The Magic Of True love

I sit on my fairy bench
in the woods of Sintra
Through the wind whistling in the trees
spirits speak to me
about all the love stories
that kings and queens,
knights, princes and princesses
once lived here

And I think of our journey, our story
You, my king, my prince, my knight
And I pray for the two of us
The rocks, the trees and the wind
surround me with their strength
and hold me
As I hold you in my heart
Fairy tales are real
if you believe
in the magic of true love


Osiris And Isis

If you would be Osiris
Then I would be your Isis
As king and queen
they ruled the land of ancient Egypt

Together they fought the dark
Osiris got killed,
his body disappeared
But like Isis, I would mourn and weep
And would look for you everywhere

I would seek all over the land
to get back all the pieces of you
And then I would use the fire
Use my great magic
to breathe life back into you

And when all the dark would be defeated
We would be reunited for eternity
for true love even overcomes death
and its sacred kingdom has no real enemies


Hotel Credible

There are worlds within worlds
behind the walls
of Hotel Credible
Where the true believers
rest, balance their scales,
create their dreams
underneath the sheets
with the sweetest smell
And where the windows always
let the light come in
of the One and Only Sun


Shared Words

I find you
in my words
Where our worlds meet
My words dance
sacredly with yours

My writing hand
draws you closer in
and then yours
takes me
by the hand
leads me
through metaphors
of shared dreams

One step further
One word closer
Ink melts
One poem

Until we both unclothe
us from our words
to dive into
their deepest meaning


In Your Dreams

Go to sleep, my dear
I kiss your lips
Caress your cheeks
Quietly whisper in your ear
Do not worry
Do not fear
Just rest
All is well
You are loved
So close your eyes
You will see me
in your dreams


Crescent Moon Lullaby

Oh crescent moon above Lisbon
You rose from the shadows
since you grow
in your full truth more and more

And now you are waxing
and this night when I’ll
be sleeping
and you’ll keep watch
over the land underneath,
will you please bring
my beloved in my dreams


The Small White Church

July opens the door to summer
A strong wind moves the trees
In a park I walk on green grass
with daisies and clovers
While white butterflies dance
around me

And in the middle
a small white church stands
in sacred devotion
Inside the angels sing
about the force of purest love

The wind bends the grass
Birds surf the air
My hair and dress
wave like a flag
On a Summer day in a park
As I enter the white church
and let the sound of angels
surround me



If distance doesn’t count
and closeness can be found
even without words
Then why does it feel
so useless
now to be you-less?

Is it the yin that needs the yang
The moon that needs
the sun to shine
Like my heart needs
its equivalent
to beat its perfect rhythm?

Is it the black that needs the
The poet that needs her reader
The page that longs for words
to find its true fulfilment?

Is it the guitar that needs
its strings
Like a voice that needs
to sing
And Eve needs her Adam
like Isolde needs her Tristan?

Is it my hand that needs your skin
to touch
My body that needs
your soft embrace
Like the puzzle that needs
the fitting pieces?

Is it me that longs to be


Such A Day

It is a day
on which a warm breeze strokes
my arms and face
The air is expectant,
zooming and dancing

The roses opened their hearts
to expose themselves
to my gaze
And I show myself
to your eyes once more

If only the roses could talk
Their words would sing of their beauty
Like my heart sings of mine and yours


Our Fado Song

Here in the narrow, steep streets of Lisbon
We step into a fado song
And drown in the lake of longing
Our story woven
into the history of this town

A you and a me
A love that reaches overseas
Sailing the stormy waves of destiny
Wine and fish, music, poetry and tears
Melancholy blends with hope
O meu amor do silêncio
Your melodies are echoing
forever in my heart


Wings Of Gratitude

I bow for the land and the sea underneath me
I bow for the sky spreading widely in front of me
I bow for the angels close above me
I bow for the harvest of the days behind me
For the seeds of tomorrow within me
For the lights of the souls around me
For your heart beating always along with me
For the love flowing strongly through me
For all that you are and all that I am
I bow



We both keep still
and watch each other
Like two cats
that both have
their own territory
holding the space
between us
Thick tensed air
Soundless words
fly back and forth
Tumultuous peace
captured in the status quo
We have our own
In this equilibrium
of silence


Heart Care

You don’t need to give
your heart away
You can keep it
Hold it in your hands
Caress it, cherish it
Protect it, care for it
As for new born baby chick
Velvety, vulnerable, breakable

And only when you’re ready
Slowly open your hands
And let your heart fly
Gently it will land
into mine


Picture You

Your picture in black and white
You left the colors out
Or did they simply leave you?

