I Am Your P.P.

I am your P.P.
Your Personal Poetess
Just give me a word, a theme
and I write you a poem
All what you do
and even what you don’t
What you write and sing
All our dreams
I record it
for I’m a humble word servant
of true love
I take note and do
poetically the correspondence
of all the matters
of our hearts


Release My Words

Although I could never catch it all
And every attempt is in vain
Still, with each word I try to catch
my love for you
I put in each word as much as I can
And make them fully overloaded
with love

Can you please release my words
as they almost explode
Take them to your heart
and let their content flow into it
in a sigh of relief


Let’s Make A Number-One Summer Hit

Let’s make a Summer hit together
and a video clip along with it
Some easy-going tunes
In a hot scene on the beach

But we don’t need tequila’s
For you can drink
from my sensual cocktail of love
And then we get that shiny skin
of passion
Without needing any sun

Actually, we also don’t need
other people around us
Let’s make it a Summer hit
of just you and me
We watch the sunset together

And then in fact,
we don’t even need additional music
For we listen to the sound of the waves,
hear the desirous beating in our hearts
Which makes the best Summer hit ever
A sparkling melting into One



And I drink my morning coffee
in a restaurant in town
With the cup in my hands
of course, it is you I think about
And then I just float away
Stare into the universe,
dreamy eyes, happy smile
As I fly with you together
among the stars

And when I land back
on earth again
and look around
Still in ecstasy
after my trip into space
I see a dozen people look
and smile tenderly at me
It seems like
my spacy state of love
is highly contagious


Life Matters

And every night
She dances through the living room
Makes weird moves,
Climbs on the furniture,
stretches her arms
to catch with both of her hands
a fly or a moth
And when she finally catches one
Carefully she brings it outside alive
and sets her insect friend free
For life matters to her
And she doesn’t want to kill or hurt
(But also doesn’t want to be disturbed by a fly)
Then she needs to go inside
very quickly and close the door
Because animals seem to like her
And if she isn’t fast enough
They just fly with her inside again
And then the catching ritual starts all over


A Fiery Rocket Kiss

I opened the roof window
and blew a fiery kiss for you
into the sky of a hot
Dutch Summer night
that made it flame even higher

And like a rocket
I saw it go up and
at full speed disappear
between the stars
to reach you
without losing its heat

So if suddenly your lips
start to burn with desire
And you feel
stoked up from inside,
know that you’ve received
my fiery rocket kiss


We’re Gonna Make Some Jazz

Light the candles
Lean back in my arms
I’m gonna move you
We’re gonna make some jazz
Lazy jazz

The piano plays
Please touch my keys
And make a riff
We’re gonna make some jazz
Sexy jazz

The trumpets join
My hips go round and round
Feel the rhythm
We’re gonna make some jazz
Swinging jazz

Tunes go wild
We dance on the frontline
Free and in extacy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Wild, fast jazz

Laid-back tones again
We make it the Big Easy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Easy jazz

Music stops
Our hearts take over
and beat a melody of love
We’re gonna make some jazz
Deep love jazz


You’re My Page-turner

You’re my page-turner
You completely turn me on
I cannot wait to read you further
I devour every part of you
And only want more and more

I lick my finger
and then quickly I page through you
You thrill me and
take me on a wild adventure

You’re a novelty
A novel of suspenseful romance
A never ending story
Pure literature that draws me along


Even Out Of Dark And Dirt Beauty Can Grow

Under a roof of roses in my garden
I drink my morning coffee
write my poems, dream and
look at the stars and moon at night
I cherish those beautiful flowers of love
I wear them proudly in my hair
And they make me smell of roses

I thought my roses bloom so beautifully
because of all the love I feed them
How wrong was I….

One evening when I took a shower
suddenly all the water came up
from all the drains in the house
and as well from the toilet

In a panic I called a repairman
And already quickly he made the diagnosis:
the problem was in the sewage
outside under my garden:
The roots of my rosebush had grown
into the pipe and had caused the obstruction

So all the time I had thought
my roses grew on love
where in fact,
they grew on shit

Though it does give hope
Even out of dark and dirt
beauty can grow



Be careful to read my poetry
with uncovered eyes
and an unblocked heart
for the love I spread
through my words
is very contagious
It might affect you in
unexpected ways
And its virus is
highly resistant to
any disbelief,
any fears and hate


