The Place Where The Crazy Birds Go

Once there was a bird
And she grew up in a dark forest
where she didn’t have a safe nest
to stay
She was born lost
Even before she could go her way

She was not like the other birds
As she had a sensitive heart
that was as a precious, vulnerable treasure
With so much love and light to give
But throughout the years
She had learned to disgust her diamond
And she didn’t see its value

And when she left her tree
To go into the world
She didn’t know where to go
and what to do
And all the time she was searching for love
She knew deep down
she had her counterpart

And in her search she flew
against trees
She fell to the ground
Other birds shook their heads
They didn’t understand
And said: she must be crazy

And one day they told her
That the forest needed to remain sane
And that she as a crazy bird
should go where the crazy birds stay

So they took her to the other forest
They had built a cage around
And they kept guard
Because under no condition
the sane should get mixed up
with the insane

And there she was: locked up
She desperately needed some love
But instead they gave her pills, coldness and distance

As they told her all day long:
‘You are crazy, you are crazy’
She started it to believe it herself
And started to behave as a crazy bird

But there was a wise owl
Who had watched and heard it all
And he said to her:
‘Oh precious bird, this is not who you
truly are
You don’t belong here
You with your love and your light
in your heart
You are the one that is sane
And all the others
who treat you like this
have gone crazy
You need to go out
You need to break free
Continue to sing your own song
Fly your own way
And then it will all work out.’

So she plucked up her courage
And although they didn’t want to let her go
She spread her wings
and flew through the bars

And sometimes it was hard
as she could still fear what others
would think of her
And if they would judge her
as crazy

But more and more
She saw the value
of her own heart
She shined her light into the world
And grew confident
in singing her own song
And indeed,
one day she met her counterpart
She found the love
Then she knew
She had never been crazy


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