It Comes To Her

Sometimes she goes outside
into the woods
and restlessly seeks the birds,
the squirrels,
her beloved, her words
She runs between the trees
in search of fruits
Until she stops
and listens
to her own breath,
her own heartbeat
and let love find her
Then the birds start to sing
poetry is blown her way
squirrels come out to play
and she sees him
the moment she stops looking
the whole forest looks for her



She looks at the night sky,
at all the stars that shine
so brightly and asks:
What should I do
to make my wishes come true?

And the Universe replies:
The seeds of your wishes
burn like stars in the sky
Now there’s nothing more
for you to do than
to look at them,
hold them before your eyes
and water them with belief


The Mammoth

Sometimes the past comes
like a mammoth in my now
Large and heavy it marches
No way I can escape it
Until I realize, mammoths
died long time ago

And then, with a smile
I just sit and watch
the mammoth pass
as I hear the sound of birds
and see the blue skies
in my peaceful
present moment


The Beautywood

And in the middle of the dark forest
there is a spot called the beautywood
where the light shines, the fire burns
where they sing, dance, play music
together well into the night
where laughter fills the air
and happiness magically sparkles
where everything looks beautiful
and perfect

And she,
she watches it from a distance
in the dark behind some trees
She is not from the beautywood,
she came from far
with just one little lantern
the light in her heart
to guide her way

She is a wanderer
with a desire for home
For long she thought,
she was a lost soul
in the dark of the forest

And now she watches the beautywood,
hears the enchanting sounds
With pain in her heart
she thinks, it’s out of her reach
it isn’t for her
she is just an outsider, left out
excluded, unwelcome
she doesn’t belong

And in the night she cries
to the moon like a lonely wolf
The moon carefully strokes
her hair with her soft
glimmering light and smiles:
‘Oh dear, do not fear the beautywood
Do not block your own way
Desire attracted you
The light in your heart led you
Love, beauty and happiness
will never exclude’


Leave It Where It Belongs

And she thought that
maybe, if she would keep silent
if she would erase herself
if she would be a good girl
if she would be kind,
if she would be nice
if she would become invisible
if she would say sorry
over and over again
even for the mistakes of others
then maybe,
they wouldn’t blame her

She tried and tried for so many years
but they continued to blame her
They blamed her for their issues,
their bad mood and for their misery

It was only when she started
to like and be her true self
and did not apologize
for that no more
that she realized,
they could blame her always for anything
the only question is
does she take the blame on her
or does she leave it with them



The poetess holds her head
in her hands and sighs
The angel of inspiration
looks at her and asks:
What’s the matter, my dear?

The poetess answers:
What if I am not important
What if my words are not important?

The angel smiles:
You are just you
Words are just words
It’s the ego
that tends to value
and to categorize

Words are everything
and they are nothing
at the same time
They are all as well
important as unimportant
For it is the hand
of the writer
that makes the poem

Only you can give
meaning to yourself


Choose Yourself First

I chose many things
many people and situations

When I was a small kid
I chose to be a good girl
I chose to be loyal to my father
even when he physically
and emotionally abused me

I chose to be loyal to my mother
even when she didn’t choose me
I chose to take care of her
even when that meant
that I couldn’t be a child myself

I chose to be loyal to my teachers
and to be the best student
so I wouldn’t disappoint

I chose to be loyal to my husband
even when I didn’t truly love him
and he beat the hell out of me

I chose to be a good friend
to always reach out an helping hand
even when I had nothing left to offer

I chose many things,
many people and situations
But somehow in the process
I forgot to choose myself
so I couldn’t be chosen by others


Owning Your Space

As a little kid there was always
the threat
of the unpredictable rage of her father
He didn’t need a reason to beat her up
Nowhere she was safe
not even under the sheets
in her own bed

As she longed for a safe place
she took all the coins
from her money box
and went on her own to the store
to buy a lock for her door

But her father was like a wild monster
when violent rage came over him
that the lock on the door of her bedroom
could not protect her from
He just thundered through

So then she withdrew more and more
and made her own space very small
a small corner within herself
with walls around it
was all what was left

And also later in life
many people violently invaded her
Until she learned that
in order to keep her space safe and protected
she didn’t need to put a lock,
nor did she need to withdraw

But she needed to make her space bigger
She needed to own it
Instead of fear, she filled up
her space with true love
and let its strong and bright
burning torches protect her


Union Within

I am the strong woman
And I am a shy girl
I am optimistic
and can drown in deep despair
I am courageous and open
I am closed off
and shaken with fear
I am adventurous, sociable
And I am a loner

I always thought that
to become whole within me
All the time I need to be
that strong, expressive woman
And make the other pieces of me
But then I realized,
to be whole is to accept and acknowledge
all those different pieces
to unite them within me
and don’t see them separated