A Scientific Research

I did a scientific research on
the love I feel for you
In an objective and unbiased manner
I tested the hypothesis ‘I love you’
I did a literature review of my poems
and wrote a theoretical framework
I did an observation of my heart
I systematically collected the data,
analyzed them
And then came to the conclusion
Now it is scientifically proven
that I love you


Real Poetry

Sometimes my own poems
just scare me
for they are so real
and honest
They aren’t photoshopped
Their words uncovered
They do not use a filter
or wear make-up
However, the most scary thing is
that not even the profile
they use is fake
But they are signed with
my very real name


A Kiss In Public

This poem is like a
kiss in public
Feel how its words
dance on your lips
Play with your tongue
Passionately and tenderly
While its readers watch
our intimate moment

For all to see
How proud I am
that you are my man
and I am your woman
For this special love
needs to be shared


What You Read Is What You Get

I wrote about almost everything
Many taboos,
I broke them with my pen
I wrote about sex,
delicate subjects
And once I even wrote about farts

I wrote about the whole spectrum
of emotions
All the shades of love
Hidden corners of my mind
The landscape of my subconsciousness
It appeared on my paper

But, holy crap!
With no or little taboos left
I suddenly feel so naked!
Though now at least, it is all open and clear
And in my nude honesty
I am expressively free


What’s On The Menu

What’s on the menu
in our restaurant of love

Do you want it spicy
and really hot
Or sweet and sugar-coated
Fresh, surprising,
Nourishing or
juicy and full-flavoured

We can have an appetizer
Or go directly
to the main course

Do we drink champagne
or passionate, red wine

Do we eat slowly
or jump head over heels
on fast food

Do you want me to taste
your songs one by one
On my lips and on my heart
I will feed you my
poetic words
and will let you swallow
my melodies of four stars

And then
do you want a dessert
to cool down
Or do we go for
another round?


See also: In The Chinese Restaurant

Having It All

Let the wind come
Let the rain fall
We will dance without clothes
We will thankful kiss the ground

Even if we need to wander
With the sky as our roof
With no other belongings
Than each other and our hearts

We will still have it all
since we have the love


Farts Of Poetry

I write so much now
I almost write about every fart
of our journey together
Here’s to the free creative expression
Every feeling, every experience
I catch it in lines of poetry
And then,
Even in a fart I’ll find the beauty


Dancing In The Rain

This Sunday morning
When I woke up
I looked through the window
And it was raining and raining
The kind of weather
That would make you depressed

But then I imagined
How each raindrop contains
a bit of our love
And how the heavens are showering
it divinely
It made me want to go outside
And to dance in the rain
On this blessed Sunday morning



I thought of you and then
At exactly that moment,
There was the noise
of fireworks in de sky outside!
Wow, God is giving me a sign!
My inner world, outer world
and the universe align
Such a synchronicity!

(Though I must confess
I think about you all the time
So the miracle might be
less big)


Secret Love Spies

Shhtt… silently I sneak to you
And sneak around to see
What you are doing
What you are putting out there
in the open sky

And shhtt… silently you sneak to me
To see what I am doing
As you like the art
to secretly observe
And you are just
as sneaky as me

We are secret love agents
We secretly spy on each other
But we also know it from each other
So apparently,
we are not that good at hiding
this secret spying
As you see right through me
And I see right through you
But at least, it’s utterly


The Sun In My Sky

You’re the sun in my sky
The flower in my field
You’re the colours of my rainbow
The bird in my tree
You’re my Spring after Winter
The water in my river
You’re the coral in my sea

You’re the chocolate of my cake
The flame of my candle
The exit of my maze
You’re the oasis in my desert
The painting on my canvas
You’re the heart of my matter
The love poem on my paper

You’re the cheese of my Netherlands
The dike of my land
You’re the altar of my church
The castle of my sand
You’re the wizard of my magic
You’re the king of my kingdom
The American of my dream
The Irish of my coffee
The ‘you’ of my poem


Spring In Autumn

On this cold, dark, rainy
windy November day
I’m in Spring
As I walk with my head in the clouds
Butterflies inside
and everywhere around
My heart a flower that is blossoming

I dance in the rain,
I fly with the wind
I warm the cold
and burn the sun
back into the sky

It has no doubt
Everyone can see
How completely
in love I am
with you


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are In Heaven And Prepare Themselves For This Life’s Incarnation

I say: ‘My true love, before we descend
to earth again
Let’s first check the script
of our new life’

You say: ‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie,
It’s a soul contract we have
So we need to sign
it first.’

