The Union Of Venus And Mars

Venus was a beautiful goddess
who encompassed love,
desire and victory
She was the rose of Mars

And Mars, her true love,
was the god of masculinity
He was a sacred warrior
as he fought his battles
throughout the universe

And Venus taught Mars
to fight his battles
not with his mind
but with his heart

Mars taught Venus
to stand up for herself
and be the warrior of
their love

And then one day
Venus called her warrior home
As she longed for her man
and peace needed to be restored
in heaven and on earth

And after a long journey
Mars returned to his beloved
In her arms
he found true victory

And they made love to each other
The heavens were shaking
The stars were shining brightly
As they merged
in the glory of love

And then out of their union
Their love child,
the beautiful goddess Harmonia
was born
Because when two lovers
of true love reunite
They bring love,
peace and harmony
to the world


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