How The Heart Stream Of The Queen Brought The King Back Home

And when the king left
as he went on a quest
to find his own heart,
the queen could not stop crying
Day after day she cried her tears
for her beloved,
each teardrop a drop of love,
a drop of pain,
a drop of missing him

Rivers and rivers flowed
from her eyes
and dropped from the window
Until the people of the land
got worried:
‘Oh queen, you drown the kingdom
with all your tears.’
But the queen could not stop
the showers
that came from her heart

The land got overflowed
by the queen’s waters
Her liquid heartache
had caused a big flood
It reached all the way
to where the lost king
was wandering
And to save his world,
he built an ark

The heart stream of the queen,
all the fluid, shimmering love
took the ship
and brought the king
back to his kingdom,
back to where he belonged
with his queen he found his heart
that he had been searching for

After the queen had cried her last tears
above the land a rainbow appeared
a strong sun dried up the land
and on its fertile ground
the king and queen
built their new kingdom



  1. Sigh, it was there the whole time. Sometimes, we have to lake those journeys before we realize love was always where we left it. A beautiful tale!!

    Liked by 1 person

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