in your fado songs
Pray for us in your churches
Cheer on us in the castle
Shine your light on in our hearts

Each night in my dreams
I dance with my beloved in your alleys
We make love under your stars
And one day, when fate aligns
I will return, I promise
to once again pick me and my beloved up


Where The Magic Is

While reading your journal
you wrote me right into your heart
Where I walked together with you
on your journey
Every step I was by your side
Holding your hand
Crying your tears
Watching the sunrise
Hearing the heavenly music
of the sacred land
Seeing beyond and into other worlds
where spirits guide us
Feeling your roots growing into the earth
and receiving the blessing
Reaching a place of emotions
where words cannot come
Welcome home, my love
to the magic
of your own pure heart


White Friday

And I bring the darkness to the light
The old stories, the fears, the shadows
The ego capitalism, all the consumption,
the needing, the wanting
my worthless possessions,
my illusions, my person protections,
the expectations, the assumptions
I let go and release
to start all over on the white of a new page
and let only love write further our story


Running Deer

I am like a running deer
I run from my fears
I run from myself
and thus from you

I run from happiness
I run from the past
but then with
wide open eyes I run
into its headlights

Here in the middle of these woods
where I run from my shadow,
let me drink
from the sacred pool of love
and let me again find stillness


Rocking Tears

Tears drop down
while Metallica’s
‘Nothing else matters’
is on the radio

Those free flowing
rocking tears
that know love so deeply
that they don’t care about
what others
may think no more
as the only truth
that matters
is in the heart

Tears that rock
for they miss you so much
They could shout it
over rooftops
Raw and powerful
How much they love you

They laugh and ache
and dance and scream
those rocking tears


Where My Heart Is

My mind keeps telling me
that I am lost, that all is lost
It runs, fears and worries
in all directions
And creates a dark maze

Though I only need to go
where my heart is
’cause that’s where you are
that’s where love is
that’s where I can find myself
A bright open space
where I’ll never be lost


In Tune With Each Other

The night that we saw each other
in the Dutch countryside
When I stepped out of my car
with high heels
I stepped into the mud
Among the cows I wore
a chic dress
And you were so beautiful
and stylish in your suit

And although in that entourage
we were both the only ones
that were completely out of tune
we were perfectly in tune
with each other



You stand with your back
against a dartboard
As if you’re in the line of fire
And you expect life to throw
its arrows at you

But my darling,
cupido has already shot
the arrow of true love
right into the bullseye of your heart
so rest assured you’re protected
with love as your armour
you have nothing to fear


Your Christmas Fairy

Show me all that is alive in you
Even if all seems dead and dark,
then show me that
Tell me more about your fears
of a grey Christmas
Images in hopeless black and white
Show me all the sadness
Flowers that are wilted and
a caged bird

Show me all, my darling
I’ll be your Christmas fairy
And I’ll blow the colours
and the magic back
into your inner world


Old Souls

Remember, my love
we are old souls
Infinite beings of light
We came here to
learn our lessons
by living our stories
as we have lived
many stories before

Although our path is hard
It’s never harder
than we can take
we’re equipped
with all that we need
we have each other
And all our pain
we carry it together
to transform it into
even brighter love


One Thousand Kisses

I send you one thousand kisses
so for every opportunity,
you’ll have a kiss in stock

Kisses to heal the wounds
in your heart
Kisses to celebrate your joys
Kisses to inspire
Kisses to warm you up
Kisses to calm you down

My kisses are multifunctional
multiple times usable
They get activated
by the power of thought

They have no additives
They are organic
as their only ingredient
is pure love


Heart-To-Heart Time

It may look like
the moon is not there tonight
but what no one can see
is that behind a curtain of clouds
she has her own heart-to-heart time
with her beloved, the sun

They exchange
She receives him deeply within
And as they dance silently
in devotion to each other
they make the seas move on earth
in undulating passion
of ebb and flow


I Pick You Up

And I take a breath
and pick you up
as I always pick you up
to fill me from the inside
with you
and to anchor in love

