Like A Rock

(With video below)

I have my head in the clouds
here on top of the mountain
The ocean in the distance
The woods surround me
While I stand like a rock
In all directions
I let the air sing
of my love for you
And let the wind bring it
to your heart


Like A Knight

(with video below)

Here at the castle of the Templar Knights
I immerse myself in the sacredness of vivid silence
I sit under a pine tree
The smell of oranges strokes my nose
Branches wave softly in the wind above me
While the rain falls down
I meditate and write my poetry

And regardless of the weather,
the birds continue to sing their songs
Regardless of how many battles,
the Templar knights continued
to fight for their cause
And regardless of the rain,
the time, the ocean between us
or whatever,
I continue to love you, to have faith
and stand for my heart


Eternal Love

(With video below)

Here in Lisbon it’s like time doesn’t exist
And history is now
All what lies between us is erased
All what will happen has already been written
The stars in our eyes once told the story
Nothing to worry, but a lot to smile
As I walk in the streets, I float
in the eternal space of our love


Dancing On Ice

(With video below)

And she glides over ice
She skates and dances
She goes round and turns
And makes figures
With her skates she draws
circles and hearts on the ice

In the Dutch landscape
Where the sky is grey and the weather is cold
She carries the California sun
of her man in her heart
The fire of inspiration burns in her
She dances her poems
on ice
As her skates make the moves,
make the words rhyme

And she is free to move
And free to love, free to write
With her golden dreams
She skates on and on

Until the stars appear in the sky
And it is time to go
Only then the ice queen leaves
for her ice palace in the clouds


Watch my video to see how the fire of inspiration burns even while skating on ice CLICK HERE