The Silent Bird Starts To Sing

The silent bird
tried to find her voice again
For a very long time
she didn’t dare to let herself be heard

She listened to the singing bird
how he sang his heart out
and she admired every tune
But thought that she would
never be able to sing her own heart songs

Though the melodies she heard inside
got stronger and stronger
as the songs of the singing bird
merged more and more with
her silent poems

And one day she called on all her courage
and she gave voice to the sounds
in her heart

It stirred up the deepest emotions
as she sang her poem of love
for her singing bird
she felt him close

But when she finished her song
She got shy
And her own voice made her scared
‘I cannot sing, the singing bird
sings his songs better’
is what she said to herself
‘And I won’t sing again, no never
It’s all hopeless’ and she fell
from her branch into despair

A wise owl that had watched
and heard it all,
smiled and said:
‘How can you love the singing bird entirely
if you don’t love your own singing within you?
Don’t silence the songs of your heart
Don’t silence the love.
You may be scared to sing,
the singing bird is scared to fly
you two are both meant to fly
and to sing, so help each other.’

So from that day on
the silent bird wasn’t silent
no longer
And if you listen carefully
you hear her singing her poems
gently into your ears

from the rooftops

to love is enough

i walk the path to your heart



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