Wordless Love

My love, can I write you
when my night falls apart
when darkness hurts the eyes
rain keeps falling
and clouds cover the stars

Can I write you
my wordless loneliness and fears
with the pen of my thoughts
and will you write back to me
your love?


The Source Within Her

If it feels like love can be taken
from her anytime,
she can lose it,
she has to earn it
and therefore she needs to run
before more hurt will come,
she doesn’t see
that love is the source
deep within her soul
what she breathes
what her heart beats
what she is
And the only thing
that deprives her of it
are her fears and thoughts



A wounded bird hides
in the tree
Just one big sigh, one more
push of the wind
and its vulnerable heart
could break for good
but if it would stay
invisible behind branches
and leaves
it wouldn’t experience
the strength of its own wings
and their ability to fly high


The Moon Is Just The Moon

They can say nasty things
about the moon
They can be mean to her
They can attack her
And she could scream it out
in the night because
of the unfairness
-but does it say anything
about the moon
or more about the eyes
that judge her

And the moon; she couldn’t say
or do anything more
she could hide herself
to not get hurt again
– but that would make her
invisible to the eyes that
appreciate her shine
in the dark, too



And you have to get up today
and straighten your back
to stand up once more
even if you’re shaky and afraid
of what needs to be done
and the task seems difficult
Just breathe
feel that anchor, that bond
with him, your precious beloved
and be armored with
the power of love


Who Is There

Who is there
when there’s no one there no more
when the music has been turned off,
the dance stopped
when the day has sunk away
and the night envelopes me
when I’m alone with my thoughts,
alone with headaches
who is there
who is always
and everywhere
where love is

It’s you


That Star

When the night consists of pain
migraines that cut like knives
in the head
and make it hard to breathe
as the whole body contracts
Alone on a violent sea
The shore of the morning
yet far away
then you’re that star in the firmament
that my heart stays focused on


Snow In April

When it snows and storms
in April
and I battle with the wind
battle with myself
and I cannot even get words out
will you hold me tightly
as I cry and scream my pain
in hurricanes and waterfalls
and will you remind me
with your strong arms,
your soft voice
of the inevitability of Spring


Eyes Closed

If I just keep my eyes closed,
I won’t see the raindrops
that slide down the window
through which I look
at the world,
I won’t see all the colours
that are missing,
the yawning gaps
between words

But if I just keep
my eyes closed
I see you