Your eyes so sad
and directionless
Like they can’t see
the shore no more
Drowned in gone days

Let me paint
And colorize you
Draw your lips into a smile
Pencil you
here with me into today



I don’t need to look in the sky
to know the sun is still there
I don’t need to look for Spring
As it will come
In its own time,
at its own pace

the bare rose bush
yet holds the new roses inside
As nature gives birth to its fruits
in its own way

What you are searching for
is searching for you



Fairies do not walk,
they fly
Unrooted in the earth,
earthed in the sky
If the path ahead
is yet unclear
They know,
Of trunks that block the road
their castles can be made
And even if
fairies hide behind the trees
They believe,
Love won’t hide away
from their sky


The Gray Lands

Here in the gray lands
clouds are like stones
Pressing the air
down to the ground
Misty moist
push to come clean
The gray shouts for shades
of red, blue, yellow and green
You with your true colored heart
Paint rainbows for me
To walk my way back
up into my dreams


As One

The words sung in my head
Are they mine
or are they yours
Is it your echo
or my voice?

The touch I feel on my skin
Is it my own hand
that touches me
Or your hand
that left its imprint?

The flower that opens up
inside of me
Is it rooted in your heart
Or is its source
the sparkle of my soul?

As one we are
I am
your you
You are
the other me


Moving Hearts

Where are you, my love
Where am I going
On this train
That is rolling
in rhythm with fate

Fleeting shapes
behind the window

The landscape
is moving so fast
Or is it my heart
that moves me to you

we are
to our destination
towards home


Feet Off The Pedals

How the crows float in the sky
And the first crocus blooms
How Spring is on its way
The wind plays with my hair
While my bike takes me on a ride
down the hill

All is
Beyond what my hand can grasp,
my gaze can reach,
what doubts can turn around
Feet off the pedals
Heart off the mind
I exhale
When ties are loose
Hands are up
I don’t need to do anything but
loving you


Girl With The Secrets

She disappears
in misty clouds
For no one to see
Erasing her trails
Her inner landscape
full of caves
In which she hides
Scars and treasures

Behind closed doors
unexpressed words
are a knot in her throat
A wall to protect
becomes a wall
that divides

Though at the window
of her heart
She still looks out for him
As he too disappeared
in misty clouds
And both wait
for the sky to be cleared
To find out
they were never far away


Hanging Girl

Hanging girl
above the tops of worlds
above streams of
whispering voices

Upside down
she finally sees
the world upright
The four winds
change her direction

His face, her Sun, is
in the clouds
Each swing brings
her higher
No need to rush
to kiss his lips

As she knows
Life will carry
Life will provide

The light she perceives
in him
She has found it
shining brightly


Mouraria Poesia

Lisbon, February 17th

Ghetto of the Moors
With its steep narrow streets
Baracks between
colourful tiled houses
Cracks in walls
Scars of the earthquake
will not allow to forget

Cradle of fado
Shades of people who
lived here,
who died here
Their voices still heard at night
A resigned echo
during the day
Calmness and passion
rule the hearts
of those
who believe in fate

Laughter and tears
of ordinary men
and women
with shared
ordinary dreams
Just like ours


Tram 28

Lisbon, February 15th

I glide up and down the hills
trough the narrow alleys
on tram 28
This vehicle of romance
that shakes me into nightly daydreams

And suddenly
I am in a movie in black and white
And my heart starts to beat excitedly
Because – who knows –
At the next stop there is a man waiting for me,
holding a red rose
in his hand


Wavy Patterns

Cascais, February 15th

The sea here at my feet
The world perceived in wavy patterns
Things come and go and come
In this carousel of life
My gaze at the horizon
There is only this ocean between us
A sea that divides the land

And I could walk over water
Or ride a winged horse to take me
all the way to the promised land
Or I could just stand my ground here
Firmly with both feet in the sand
And wait the sea to bring me
All that is meant to roll back my way


A New Day

Lisbon, February 15th

A light rain shower awakens

the town this morning

A baptism of heaven’s waters

to reassure me I am on the right path

And all is safe and I am blessed

to follow my footsteps into this new day


Ode At Sunset

Lisbon, February 14th, Valentine’s Day

He whose beauty I find in every sunset
He whose eyes I see when I close mine
He whose smile I feel in rays of happiness
He whose light guides my way
through the darkest hour
He whose voice sings me
into sweetest dreams
He whose embrace contains
more than the world
He whose soul I love
Beyond body, time and space
He whose heart stirs up these words
For him is written,
For him is sung,
While the sun glides off the earth,
gratefully this ode


Uma Casa Portuguesa

Lisbon, February 13th

It’s cold outside
So come on in
And warm yourself
In this Portuguese house
Sit here with me
at the fire
Lend your ear to
melodies of melancholy
Guitarristas play
The fadista sings
About a heart that burns,
that longs
A fire inside
that is so strong
It lights up true faces
As by the light
of a heart on fire
Only realness
does not get burned away


