Holding Love

I lay a hand on my heart
to feel the rhythm
of what is guiding me
to feel the movement of love,
touchable in my hand
To feel you
like music, like truth
like a feeling, a presence

And I cross skies,
oceans and time
as I let love expand
and hold you, hold us
in the radiance of my heart


Reading The Stars

And at night when the stars
start to shine
to weave their web of dreams
around me
and I look up to catch them
with my eyes,
my heart starts to yearn
for you even more
as if it reads
all our wishes, the prayers,
the story of fate written
on the starry ceiling


What Pain And Love Would Write

And if I would let pain write now
it would write a starless night
of fear
in which I can’t see, I’m not seen
A dark universe in which
I’m not even small
but nobody, nothing at all
It would write a flower
that doesn’t fit the field
that has the wrong colours,
and makes the wrong movements
in the wind

But if I would let love write now
it would write the sun and moon
together high above in the sky
The sun that shines upon the moon
to get her through the night
It would write a flower that fits
the heavens
and that perfectly fits love


So I Can Dream

And if the night comes
with little sleep again
with fears that rise
dark and painful
with migraines
and thoughts that turn
themselves against me
will you shine your sun
to me
from your side of the world
to illuminate my night
and keep me safe and well
in the arms of love
so I can dream


Deep In Me

You are so deep in me
where feelings run
deeper than oceans
where love resides
innocent and pure
where truth and wisdom guide
where you and me
are liquid and flowing
without skin, without borders
in an infinite embrace
There in the deepest
of my core
you have your home



It’s about something and nothing
it’s about everything
It’s about life, here and now
and eternity
It’s about fireworks in the sky
shooting stars and the whole
you in me
body, heart, mind, soul
entwine, dance, merge
when it all comes together
It’s about divine bliss


The Magic Of Loving You

I can cross thousands of miles,
an ocean, the whole world
in an instant
I can turn on the sun
in a cloudy sky
and make stars twinkle
at night
I can make mountains move
I can make walls break
and fly
I can become a fairy,
a queen
then you’ll be my king
Everywhere I can make
dance floors
and palaces appear
for that’s just the magic
of loving you


Love Poems

My love, so many poems
are still waiting to be born
in the light of your eyes
to be caught by your heart
But know that
we don’t even need
those written poems
as every time my heart beats
every time I breathe
I already make
a love poem for you


We Are The Wind

And we are
face to face
heart to heart
your eyes look
into mine
as a strong wind
blows around us
turning everything
upside down
just to make it all
fall into place
as it is meant to be
My hands in yours
Our feet rooted
like trees in love
See how strong we are
And then maybe
we are the wind
The wind of change



Our love journey
is like a never ending
piece of music
Even in the interlude
when it may seem like
there’s not much going on
we still hear
the timeless echo
of our heart song
and we can already hear
new eager notes desiring
for an even better part
to come



When the things around us
are overwhelming
and it’s all too much
Let’s make it a little
by pulling down the blinds
of the window to the world

by little kisses,
a little dance
a little movement,
a little music
and much,
so much love


If I Stand Up

If I stand up alone
in a crowd
for what I believe
is right
and people cannot see and hear
my underlying message
of unity, understanding
and love
will you stand by my side
do you hear and see
’cause sometimes,
it’s just so lonely
to be in a crowd


If I Stumble

If I stumble and fall
in my clumsy attempts
to just be myself
and to do good
for you, for me, for us

If I stumble on
negative thoughts
and harsh judgements
about myself
with one leg
in the old story
and with the other
in the new

Will you reach out your arm,
your hand, your heart
and will you catch me


Where Union Is Found

Union is not found
on lower grounds
in distance, in miles
in narratives
in fear, blame, guilt
suffering and shame

But union is found
in the truth of our hearts
It’s you in me and me in you
It’s to look up and rise above
the lies and the illusion
of separation
and to see just one sky,
one love
and an always, eternal ‘us’


The Illusion Of Separation

Hell isn’t a place
somewhere in the afterlife
But it’s suffering
here on earth
It’s the deepest soul pain
of what is one
but is perceived as
cut in two
Divine love counterparts
with sea, land
stories and silence
between them
It’s missing you
– my best friend,
my everything –
sensed like a paralyzing,
burning pain
in my body
Hell is the illusion
of separation


Where The Blue Skies Are


I wish we could have celebrated
this day together
But on your side of the world,
you have the happy blue skies
to look at
Whereas here around me
I don’t see anyone,
I don’t see anything
all around me is so dense and dark


You look at the wrong place
Instead, look inside your heart
There, all you will see is light
all you’ll see is the vastness of love
for there, I’ve painted blue skies
for us both


New Horizons

Sing away the clouds
in my mind
Sing the sun
into the vast sky
of my heart
Let me look into your eyes
as I need new horizons
to look at
To focus only on me, on you
and on love
Away from the dense
world outside
to find the whole universe
within us