Among The Shitting Wild Cows

This morning among the shitting wild cows by the river Waal in Nijmegen the wild rose recorded a video while she danced on her high heels in the wild cow shit.

If the love flows….. things can get really wild

Lyrics of the song:

There are days
that thoughts arise
and big mountains appear

Days that we don’t know
what to do
And all feels troubled
and unclear

But if the love flows
We don’t need to worry no more
For all is the right time
And that’s just fine

We help one another grow
We learn, we dance, sing and create

Every day we
come closer to our dream
And everything is safe and well
As long as we believe

And if the love flows
We don’t need to worry no more
For all is the right time
And that’s just fine

We give it all to God
We give it to the stars
And then we only need to love


Once It Flows, It Flows

And I walk along the river
Where you should have walked too
Next to me there is the water now
Which I cannot hold, but it flows
The river is like sadness
Where does it start
Where does it end
Once it flows, it flows

The sun burns on my face
Like my heart burns for you
Even the birds don’t fly today,
but they walk
on an empty riverbank
And I find the freedom in my footsteps
My hope in my heart
And once I walk, I walk


Lost Lovers – Prayer To St. Anthony Of Lisbon

St. Anthony, there are two lovers
Who love each other
like nothing else in the world
He is her sun, she is his rose
Though they are wandering
And can’t find their way
back home

Please, St. Athony
Since you are the protector
of the lost and the lovers
Bring them back
to where they belong
and let them find each other
in one another’s arms


Eternal Lovers

Many lives we lived
And many times we died
and were reborn again
In different places
In different shapes
But we always made this promise
to meet on the other side
And to look for one another
In heaven or on earth
To find and to recognize
by the beat of our hearts
by the mirror of our eyes
by the knowing in our souls
For we are eternal lovers
And not even death or life
can tear us apart


What Is Real

There are storylines around us
Fantasies and fairy tales
Knight legends and dragon stories
Foggy dreams and screaming nightmares
We have a you and we have a me
We are the actors, the creators
the narrators, the story keepers
But the only thing that is real
is this love


Run Away My Love

I thought of you
Again of you
Always it is you
My thoughts hold on to
Only you
And I know
I have to let you go now
To still have you

So run away my love
Like my thoughts
run away with you
Don’t look back
Only forward
I won’t go after you
Run for the hills
Run for the clouds
As far as you need
Just find your way
Back to me

So run now my love
And while you run
I’ll hold the space
I’ll hold the love
For you to return


Deep Waters

This love has deep waters
And a shore that can’t be seen
I know
You are scared to drown
You can float
You can swim
Sail your boat
Trust the wind
Surf the waves
And when you sink
Just let yourself sink down
Underneath the surface
To find the stillness
and the beauty
At the bottom