The Pure, Irish Woman

And far, far back in time
In the celtic lands
There was a woman
Her name was Caitlyn
Which means ‘pure’
She was a healer
As she had the gift
to heal others by her hands
And her special herbs

And one day they brought a man
to her
Who came injured
from the battlefield
She took care of him
And of his heart
with tenderness and love

She gave her special patient
A special treatment
As there was something in his eyes
That was so familiar,
so close to her heart

And the more the man healed
and got stronger
The more the passion and love
between the two

Shy kisses carefully given at first
Turned into fiery embraces
of naked bodies

She thought those moments
could be extended
into forever
As they dreamed shared dreams
of true lovers

But then one day
when she came home
The man had packed his things
And said that
now he was healed
He needed to return to his wife
With tears in his eyes
He said, he was so sorry

She was in shock, she was in pain
She was heart broken
They kissed one more time
And then he was gone

She could never forget
about the man
And kept longing

And he, although with his wife
could never forget about the eyes
and the hands of the pure Irish woman
That still came to visit him in his dreams

A few times she saw him on a market
Among his friends and his wife
She could only look at him
and love him from a distance

She was known
for her magical hands and herbs
Though her own wounded heart,
she could not heal
As now she longed for him to one day heal her


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