The Bird That Was Afraid To Fly

Once there was a singing bird
And every day, every night
He sat there on his branch
He sang his heart out,
and made the hearts of others melt
by his songs
But he could only sing and dream
about the clear, blue sky
and the lands far away
where his female counterpart
As he didn’t dare to take flight

Though every day, every night
the singing bird got unhappier
And even his dreams
and his songs didn’t seem
to soothe him no more

His female counterpart
asked him when he would come
And he told her that would be never
He said to her to leave him alone
and he dwelled on his branch of fear and sadness

He said to himself:
‘I cannot fly, what if it won’t work out
She cannot truly love me,
I will only hurt her
and get hurt myself
And my wings can break.’

A wise owl that had watched
and heard it all,
smiled and said:
‘Oh bird, you want to protect
yourself from suffering
so you don’t fly
and push away everything
of love that could give you wings
But here you are and look
Now you even are
in greater misery
As you cut yourself off
from the truest love.’

So then one day
the singing bird called on all his courage
And even though he was still afraid
He started to sing a song
He spread his wings and jumped
and flew towards the horizon
of his love


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