Before You Take Off

My beautiful bird,
Standing at the waterside
Do you long for the land overseas
There where she is

Do you dream
of the shore far away,
That yet feels so close,
as your heart flew ahead
and is already there
with her

Before you take off
to follow your heart
You take a pause
There is a lot going on
in your mind
You know,
first you need to say a farewell
and close out and let go of the old
before you can go up and fly

You take a few deep breaths
to make yourself ready
Just a few more moments
that in the end will mean nothing
in the light of the shore of infinite love
that patiently waits you


After All

And even after all,
The dark clouds that pressed heavily
The raven that cawed through blood and bones
Words that were thrown like sharp arrows
Holes in the road that made her fall deep
Threats that came from her own thoughts
and tried to pull her off the path

But still, even after all,
she dances her way through the woods
And the flower of love in her heart
blossoms like never before


Change Perspective

Those mountains that have arisen
between us
and that block our sight
And make thoughts and feet
believe we need to climb
Let’s change perspective
and rise above
To see things from the higher
With the spiritual eyes
of the sun:
No mountain that could ever
truly separate us



Here we stand in front of each other
And there is this luggage beween us
Weight that we took on our shoulders
Experiences that hurt our hearts
and associated bitter pain
with the sweet taste of love
Suitcases that we packed
in this lifetime and far beyond

We unpack the stories,
unpack our emotions, our wounds
We leave behind
the old luggage
so that our arms will be free
to receive each other
and we travel light
further on our journey of love


Returning To Eden

Let’s reset the world
and start all over
Let’s make it a paradise
in which people love each other
and live happily and peaceful
together with animals,
trees and plants
A world without seperation,
No duality of right and wrong

And we, my love, will be
Adam and Eve
and we will be again
naked, open and innocent
to each other
returning to Eden,
to our garden of love


Calling Me To Your Chapel

I hear church bells ringing
A heartbeat reaching out for me
Calling me to the chapel
of your heart
Here I am as your earth angel
Always near, always there
to call upon
My wings widely spread out for you
My light always finds yours
Feel me deep within
the sacredness of who you truly are
And let our hearts beat a prayer of love


Skin Hunger

Your image I see
in the open sky
when I look up
Your face on the screen
of my dreams
Your voice, your words,
your song I hear,
brought to me by the wind
from across the ocean

But it’s your skin
I’m hungry for
To feel, to taste
to embrace
the full contours of you
and trace
every in- and outline
with my fingers,
with my lips,
with the full contours
of me


My Hope For Us

My hope for us is the sun
behind the clouds
It is the compass of my words
The rainbow in my tears
The wind in my sails
The dawn after night
The fuel to keep going,
each and every day
To take my pen and
write us closer
To take my heart and
keep moving
forward on my path
with you


On The Way

How much can a heart take
How far do I still need to walk
On this journey that seems
endless towards our horizon
of true love

Every time I think,
we are almost there,
there are new obstacles,
triggering winds of
emotional turmoil,
that want to blow me
off the path,
suddenly a wall arises
or again a new road appears
around the corner
And then my feet
feel so heavy
the tears in my eyes
trouble my sight

Are you still there, my love
Do you hold my hand
as I hold yours?


The Well Known Shore

Maybe, it’s not the open sea
and the unknown shore
you sail to
that make you most afraid

But it’s more about the well known
shore you leave behind
To dare to let go of the old land,
that was never your home
but nonetheless your safety net

Though your ship has already
started to float
And now you only need to untie
and cast off


Go Down To Your Heart

Follow my hand, my love
Feel how it touches your forehead
how its warmth takes away
all your disturbing thoughts

I stroke your face,
your nose, your cheeks,
your lips, your chin,
And together with my hand,
leave your head and
go down to your heart

There’s the only truth that matters
The beating drum that will guide
your eyes and journeying feet

Inside I stay with you
Each crack, each corner
we fill it with love


The Key To Your Heart

I found the key to your heart
to open the iron gate in the wall
You thought it was lost,
You were blue and alone forever
And no one could ever come in
No wrecking ball that could break it

But I didn’t need to use any force
because to unlock the door
I needed to love you
so truly and unconditionally,
that the iron melted and opened itself


The Deeper Truth

And in my head
so many dark clouds pass by
A thunderstorm of our past
Its lightning strikes me
and cuts my heart
once again into pieces

And while I crawl over the floor
to pick up and put back
all those scattered pieces,
I use love and compassion
as soothing glue
to make my heart whole again

I chase away the dark clouds
As they are just stories
of the past
And could only burst
into thunderstorm and lightning,
because I started to believe in them
Instead of in the deeper truth
that shines through
from the sunny place of our hearts


How Holland Connects Us

It’s not how it used to be
That Holland was the most difficult
place to return to
How its grey immediately invaded me
and took away my colours
leaving me longing
for another place that I could call my home

Instead, this time Holland offers me
a comfortable, warm coat
When I step from the airplane
into its stormy, cold weather
Because I realize, that Holland
holds the memories of the two of us
Where we first met
The place that connects us
and that generously offers its ground
for us to meet again
And therefore the right place
for me to be