‘Hey! I thought we are now
in our ego free state
Why then do you
still call me ‘sexy’

‘Your sexiness is timeless,
my sexy sweetie
And even as an angel
you are very sexy.’

‘Okay, as I am without ego
I will not be flattered
But let’s now read
the contract

Oh look what I see here
Oh man, oh man
We will have an age gap
You will live on the other side
of the world
But Mr. Destiny himself
will bring you to my country
And what do I read here
What the hell!’

‘We are in heaven, sweetie’

‘Oh yeah, sorry
But oh man, oh man
First you will be really hot with me
But then you will act coldly
And temporarily
We also need to separate

You won’t tell me yet
that you love me
And then I need to trust
and have faith blindly!
Whereas I will reassure you all the time
That you are the love of my life
I will shout it from the rooftops!
This is really not fair
I’m not agree
Can I complain somewhere?
Who wrote this crazy scenario?’

‘It is God
who made this all up
As we need to learn
certain lessons
And he then made
a story of it’

‘Holy shit!
Do you see how many tears
I will cry
about you!
Rivers and rivers!’

‘Yeah, but then read here
How much turmoil
you will bring to my life!
And I need to freak out
about you all the time!

‘I think I liked
our previous life more’

‘May I remind you,
my sexy sweetie,
That you have been killed
In that lifetime
And then it was me
that needed to cry
those rivers and rivers?’

‘Yeah but this is really
a bad story, my cutest cutie
It’s too absurd
No one will believe this
It’s all really not fair
what you will say to me.’

‘But it’s me that will suffer a lot!
As we have this age gap
I need to spend
a big part of my life
without you
And all alone!’

‘Yeah, that’s true
Poor you, poor you.
But maybe,
we can adjust it a bit
I’m willing to sign
But at least,
can I have a romantic wedding
with you in the end?
Oh and can you also add:
I want a romantic white wedding dress
Oh and another thing:
Chocolate cake.
I want a lot of chocolate’

‘You can have it all, my sexy sweetie
But remember, we are in an ego free state
Why then this craving for chocolate?’

‘Because angels do like
chocolate very much too.
But it’s time for you to descend now
Don’t forget, my cutest cutie
Even though,
you won’t see me yet
for many years
I’m always around
I’m always by your side
And I will already appear in your dreams
And you will long for me in your songs.’

‘Okay, I won’t forget
Our love is stronger than strong
Let’s do this,
High five, my sexy sweetie
See you on the other side
That’s the spirit!’


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Share Their Love Story On Stage

‘Why are all those people
in front of us, my cutest cutie?’
‘We are on stage, my sexy sweetie’
I say: ‘Oh no! I just woke up,
I’m not even dressed up properly’

You say: ‘Don’t worry, my true love
You always look good and sexy
Even if you would be
in your pyjamas
or even with your hair messy.
But all those people came especially for us
They want to hear about our very special love
And we gonna share it with the world’

‘Oh yes, I will tell them
How we met four years ago
How our eyes locked
And oh man, oh man,
How heaven came to earth
And then, and then!’

‘Take it easy, my sexy sweetie,
You start to shine so brightly now
You provide your own spotlights’

‘Sorry, but I cannot help
Because when I talk about you
I always start to shine
I adore you,
I love you so truly
Already from the start.
And look at the audience
They are in awe
I think they really find it sweet

But now I will tell
about what happened next
I will tell all details
about our sweet love story

How you started to run
And I started to chase
How things got a bit complicated
How you did everything
to push me away
You made up stories
And even let a friend do
the dirty job’

‘Oh no, my sexy sweetie,
Can we please leave this part out??!!
Look at the audience, they are all in shock!!!
Let’s not make it too realistic!’

‘No, because we are building up
to the most exciting part
We don’t want it to be too boring
Every story has its struggle
After rain comes the sun again
And it all made our love even truer
And we both grew stronger

So now we come to the spectacular final
How of course, we’ve found each other back
But in fact, we never lost
As we have this special heart connection
then we lived very happily ever after’

‘Ohhh my sexy sweetie,
it even brought tears to my eyes
And look at all the people
They are cheering,
they are clapping
I think it is a huge success
And now we can end the show
And sing our happy love song’

‘But I prefer to dance
And you can sing
Or I will say one of my poems’

‘No, let’s have it all
We dance, we sing poetry
We play the music together’

‘Ohhh my cutest cutie
You want things really
to be wild
You are so romantic
It is getting so exciting
And oh man, I want to do
some other things with you
that are a little bit private
Let’s do that in the after show’

‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie
we’ll close the curtains
And then we’ll have our own
wild private after party.’


