How The Worm Transformed

Once there was a worm
Living in the dark places
in the womb
of mother earth
It was like he was digging
his own grave
As he hid himself
in sadness and fear

Mother earth who saw
the lonesome worm struggle,
one day asked him:
‘Why are so unhappy,
my dear one?’

The worm said:
‘I have this dream
of being a songbird
to fly free in the clear open sky
But I am just a worm,
buried in heaviness
for no one to see’

Mother Earth replied:
‘My dear worm, first learn
to embrace yourself
for who you are
See your own value
Learn to embrace your dark parts
And then believe in your light’

And the worm took
these words to his heart
He learned more and more
How he as a worm helped to transmute the earth
And how out of the darkness
new flowers could grow

And one day he took the risk
He made his way up to the light
And at that moment
a beautiful songbird flew over
That made a dive,
swallowed the worm
and took flight
The dream and the dreamer
became one


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