Sun Dance

My love, please dance with me
to move away all the rain
that falls within and keeps
dropping from my heart and eyes
We’ll do a sun dance together
to bring in the new,
to take us home to ourselves,
to each other
and invoke the sun


Where Our Shore Is

As I lie in my bed in the dark
huge waves of fear
come rolling towards
my lonesome land
And I know the only thing
I can do is to breathe
and surrender
for on the other side of fear
there is a clear sea of love
behind the fata morgana
of troubled waters
there is our shore


Under A Waning Moon

And under a waning moon
she cries her tears
What is she to the stars
in the night sky
Can they even see her
so far away
or is she smaller than small
does she just disappear
in the dark of the earth
and is she nothing at all?

No, they reply to her
we need your heart to reflect
our light
we need your eyes to be seen
your wishes to be received
we are twinkling in the night
for you
for you deserve a place
in our spotlight


In His Embrace Always

When her heart grieves
so deep
all she longs for is
his arms to hold her
but they are an ocean apart

So instead, he tells her
to look at the sky above
the earth below
to sense the wind on her skin
to see the trees sway
clouds move
the stars appear
and to feel that everything
around her is his embrace


The Truth Behind The Story

Early in the morning
I cycle through the city
in the rain
and I think of you
miss you
The story of the past
on repeat in my mind
the headlights of cars
shine upon my tears
and let them shimmer
like diamonds
As if each is precious
holding a truth
behind the story
how much we are connected
and behind the pain
how deep, how strong,
how shiny
the love is


What I Want To Listen To

May I lie in your arms
and rest in the sound
of your heartbeat
to know that
I don’t need to close
my eyes to see dreams
for real
And no matter how much noise
the world makes
how loud my thoughts,
my headaches
it’s only your strong heartbeat
I listen to
it’s our calming song, our hopes
I hear


What Makes A Poem Beautiful

And sometimes a poem
doesn’t have beautiful words
but the F-word is smashed
into it
screaming with anger with the world
hurt and raw, naked ‘I miss you’s’
stand lonely in the empty spaces
in between
and tears drop from the letters
like waterfalls
But what still makes it beautiful is
it is written with the indelible ink
of love



When I go through a hardship
though I try to make
the best of it
and deep down I know I can,
I know I will
Yet can you hold my hand
can I tell you I’m scared
will you leap with me together
by my side
when despite my fears
despite I’m feeling broken
I take my steps


Seeing Me

Will you see me beautiful, my love
even if people see me as their worst enemy
if they project their own dirt,
all their ugliness on me
and they cover me with their hatred

Can you lend me your eyes to remove their lies
and to see myself again


Say A Prayer

And here I sit outside
with my back against a wall
Pain makes it so hard
to move and to breathe
Yet the sun shines on my face
and I soak the light in

My love, did you send the sun to me
did you ask it to find me
straight through the dark
and heavy clouds

Was it the answer to the prayer
you said
or was it mine that asked for you?

The light has found me
and touches, kisses my face
But it also makes the darkness
of the pain
so visible, so palpable

But continue to pray, my love
I continue to pray
even though it now hurts so much
It is the light that will heal


Brave Love

When headaches and fears
project ghosts on the dark
screen of the night
and alone feels suddenly so lonely
my bed too big, and I’m too small
I think of you bravely
and let the love between our hearts
beam stars, beam light
into the darkness