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Have Their First Fight

Previous: Flying Into Our Tale

‘Oh shitty shit!’ I say
And you ask:
‘What is the matter, my true love?
‘My cutest cutie,
I wrote in my poem
That we need to fly into our tale
But I took it a bit too literally
And then I jumped from above.
I can imagine a lot
But unfortunately,
My fairy wings weren’t there
So then I fell
down to the ground.’

‘What the hell,’ you say
And I say:
‘Yes it is truly true
I have this tendency
to take things too literally
Especially when it comes to
what you say, sing and do.
And then another habit,
I also tend to make in my mind
Bad scenarios all the time.
And then I panic about it.’

‘What the hell! you say,
Oh no! my sexy sweetie!
And then you keep telling me
that I need to fly
And you keep wondering
why oh why I don’t do it.’

I say: ‘Yes indeed you need to fly,
My cutest cutie!
And to overcome your fears
And to just fly over to me’

You say: ‘Stop telling me what I need to do
Cause if I get it correctly
You are the one that needs to fly
You need to fly out of your mind
And to trust the better stories!’

I say: ‘Oh shitty shit my cutest cutie!
If I get it correctly
Do we have our first fight now
It’s starts to get really exciting.’

You say: ‘Yes I do think so,
my sexy sweetie,
but I love you anyway’

I say: ‘Ohhh I love you too!
And our true love can survive anything.’

You say: ‘Indeed. And the good thing about a fight,
is that we can make it up,
so now kiss me.’

I say: ‘Oh yes let’s kiss,
for sure
Let’s take that very literally.’


Guitar Heroes On The Battlefield

Meanwhile on the battlefield the two lovers of true love are again battling with their minds….

Here we are
And instead of swords
we now have our guitars of true love raised
To defeat the monsters
of our mind

There is a doubting creature
coming my way
It says: ‘Things will never work out’
I scream at you over there:

I raise my guitar
And start to play:

‘Oh doubts, I am so sad
I cry and I cry
all day long
I am so desperate and depressed
And all seems
completely useless’

I sing my song but
even after I’ve finished
the monster still
isn’t gone.
It is a rough battle

You scream at me over here

You raise your guitar
And start to play:

‘I don’t like you anymore,
stupid doubts!!!!
Now fuck off
And fuck yourself
I shout it all out loud!!!’

But the monster is still there
And there are even more
I scream at you:

I raise my guitar
And start to play
I try it in a scared way

‘Doubts, you make me shake,
You make me tremble
I am on edge
I want to hide,
I want to run away’

But the monsters are still there
They don’t seem scared

You scream at me:

We raise our guitars
and start to play:

‘Oh doubts, oh doubts,
we are all in this together
Let’s sway, let’s clap our hands
We are all each other’s friends.’

I scream at you over there:

You come over to me
We both drop our guitars
Our eyes meet
Our eyes lock
We drown
And gone
are all the mind monsters


Previous: Super Strong In Our Super Love

Super Strong In Our Super Love

Meanwhile on the battlefield
the two lovers of true love
are still battling with their minds….

Here we are
with our swords of true love raised
There is a doubting monster
coming my way
It says: ‘He doesn’t really love you’
I take my sword and cut its head
I look at you over there and scream:

There is a monster coming your way
It says:
‘This is not true, she will abandon you.’
You take your sword and cut its head
You look at me over here and scream:

It seems to be an ugly battle
Once you allow the monsters
of the mind to come in
They appear everywhere
But we stand our ground
And one by one
We cut the monsters out

There is a nasty thing
in front of me
that makes bad stories
about the future
But with all of my force
I cut it in several pieces

You scream at me over here:
I scream at you over there:

And then there’s a monster
that tries to convince you
not to look at me.
I scream at you:

You scream at me:

And then in the distance
We see a whole new army
getting ready
‘OH NO! You scream at me
I scream at you:

And so we win the battle
We are so bold, we are so brave
We are so sexy, cute and sweet
But above all
we are super strong
together in our super love