Picture: João Martins
“Fado Corrido” com Amália Rodrigues, 1964

Hold Up My Heart

Lisbon, February 13th

The sun meets me
Here on top of the hill
at the castle of
the brave knights
Past and present
dance together
In a fairy tale of
living happily ever after

The town down there
tells about the earthquake
Long time ago
That shook up its sight
destroyed its buildings
Though left its heart untouched
Fiercely the city has risen
from ashes of
fire and water
Passion faces forward
into new beginnings

And here above time
I hear the church bells ringing
See the clouds floating
And I step forward
To hold up my heart with pride

Since here in this town
By the grace of the Tagus
The sounds of fado
The smell of sardines
The taste of victory
I am happy
to have you in my heart


Lisbon By Night

Vibrating dark shines
its beauty
upon Portuguese streets
The wavy tiles
of Rossio square
let me flow
into the magic
of a city
that speaks
of love
The fountains sing
their water
up into the air
A winter night
in Lisbon
is a warm
glowing heart
underneath the stars
Heavenly I find
you in every corner
of this town



I swallow your words,
A hunger for more
of you
Thirsty for their liquid truth
here on my lips
Every word I taste
Eagerly, greedily
As if it is
the last word ever spoken
As if I know
we will be speechless
wordless worlds will
take over


Blue Moon Super Moon

Blue Moon Super Moon
Let me bathe in your white glow
Light my shadows
Burn away the darkness
And I will dance on its ashes
With every fiber
Of my soul

Stars weave dreams
High up in the sky
I plant their seed
Here down into the earth
Blue Moon Super Moon
Moon of manifestation
Let your magic spark
Upon my heart’s desires

Blue Moon Super Moon
Ruler of the tides
Will you magnetize him
Back into my arms


Free Falling

Shaking rocks
Rolling thunder
This place here is not
to linger anymore

I am free falling
No mask that gives hold
A heart that is clothed in

Heaven will you catch me
Gravity will you lead me
into deeper grounds of faith


It Was You

In the starry sky at night
In the light of the day
In the rays of rainbows
In de dawn and in the sunset
In still waters and in waves
In the songs I heard
The books I read
The movies I watched
In the eyes I met
It was you
I looked for
Even long before I knew



Let me tell you
about Arcadia
A landscape as wide
as the eye
can reach
With clear blue skies
as high as the mind
can think
The land where
wild roses grow
Their hearts
always open
Fields of red, yellow
purple and green

Will you come to me
here in Arcadia
This space in between
Where veils to
other worlds are thin
And dreams are realer than real
Where words and sounds
are being created
Where songs originated
and poems spring
from within
And where everything
is just as perfect
as it may seem

Will you stay with me
here in Arcadia
As king and queen
in this palace
on fertile ground
This source of creation
Where life awakens
To eyes that truly
wish to see


Love Isn’t Tough

How can love
ever be tough
As it not love that hurts
Love never hurts

Though you seek outside
And you then get wounded by
a mirage of your own
doubtful thoughts

Look within
and you will find
him, your beloved

In a heart that beats
love fearlessly
through your veins
In lungs that breathe
love unapologetically
in and out
In eyes that perceive
love in its purest form

As within so without

See him in the roses
that are still there
even though winter arrived
Feel him in the wind that strokes
your face
Hear him in a bird’s
joyful song at sunrise

And then tell me
if love is tough


Free Spirit

Free spirit leap
Wings of trust will catch you
Set your heart free
into the unknown

Free spirit fly
Do not turn around
The wind is at your back
You are surrounded
by the open space of Now

No ‘what ifs’
No ‘buts’
No ‘only if’
No ties
No regrets
No holding back

When it comes to love
Then love

Love like the sun shines in an
unclouded sky

Love like the full moon lightens
up a dark night

Love like you’ve never loved
For the sake of love
Because you love
Because you can
Because you will

Free spirit


Cloud Dancers

The clouds are ours
We color the sky
I paint with words
You paint with melodies
A sparkling symphony
of life and love

We make fire in the sky
The heavens are quaking
Hear the gods laughing
Apollo and Aphrodite
are at our side

We are cloud dancers
In heaven’s temple
in the realm of
Always and Everlasting


Know Thyself 

I’ve seen you before
So many times
The same gaze
The same eyes
A heart that rhymes
with mine

When I hold you dear
inside of me
Then how could I be
without you

The external is
nothing less than
The internal
mirror image

To know myself
Is to know you


Too Big For A Poem

What to do
with a love
that is too big
for a poem?

Should I adjust
the poem
Or should I make
the love fit?

I’ll leave
the poem the poem
I’ll leave
the love the love
And then I’ll leave
you with it


Sweet Words

Let my words
come close to you
They are my hands,
my lips,
my breath
They tenderly caress
your face
Embed you in
pink satin
A soft
on your skin

Just a few sweet words
for you
To taste me
To soothe you
To kiss
the bitterness