Highway Home

A maze of city streets
with curves and corners
in front of me
And I look up and see
the vastness of the night sky
like a dome above me

And I’ll take
the milky way tonight
to cross worlds
and to cycle to you

I’ll take
the highway home


That Star

When the night consists of pain
migraines that cut like knives
in the head
and make it hard to breathe
as the whole body contracts
Alone on a violent sea
The shore of the morning
yet far away
then you’re that star in the firmament
that my heart stays focused on


She Kept His Heart Safe

Once adults lied
They betrayed
and fooled a boy
into taking
a big, metallic bird
to a foreign land
He left his heart behind
on the other side
of the ocean

Oh boy, oh boy
there was no going back
he was lost
for so many years
Searching for a place
that he could call home

He dreamed of a girl
he had never met
But he knew,
she was out there
somewhere on the other side
her fate closely tied to his

In the years that passed
he sang his songs
and let the wind
carry them far
hoping that
she would hear his call

She heard the melody
within her soul
She sent love
Love, one day,
found him
and built a ship
to take him
once again across
the ocean
and to reunite him
with his heart

And it was the girl
he had longed for
that, all those years,
had kept it safe
for him
within her own chest


Snow In April

When it snows and storms
in April
and I battle with the wind
battle with myself
and I cannot even get words out
will you hold me tightly
as I cry and scream my pain
in hurricanes and waterfalls
and will you remind me
with your strong arms,
your soft voice
of the inevitability of Spring



She looks at the night sky,
at all the stars that shine
so brightly and asks:
What should I do
to make my wishes come true?

And the Universe replies:
The seeds of your wishes
burn like stars in the sky
Now there’s nothing more
for you to do than
to look at them,
hold them before your eyes
and water them with belief


Trust The Love

When there’s nothing
in the outside world to hold on to
and it seems all hopeless,
you see your dreams collapsing
right before your eyes,
your so desired future broken,
then you feel him,
you feel the love in your heart
and you know,
where there is such love,
there’s always hope


The Way Of The Heart

Two birds stand both in their own land
with an ocean between them
Both longing for the other side,
for each other
They may have thought it was all
those miles of water, of sky, of land,
the wind, the weather forecast or any restriction
but in fact it is their own fears, their own thoughts
that keep them chained to their shores and apart
And trusting the wings of their heart
will be the only way to break free and to cross



Her words can be unwanted
silenced, erased
ignored, blocked, suppressed
But her heart never can

So many truths locked up inside her
Her voice, her sound stuck
in her own ears, her small self,
her own head

But then the wind, the moon,
the stars, the sea,
the whole universe
will voice and echo her heart


There Are Always Two

The air is cleared again
After a rain shower,
the sun breaks through
I listen to the wind
as I walk in the woods
And high above treetops
I see a buzzard soaring
I search the sky for another one
and search my heart for you
for like buzzards
that always have a counterpart
to fly with
I never walk the earth alone
but always walk with you


A Few Kisses Away

I draw a line with my finger
on the map
from where you are,
your continent to mine
And then I cross the ocean,
cross the world
with a bridge of kisses
I connect the dots
fill up the space
and I see, I feel
how close you are, my love
for you’re only
a few kisses away