Short Circuit

Lay your hand on my forehead
to calm down the aching fire
of a fierce migraine
as my brain short-circuits
every movement,
every thought hurts
Calm it down with your hand
the way only your loving palm
your loving fingers,
your loving heart,
can ease
make it dark before my eyes
and touch me
into a soft, pain free sleep



I hear the sea in my ears
or is it you
whispering a mantra
of sweet words to me
like kisses
water that ripples
begins to fall
and rise higher
as I float on waves
of arousal
breath becomes the sound
of the sea
that swells
a wild dance
a vast love
that is oceanic


She And The Sea

She had feared the sea
She had cursed it
She had seen it as an obstacle
Something that needed to be
The wild and unknown waters
between her and him
And the other shore so far away

But she learned to embrace it
She learned to flow with
the waters
to dance in the wind
and that nothing
could tear her and him apart

And now,
the sea is just the sea
Emotions are just waves
The other shore is an illusion
as her beloved is always
with her in her heart


Stage Fright

And we may have stage fright
when we perform on the stage of life
we may be worried what others
might think of us

But my love, let’s strip off
all the masks, the roles
the ego clothes, all the decoration
let’s be fully naked
in our true authentic selves

We sing our own heart song
we show up for ourselves
comfortable in our skin
as we wear only naked love

And if anyone who watches,
judges or is uncomfortable
it’s because they fear
being naked themselves


You Being You

I see you
becoming even more you
as you playfully explore
your creativity
outside the box
out of your comfort zone
more relaxed,
more confident
opening your heart
to yourself
being the wise, powerful king,
the bright shining sun
I’ve always seen
in you
And I see you
I love to see YOU
being you


We Are One

And she said:

I’m so scared to be left out
to have no part
in what you live
somewhere far away
to have no part
in your now
nor in your future

And he said:

How can you ever be left out
as you are in everything of me
I breathe you, I sense you
I feel you, I think you
I dream you

Even when physically,
you cannot live it here with me
as you cannot see it
with your own eyes
yet you can see it through mine

Only your thoughts separate
you from me
Only your thoughts leave you,
leave us, out
For the truth is, in our heart,
in our soul,
we are always one


Your Embrace

I toss and turn in my bed
and cannot find sleep
One moment I feel you so close
the next, the narratives in my mind
take over
and I painfully miss you

And right before dawn
a bird starts to sing a hopeful anthem
But what if hope is meant
for others but there’s no hope for me?

Fear takes me far away from you
Until the first light announces
the morning
and I finally fall asleep

And there you are
in my dream you come
to hold me in you arms
– you keep hugging me
And when the alarm
wakes me up
I take your embrace with me
to start a new day


Space Cowboys

Kiss me, my love
Stoke the fire within
Let’s make it hot
So we can rise high
and fly among
the moon and stars tonight
We’ll be space cowboys
riding our love
in the wild universe
we’ll shoot stars
catch dreams
and bring them to earth


I Love

I love the quietness of
a Sunday morning
to drink coffee in the garden
and see the bees hop
from flower to flower
I love to feel the sun
and a soft breeze touch my skin

I love to watch the clouds
in the sky and to daydream
I love the deep pink red
and the scent of roses
and to put them in my hair

I love to walk in the forest
or to sit by the river to write poetry
I love to watch birds and cats,
the smell and colour of lavender
I love music
I love to dance whenever I can

I love to do, to take in
all these things and many more
just because I love
to be in love with you


Love Finds Its Stage

When the last song’s been sung
Hands have clapped
the curtains close
the theatre lights turn off
the stage’s been left
the streets are empty and silent
when it’s unsure when and if
there’ll be a next show
Love continues to perform its songs
on the stage of our hearts



The rose stretches herself
to the sun, her beloved
Her petals opening to receive
his light and his warmth

His rays are his arms, his fingers
that stretch and reach
through the atmosphere and
through every barrier
to touch her
and to connect their worlds


You ARE Love

Does the bird ever wonder
if it is worthy of life
if it can receive life
or is a bird just a bird
that is alive?

Why then worry about
if you are worthy of love
if you can receive love
when love is
what you already are
whether you think about it
or not?


Feet First

And sometimes, the feet
just need to step and begin to dance
even if we yet can’t hear the music
even if we yet can’t see the road ahead

The mind, often too much bound
to the ground
Thoughts that linger in the past
or in worries about the future
But if feet just go first
everything else will start
to roll and will align
mind and heart will follow
to fly along



If a ship sails only in calm waters
you cannot know if it can stand
a rough sea, can beat a storm
and will make it to the other shore

You can not know how strong,
how true and how determined
love is
unless it’s been tested
by rough seas and storms



And when the night fell
and all was dark
not even the stars
that showed themselves
in the sky
the wild rose standing alone
in the field, could not see
it anymore:

‘What if the name ‘a wild rose’
was never meant for me
What if I’m just a nameless flower
in the shades
Not seen, not shined upon by the sun
What if the sun doesn’t smell
my scent of love
And all that will ever be
are all the others and me just me
What if the poems written on my petals
won’t be stroked by his gaze
What if they just wither’

The wild rose sank to the ground
with her heavy heart
Pain made gravity pull even stronger

But then a night owl landed
beside her:
‘With my eyes and ears that can
see and hear in the dark
I saw your self doubt
and heard your lament
Do not overthink your heart,
dear wild rose
But let your heart overfeel
your mind
If you can’t see it outside of you
then see it within:
how special the love is
you are made of’


A New Dream

And we dreamed
We wove a web of expectations
based on ego assumptions
and experiences of the past
The dream crashed
before it could take flight
The needle of karma
pierced the air balloon

But as we have released
the old dream
we are free, my love
So let’s dream anew
Let’s build a solid home
for our heart’s desire
Let’s dream bigger and brighter
than we’ve ever done