The Kiss

You came to kiss me in my dream
your lips so soft on mine
and we opened up to one another
tongues that danced together
to a fiery song
It’s been a long time, you said
right before all words,
all time, all pain dissolved
before we melted in each other
and there was nothing left but
a kiss
like an imprint, a promise
that I could take with me
when I woke up
in a nightmare
of all those miles of ocean,
of all those ungiven kisses
between us


A Hand

And as she lies
on her bed
enduring aches,
straight through
the thunder
she hears his
soft call,
his hopeful song
and then
with tender touch
their love puts a hand
on her forehead
and heart
to soothe her
till the storm passes


Separation Is An Illusion

She’s standing outside
in front of a closed door
She’s alone with only
the birds to talk to
from the other side she hears
laughters and melodies
and she would like to join
the team of joy
she would like to share in
creation and togetherness
She could open the door
with a few coins
but is she welcome
she fears, she hesitates
and as she watches the birds
fly freely over walls,
taking the whole sky,
she wonders, if the closed
door is real
or did her mind create it
maybe if she opens up
more to love
the door will open for her
by itself?


Our Traces

In Amsterdam
we’ve never been together
We left our imprints,
our separate traces
of footsteps here
at different times
but in the now,
that does not distinguish
between past and past
it looks like our footsteps
that light up in front of me
once met each other
here in this town


To Be Found

Forest creatures gather
around the wildwood flower
as they watch her tears glimmer
in the light of the moon

‘Oh dear wildwood flower
why do you look so sad?
After all that you have given –
you gave the earth
your dancing footsteps,
the birds your songs
your troubadour your heart
you gave love your poems
you gave and you gave
and now it’s finally time
to happily receive

The waters, the air are flowing
towards you to bring your troubadour,
to bring good news

Is it almost too good to believe
and do you doubt that
it is really meant for you
that not only the woods, the birds,
that your troubadour matters
but that you matter too
to be loved, to be respected,
to be cared for, to be cherished?

Dry your tears and get up
you don’t need to get lost,
to wait or to search anymore,
But now, it’s time to be found

by your troubadour
by happiness
by love’


Under A Shower Of Shooting Stars

And I dream
as from across the ocean
your voice sings
a blanket for me
woven with words
of tender love
to lie under
in this cold night

I dream
that one day
not only your voice
and your heart
but also your eyes,
your lips, your hands
will find their way to me
to be my blanket
and entwined we will lie here
under a shower of
shooting stars


Once We Fly

Look up, my love
if you see those seagulls and pigeons soar
do you wish to fly just like me
Then close your eyes
and we imagine we hold hands,
we spread our wings and go up
We touch the clouds and pluck the stars
Nothing, no mountain, no sea
is in our way
not even gravity that can pull us down
Once we fly free in our universe of love


Destined Sun

A winter sun shines on my face
as I bicycle through the cold
Red, warm cheeks
Legs peddle a rhythm of a song
only you and me can hear
And although on my left
I see dark clouds gather
above the river,
soon rain may start to fall
and I miss you more
than I can say,
this song in my heart,
a song about
our endless summer,
will be my destined sun
that no cloud can take away


I Am The Ocean

I lie on my bed
I breathe
and think of you
on the other shore
in a land far away
I breathe in, breathe out
As I rise and fall,
as I wave
on my breath
I imagine to be the ocean
that pulls the two
separate continents together
so their shores can kiss



When I miss you
I go outside to look at the stars
and then I always feel
you close again
for if those ancient lights can cross
such an immeasurable distance
to reach me
then our ancient love
can cross all those miles too


The Mammoth

Sometimes the past comes
like a mammoth in my now
Large and heavy it marches
No way I can escape it
Until I realize, mammoths
died long time ago

And then, with a smile
I just sit and watch
the mammoth pass
as I hear the sound of birds
and see the blue skies
in my peaceful
present moment


To Make It Ours

And although
you can always
live and see my world
through my eyes
feel it through my heart
and follow
my footsteps
in my images and words
I wish you could see it
with your eyes,
I wish you could
make your footsteps
next to mine
and find your own words
in my world
to make it ours