A Racing Heart

A heart that is beating too fast
that is racing and aching
gasping for breath
is just missing and longing
and running
with all that it’s got
towards you


*I’m dealing with some heart problems (low blood pressure, high heart rate, pain on the chest, dizziness, fainting) in my recovery process after my stay in the ICU/ hospital:


Rose Of The Heart

The sun has left me
In the dark
In this cold night
Under the stars
The moon’s silver light
That shines upon me
The roses around me
That blossom by the love
The air is filled with
The scent of summer
So far
Yet so close
You are
On the world’s other side
Where the sun has risen
The light is shining
How could I be sad
For the sun that left me
When it only
left my eyes here
To illuminate your day?
When this moon
that I watch
Reflects the light
Of the sun you see
In your bright sky?
What is beyond time
And space
Can never be distant
Will always
Be near
Here in the rose
of the heart