And maybe I am all, maybe I am none
I am the presence behind it
that observes and writes about this

I am the poetess
and I am my poetry
I am your beloved
and I am the poet
My beloved is in me

(As within, so without)


No Defense Needed

Such a relief and freedom
to be like a wild flower
People look at it
and may say that it is ugly or beautiful
One may say its colour is red,
the other may call it pink
But the wild flower is just the wild flower
And doesn’t feel the need to defend itself
It let people have their opinions
and their projections
while it continues to dance in the wind


She Understood

She always wanted people to understand her
And if they didn’t and only judged her
She tried even harder to be understood
By opening up herself,
by explaining her heart
which led to more hurt
Until she decided to let go
of wanting those people to understand her
And instead, to understand herself
so thoroughly,
that she doesn’t need anyone else
no more to be understood


Honour Your Treasures

A little girl sits in the sand
She holds a treasure in her hand
So dear to her heart
Someone comes who
tries to get it from her
and manipulates,
plays on her feelings,
tries to force her, screams,
and throws with judgements

Another person comes
who says:
‘Your beautiful gem,
my dear, just hold it
as long as you need’

With whom would the girl
feel safe to share the beauty
of her treasure?


Tame The Wild Emotions

And the wild emotions come,
Stubborn and overwhelming,
Like wild bulls in the arena
of your inner space
They bring turmoil,
sadness and despair
as their wild legs whirl up
a raging inner sandstorm
that troubles the eyes
and makes everything unclear

But do not jump on them
For they will take you on a ride
leaving you wounded and
defeated in the end
But take a step back
breathe and observe,
see what triggered them


Connect to your wounded self
Heal it
And release

Make the wild bulls your friends
that guide you
to find more inner peace


How The Worm Transformed

Once there was a worm
Living in the dark places
in the womb
of mother earth
It was like he was digging
his own grave
As he hid himself
in sadness and fear

Mother earth who saw
the lonesome worm struggle,
one day asked him:
‘Why are so unhappy,
my dear one?’

The worm said:
‘I have this dream
of being a songbird
to fly free in the clear open sky
But I am just a worm,
buried in heaviness
for no one to see’

Mother Earth replied:
‘My dear worm, first learn
to embrace yourself
for who you are
See your own value
Learn to embrace your dark parts
And then believe in your light’

And the worm took
these words to his heart
He learned more and more
How he as a worm helped to transmute the earth
And how out of the darkness
new flowers could grow

And one day he took the risk
He made his way up to the light
And at that moment
a beautiful songbird flew over
That made a dive,
swallowed the worm
and took flight
The dream and the dreamer
became one



She fell many times
Battled through rain,
thunder and dark nights
She struggled through mud
She faced the demons
without and within
Often she drowns
in rivers of tears

The rose lost many petals
Storms could hit her
And heavy weather
could bring her down
But always she bounced
back to the sun
As her greatest strength
lies in her heart
Her greatest strength
is love


The Union Of Venus And Mars

Venus was a beautiful goddess
who encompassed love,
desire and victory
She was the rose of Mars

And Mars, her true love,
was the god of masculinity
He was a sacred warrior
as he fought his battles
throughout the universe

And Venus taught Mars
to fight his battles
not with his mind
but with his heart

Mars taught Venus
to stand up for herself
and be the warrior of
their love

And then one day
Venus called her warrior home
As she longed for her man
and peace needed to be restored
in heaven and on earth

And after a long journey
Mars returned to his beloved
In her arms
he found true victory

And they made love to each other
The heavens were shaking
The stars were shining brightly
As they merged
in the glory of love

And then out of their union
Their love child,
the beautiful goddess Harmonia
was born
Because when two lovers
of true love reunite
They bring love,
peace and harmony
to the world


Never Give Away Your Own Authority

And in the forest the bird was searching
For the answers to the
Why’s, the how and the when
She encountered several birds
that told her their opinions

And she thought:
‘They know better
As that one is bigger than me
And that one is older’
But in fact they never told her
more than what she already knew inside

And then there were birds
that asked her to sing
songs for them
And as she liked to please,
to have harmony,
or she thought, she owed them something
She often said ‘yes’
Although there was a ‘no’ inside

There were also birds
that wanted to take over
her place in the open sky
They said:
If you don’t like to fly there,
Just let us do it for you

She noticed
that those other birds
all had pieces of her
And she had allowed it
She had given away her authority

Until one day she decided
to call back all those pieces
She would not give herself away
like that no more
She would stand in her own authority
She would fully trust and follow
her own heart song

Even if that would mean
she needed to take flight
without the others,
without support, without any likes
and on her own
For she knew in the end she always has
herself, her beloved and God
by her side



The rain fell
And left a layer of water
on the ice
It’s like I skate
on a mirror
I see myself reflected
when I look down
Slippery is the ice
And a few times
I almost fall