I pick you up
straight through all the fears
straight through the chaos
My breath find its way to you
to let you rise inside of me
to find back my strength


On The Same Screen

And if we were both
in a movie right now
Filmed by an all seeing eye
The watchers would see

A shot of me in the kitchen
while I cook a dinner
Staring, melancholic eyes
that try to find you
in my inner world

Perry Como’s song
‘It’s impossible’ plays
in the background
For it is impossible
not to think of you

Then a shot of you
in another scene,
another time zone,
another country
sitting in your chair
staring, melancholic eyes
that try to find me
in your inner world

Those two scenes
that play at the same time
on the same screen
that erase any distance
between us
Those watchers would see
infinite truth


The Healing Waters Of Poetry

When the pain of missing you
becomes almost unbearable
and is like a knife that pierces
my chest
When my mind can only think
in miles that lie between us
in words that haven’t been said
When my eyes only see
a big ocean before me
that separates two continents
and my heart cries yearning tears
then I dive into the healing
waters of poetry
to be together with you
in flowing words of love


Our Raft

The sea is wild
The waves almost seem violent
The way the water crashes onto us

But we have our solid raft
to hold on to
a strong foundation of poetry
and songs
to keep the hope alive
and to have courage
That always follows
the stream of our hearts

For no matter how dark the night is
and how loud the sea may rage
Love is always the strongest force of all
After every storm a calm will come


Let Your Light Shine For Yourself

And under the moonlight
she walks
Her footsteps are heavy
as she carries a great burden
of guilt on her shoulders
Thoughts that say
She did something wrong
Because that’s what they told her

The moon looks down on the girl
and sees her struggle
Sees that the girl
all her life wanted to be good to others
And often just gave up on herself

‘Oh girl, put down your burden
It never has been yours
Be free, girl, love and dance
In order to be there for others
you first need to let your light
shine for yourself’


Transformational Pain

Pain is the shedding of skin
It is the caterpillar that dies
in his dark cocoon
to make room for the butterfly

Pain is to be physically
separated from you
Only to see that
in heart we’re never apart

It is stomach pain, headache,
sleepless nights that scream
to leave the old in the past
and let go to be free

Pain is questioning
what your soul whispers to you
It is resistance
as you fear the unknown
and you don’t want to hurt others

Pain is like squeezing contractions,
the movement of muscles to push out
and birth ourselves anew into our love



And in the eternal dance
of sun and moon,
The moon takes a step back
to hold space for
the sun, her beloved
to rise in all his beauty,
in his true shine
and to start a new day

She smiles lovingly
as she watches him
She has his back
His light shines within her
She feels all of his power
all of his strength,
his full potential
Just as her bright glow
always shines within him


Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Oh sexy man in suit,
that dreamy smile
in your eyes says it all,
You think of the night ahead
You think of your lady in dress
You think of a dinner for two,
a dance floor to conquer
You think of fiery lips that kiss
You think of fiery hands that touch
You think of a suit and a dress
on the floor
You think of…. oh boy, oh boy


The New Chapter

And she said:

If you start a new chapter
am I still with you on the new page
Or do you leave me behind
in the grave of old stories
Buried in my own pain,
never to be read again
Is my existence erased,
who am I if I’m no one,
if I’m nothing
and don’t even have a name

And he said:

See yourself in me
With each part of myself that I
acknowledge, I acknowledge you
As I integrate all pieces,
I integrate you even deeper
So how can I not take you with me
into the lines of the new chapter
You don’t see you on the new page,
for while writing the book of life,
we’re holding the pen together


My Favourite Thing To Think About

There are many things
I can think about
Each day a crowd of thoughts
bustles and pushes
to be thought by me

There are the worries
that always try to be first
The happy thoughts
that jump up and down
Big thoughts about big dreams
And little thoughts that are

On the screen of my mind
I can project the whole world
But among all those thoughts
playing out in my head each day
You’re my favourite thing
to think about