Come Dance With Me

I’ve started to dance
here in these streets
Free is the mind,
free is the heart
What are you waiting for
come dance with me, my love
leave the shadows,
leave the past
take my hand and dance
with me, my love
to the music in our hearts
that craves to be danced,
to be voiced, to be moved
to be made, to be shown


We Are Our Own Hope

I seek the sun outside
but all I see is darkness
I seek colours
but instead,
find a grey world
pictured in black and white

Then love lights up
in the heart
And I understand
Rainbows aren’t made
in the sky
for no matter how dark it gets
out there,
we carry the light within
and thus,
are our own hope



Fields stretch out before me
as far as the eyes can see
Birds surf the wind
in an endless sky
Nothing that can hinder the wind
to freely breathe out its air
Nothing that can hinder my heart
And I feel how vast our love is


Who Is There

Who is there
when there’s no one there no more
when the music has been turned off,
the dance stopped
when the day has sunk away
and the night envelopes me
when I’m alone with my thoughts,
alone with headaches
who is there
who is always
and everywhere
where love is

It’s you


In My Heart Space

I have a ballroom for us to dance in
A flower garden to walk through
A sacred place to always sink deep
in each other’s arms
A bed of rose petals to make love on
A starry sky to shoot our dreams in
An infinite paper to write poetry on
Here in my heart space


It Comes To Her

Sometimes she goes outside
into the woods
and restlessly seeks the birds,
the squirrels,
her beloved, her words
She runs between the trees
in search of fruits
Until she stops
and listens
to her own breath,
her own heartbeat
and let love find her
Then the birds start to sing
poetry is blown her way
squirrels come out to play
and she sees him
the moment she stops looking
the whole forest looks for her



What do your eyes see
as they stare inward
and sail in inner waters
Do they see shores
of the past
pirates, soldiers
Or do they see new horizons
Do they wonder
will there ever come an end
to all the water
Will there ever be land
Do they dream of love’s Valparaiso
that they’ve seen
in eyes overseas



Thoughts keep chatting in my head
as they exchange the last worries,
the last sad and fearful stories
with each other
and make a lot of noise
but then I open the curtains
and let you and me appear
in a romantic scene
on the stage of my mind
and then all those thoughts, in awe,
are nothing but a quiet audience


She Still Believes

At the end of the day the moon
kisses the sun goodbye
as she watches him glide
off the earth
She knows, at dawn they will meet again
and his light, she carries it within
And then even if nights
are dark, long and lonely,
the morning thousands of miles away,
she shines it brightly
to remind herself, him, the earth
to still believe


Free Verse

I’ve fallen into a free verse with you
where untamed words
are kissed on lips,
their meaning tasted
Lines are drawn with fingers on skin
that hunger to write and be written
Ink becomes fluid
Then poetry is made
when bodies rhyme
and find a rhythm
and when outside the form
they climax


Highway Home

A maze of city streets
with curves and corners
in front of me
And I look up and see
the vastness of the night sky
like a dome above me

And I’ll take
the milky way tonight
to cross worlds
and to cycle to you

I’ll take
the highway home


That Star

When the night consists of pain
migraines that cut like knives
in the head
and make it hard to breathe
as the whole body contracts
Alone on a violent sea
The shore of the morning
yet far away
then you’re that star in the firmament
that my heart stays focused on