I get scared
Fear hits me very hard
My body is uptight
And I almost don’t dare
to move anymore

But I came to dance
I came to glide
So I breathe
And rebalance
My focus on my body

Through the fear I move
I trust myself to balance
I breathe
And then I start to dance



Know you have the arms of love
wrapped around you
and you are safe

Know you’re in each of my prayers
You have your place in each of my poems
My words are built around you
They are your pillars,
Your floor to walk on,
when it feels like all your foundation
is gone

Know that even though
you may think
you don’t know it anymore,
Your heart knows
And more you don’t need to know


The Lost Sheep

She was not like the other sheep
For she had a sensitive heart,
a poetic walk and dreamy eyes
Although she always tried
to fit into the flock
She never truly belonged

The other sheep that all dashed along
in the same direction,
She mostly went in the opposite

She then thought that she was lost
And alone she wandered in the world
She hoped for the shepherd
to leave his flock
to find the one that is lost

But instead the shepherd
sent her her counterpart
that is as dreamy and
sensitive as she is
And through him
she could find herself


I Want You To Dream

Lyrics of the song (Video of the song below)

A kiss on your forehead
My hands hold your face
My heart holds you in love
Until the end of days

Now close your eyes
You’re gonna fly
High up and far
On the wings of love

‘Cause I want you to dream,
to dream, to dream, to dream
Dream yourself free
From the monsters in your head
From the demons and the fears
From your worries and your past

And then, you will land
Here next to me

And if your heart feels heavy
And its weights pulls you down
Then remember you are light
For love you were born

‘Cause I want you to dream,
to dream, to dream, to dream
Dream yourself free
From the monsters in your head
From the demons and the fears
From your worries and your past

And then, you will land
Here next to me



Small Bird

Small bird in the big field
Hopping shyly around
Do you know
The green grass is all yours
And you have your wings
to fly?
The wind will catch
The earth will nourish
Never underestimate
the strength of the small


The Tale Of The Rising Star

Once there was a tiny little star
That hid itself in the dark sky
And made itself invisible
As it was afraid of its own light

The other stars asked:
Why are you preventing us
from seeing your treasure
How can you truly appreciate
the diamonds we are
If you are withholding
your own full shine?

Your light will help us to shine brighter
Together we’ll connect
the dots in this painting of life
And we’ll hold our place
in divine order
Illuminate the sky
As it was written in the stars

When the tiny little star
heard the words
of its sisters and brothers
And of its purpose to shine
It decided to take heaven’s stage

When the earthlings saw
the rising star above
They applauded
They named it the Pole star
And let it guide their ways


Flying Words

Silent is my pen
Words are flying around
Like humming bees
Moving the air
Like a light summer breeze
Playful and cheerful as butterflies
I am unable to catch them
Blank is the page in front of me

And perhaps
These words are not to be written
But only to be heard from within
And then I am the blank space
In which they create
Their own poetry
Without needing a pen, a page
Even without needing me



Let me tell you
about Arcadia
A landscape as wide
as the eye
can reach
With clear blue skies
as high as the mind
can think
The land where
wild roses grow
Their hearts
always open
Fields of red, yellow
purple and green

Will you come to me
here in Arcadia
This space in between
Where veils to
other worlds are thin
And dreams are realer than real
Where words and sounds
are being created
Where songs originated
and poems spring
from within
And where everything
is just as perfect
as it may seem

Will you stay with me
here in Arcadia
As king and queen
in this palace
on fertile ground
This source of creation
Where life awakens
To eyes that truly
wish to see


Embark On My Dreams 

Before the sun sets
Embark on my dreams
And sail with me
Towards undiscovered horizons
Ashore at deserted islands
Our love innocent and pure
As the first steps
on new land

Let us find a safe haven
In the world of make believe
We reinvent
the stories
what is ahead of us
the wheel of the year

Because if all falls apart
And the water is troubled
We’ll still have
this ship of our dreams


Ocean Of Peace 

I float in my own ocean
An endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And I am filled with grace

Though then the thoughts arise:
‘What if the storm is real
and this is just a dream’
‘What if dark clouds will push the sun away’
‘What if the waters will be rough again
And I will sink in deep’

My fears arise and make
Ripples in the water
On the surface
Of my ocean

Then I hear
a voice from within:
‘It is up to you
Do you let the sharks come in
Do you make
them appear
or disappear’
I choose.

I fall back in my own ocean
This endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And no sharks any near


Divine Love

I didn’t look
for love
Though love found me
And put
a fire in my soul
I didn’t know
That I have always known
The mirror of
my soul

I fall down on my knees
in this holy house of love
Truth is blissful
Blessed and grateful
As veils of illusions
are pulled aside
I say a prayer
of naked words

My heart is a lighthouse
That brightly shines its light
So that you can find
your way home
To love
is the closest thing
to God