Even If

And I just let the day begin
let my feet move
my words write
even if the night
is still in my head
even if love can’t reach me
and loneliness fills up the lack of you
even if thoughts fight each other
even if I want to curl up in the dark
even if fears seem much bigger than me
even if I don’t want to write
don’t want anything or anyone
don’t want to be so vulnerable
even if I just want to be
with you


Wordless Love

My love, can I write you
when my night falls apart
when darkness hurts the eyes
rain keeps falling
and clouds cover the stars

Can I write you
my wordless loneliness and fears
with the pen of my thoughts
and will you write back to me
your love?


If You Wonder

If you wonder where I am
I’ve flown away
like a little fairy
crossing timelines,
dimensions and space
and then, maybe
I’m right behind you
blow a kiss into your neck
like a warm summer breeze
and sing those words
into your ear that only
you and me will hear


The Source Within Her

If it feels like love can be taken
from her anytime,
she can lose it,
she has to earn it
and therefore she needs to run
before more hurt will come,
she doesn’t see
that love is the source
deep within her soul
what she breathes
what her heart beats
what she is
And the only thing
that deprives her of it
are her fears and thoughts


You Kissed My Soul

Our love was always there
You were always there
even when I searched
and didn’t know for whom
when I was still asleep
when I yearned and
dreamed my dreams

Then you looked into my eyes
you kissed my soul
and woke me up
to the princess that I am
the prince that you are
to our eternal love


Inside Of You

When you looked for me outside
and didn’t see me no more
the rain kept pouring
from the heavens
you listened to its sound
and waited for the sun
but all the time
I was inside of you
where the sun of our love
kept shining
waiting for you
to be seen and
to be fully embraced