O Meu Amor

O meu amor, I find you in
the ocean that waves of desire
and connects our two continents
I find you in the brightness
of the sun that shines high
in the sky on the two of us
I find you in a prayer said
in the early morning
to bless our eternal love
I find you in the grace of the trees,
in the emotion of a fado song
in the majesty of the castle,
in every street,
every step in this town
As I carry the world within
with you in my heart


Like A Rock

(With video below)

I have my head in the clouds
here on top of the mountain
The ocean in the distance
The woods surround me
While I stand like a rock
In all directions
I let the air sing
of my love for you
And let the wind bring it
to your heart


The Magic Of True love

I sit on my fairy bench
in the woods of Sintra
Through the wind whistling in the trees
spirits speak to me
about all the love stories
that kings and queens,
knights, princes and princesses
once lived here

And I think of our journey, our story
You, my king, my prince, my knight
And I pray for the two of us
The rocks, the trees and the wind
surround me with their strength
and hold me
As I hold you in my heart
Fairy tales are real
if you believe
in the magic of true love


What I Would Like To Tell You

I walk in the streets of Lisbon
with an ice cream in my hand
a soft smile in my heart

The clouds above show a silver lining
And I hear the tunes of
Ana Moura’s ‘Amor afoito’
the first fado song
I once shared with you

And I think of all the things
I would like to tell you
But then I realize,
my words would always fail
to describe the infinite ways
in which I love you
and how deep the love goes
Only if you allow yourself
to open your heart fully
its true impact can be felt



At times, the castle on the hill
seems so close and in full light
that if I would squint my eyes,
with my hand I could touch it
And by the movement of my breath
I could spread my wings and fly up
So close, that I can already feel
the warmth of the home fire
And how the table is set for us

And at times,
the castle seems so far and high
And I see all the obstacles
How dark clouds surround it,
the road I need to climb

But it’s not the castle that changes position
It’s my mind that creates the distance

And how far it may seem
It’s the promise of the castle
that won’t get out of my heart’s sight


Book Of Life

Here in Lisbon I went to the oldest
bookstore of the world
That, since several ages,
holds inside so many stories
I asked the owner
if our book of love was in there too
He said it was
with both our names in gold
written on the cover
I asked if I could have it
to read further our story
He smiled and told me
he could not yet give the book
as we first need to live the words
I said I understood
But as I walked outside
The owner called me
I turned around, the old man said:
‘I read the book and
for what I can tell you
It’s a beautiful,
breathtaking love story.’


The Bird That Came To Serenade Her

And by the river
She leans her back
against a white wall
She closes her eyes
and bathes herself
in the soft sunlight,
in the sound of the water
and in the wind that plays
with her hair
and blows her head empty

A bird comes close to her and
sings his song at her feet
A beautiful serenade
And if she let the wind blow
just little bit more
to remove all barriers
She hears the pure music
of her beloved in it


I Try

I try not to miss you
And to see the Lisbon sun
although it’s cold this morning

I try not to let it rain inside
And to keep my eyes focused
at what is ahead of me
although my vision now is narrow

I try not to let my heart drown
in a sea of longing
And instead to swim back
to the surface
although the current underneath
is pulling me

I try not to miss you
And to feel your arms
to hear your voice,
that says,
not to miss you but to enjoy
the day, the sun and Lisbon

I try, my love, I try


Singing My Man Home

River Tagus, with your strong stream,
that takes the water
from the Atlantic ocean
into Portuguese land,
will you bring my beloved to me
from overseas
Please take his ship gently
As he endured stormy waters
that broke down his old beliefs
But could never damage his pure heart
I will stand here on your bank
as his beacon
My heart song will sing my man home


Like A Knight

(with video below)

Here at the castle of the Templar Knights
I immerse myself in the sacredness of vivid silence
I sit under a pine tree
The smell of oranges strokes my nose
Branches wave softly in the wind above me
While the rain falls down
I meditate and write my poetry

And regardless of the weather,
the birds continue to sing their songs
Regardless of how many battles,
the Templar knights continued
to fight for their cause
And regardless of the rain,
the time, the ocean between us
or whatever,
I continue to love you, to have faith
and stand for my heart


I Wish

I wish I could tell you all my tales,
live with you the stories
And make the magic flow once again
in this town
‘Cause the buildings are just buildings
My letters are just letters
The night is just the night
And even Lisbon is just Lisbon
If it isn’t touched by your fairy eyes


Eternal Love

(With video below)

Here in Lisbon it’s like time doesn’t exist
And history is now
All what lies between us is erased
All what will happen has already been written
The stars in our eyes once told the story
Nothing to worry, but a lot to smile
As I walk in the streets, I float
in the eternal space of our love


At The Airport

And here at the airport
On a stormy, early Monday morning
I watch people come and go,
airplanes arrive and leave,
rain move down on the window
and my heart moved by you

Soon I’ll fly above the clouds
While on the ground you’ll sing your song
and will lauch your love up into the air
My heart will broadcast it
all over the planet