The One That Fits The Poem

And on a magical evening
When stars shined brightly
And the moon showed
a golden glow
she met her enchanted prince
The most beautiful man
she had ever seen

She wrote a poem for him
in which each word sang of his beauty
her lines were like a warm,
loving cloak around his heart
that fit him perfectly

The whole night they danced
while they stared deeply into each other’s eyes
In which they found a whole new universe

But when the clock chimed midnight
the spell got broken
The prince had to leave
and all of a sudden it was dark

In his hurry the prince left
the poem behind
that the princess had woven for him
with her tender words of love

The princess wept
She was heartbroken
and could not believe that
the subject of her poem was gone

She sent her servants of writing words everywhere
to find the mysterious prince
that fit the poem

Many men came that tried to
fit into her lines
As they all wanted to wear her cloak of love
But none of them had the size
that matched the beautiful heart
she described in her poem

But she never gave up
And one day she found back her prince of her dreams
in the land overseas
that so perfectly fit her poem

And once again she wrapped him
in her cloak of loving words
With which she made him her king
Never ending magic returned



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