If You Wonder

If you wonder where I am
I’ve flown away
like a little fairy
crossing timelines,
dimensions and space
and then, maybe
I’m right behind you
blow a kiss into your neck
like a warm summer breeze
and sing those words
into your ear that only
you and me will hear


Into Heaven

I’ll kiss you into heaven
like a shooting star
you’ll move into the sky
where you’ll fly
with me together
as we go higher
fireworks explode
stars glitter and glamour
till you softly land back
here on my lips
and I’ll take you
on another ride



There’s always a beat under my poetry
that makes every word dance,
every word swing
sometimes, it’s a calm rhythm
slow dancing
other times, it’s on fire
running up and high
One beat for two
or a melancholic sway
Head banging, tiptoeing or discoing
Sure is, it always beats for you


Poetry And Math

My poetry and math,
they just don’t fit together
Where math wants boring
my poetry wants wild
sentences, wild passion
Where math wants hard core
my poetry wants soft core
Where math wants statistics,
my poetry wants magic
But where they do agree is
that you + me = love


The Mammoth

Sometimes the past comes
like a mammoth in my now
Large and heavy it marches
No way I can escape it
Until I realize, mammoths
died long time ago

And then, with a smile
I just sit and watch
the mammoth pass
as I hear the sound of birds
and see the blue skies
in my peaceful
present moment


Space Cowboys

Kiss me, my love
Stoke the fire within
Let’s make it hot
So we can rise high
and fly among
the moon and stars tonight
We’ll be space cowboys
riding our love
in the wild universe
we’ll shoot stars
catch dreams
and bring them to earth


The Best Coffee

There are many different coffees
and mostly, coffee is just coffee:
a hot drink of ground beans

But there’s one coffee, so epic
that makes you feel alive
in spirit and body

Heavenly aroma
captured in full flavour
Sipped with passionate lips
and thirsty eyes

for the best coffee ever
is coffee drunk together
with you


I’m Eating Your Chocolate

I’m eating your chocolate now
The chocolate that I had bought
especially for you
I’m so sorry, but it wanted to be eaten
and could not wait for you any longer
I really had to help the chocolate out

But just close your eyes and imagine
How you taste it through my senses
The hazelnut chocolate that is hard at first
Then melts so sweetly in the mouth

Just sense this heavenly burst
of taste, touch and smell
How it glides over the tongue
How it dances up and down
and back and forth

But hey, my darling,
don’t be so greedy
Is this still me and the chocolate
Or are we actually French kissing?!


P.S. I will buy new chocolate
for you, I promise
And if necessary (probably it is)
I will buy it again and again,
no problem

I Like Myself

I am my own fan
and have joined
my own exclusive fan club
I’m curious to know
everything about myself
I follow my own butt
everywhere I go
Whenever I’m down,
I cheer myself up
I read all my poetry
and never skip
a single word
And like a real fan,
even on off-days,
I tell myself
how amazing I am
(which can sometimes
be pretty annoying)


Storm Of Love

I don’t want to stop these words that are blowing from my pen and that just want to come out and fly, whirl fiercely and move the air They don’t want to be interrupted by a dot or any punctuation Not even give space to a white line in between or make room for any interpretation A strong breeze that blows all ego fears over With one breath one stroke of the pen they make a tornado They take the stage take the whole paper It is no rage no thunder but a storm of love


The Chicken Or The Egg

Sometimes, it’s hard to know
what comes first
is it the feeling of love
or the thought of you

For when I think of you, I feel love
And when I feel love,
I have you on my mind
which makes me love you even more
And then the thought of you
becomes even stronger

So maybe, you’re both
the chicken and the egg
at the same time


Tarzan And Jane

It is a jungle in my mind
and I lie in the bushes
in my safari outfit
looking through binoculars
to observe what’s going on

Monkeys jump up and down
and back and forth
Elephants stomp on positive thoughts
Snakes try to poison me with fear
And a cacophony of birds
drown out the voice of my heart

Shall I Iift my hunting rifle
to destroy them once and for all
and restore my peace of mind
Or is it useless anyway

No, I have a better idea
Instead of fighting the wild life
Let’s play with it and make friends
My love, take your clothes off
Let’s swing through the jungle
of our minds
as Tarzan and Jane


Two Pandas

We are like two cute pandas
We may be threatened
in the past
but we are a rare
true love couple
a species that is protected
so now everyone looks
at me and you
to see us cuddling up
in the poetry zoo

They all want us
to come together
and to court
so they can be reassured
that true love
will always live on


The Clumsy Fairy

She was a fairy that looked
for a tale to fly into
She searched everywhere
but couldn’t find a tale that suited
Until she saw one in which
her dream prince walked
She jumped from above
right into his arms
Though the prince was shocked
and started to run
She chased him and screamed:
‘Please stop, my dream man
come to me, I want you’
The poor man was overwhelmed
and said: ‘Who are you?’
She said: ‘I’m the fairy
and you need me in your tale
to have a happy ending
But besides that, I do love you!
And besides, besides that
I’m the one who makes the stories
How come that my lines,
you don’t follow?’
He answered: ‘Because I’m a fairy man
and I have my own magic
Sure, we can together make
a happy ending
But first, I need to know
if you truly are my fairy woman
Show me your magic!’
Thus the fairy started to write,
she wrote more than 1000 love poems
But when she was finished,
she looked around and saw
that her man was on the ground
so much love had completely
made him pass out
So quickly she kissed him back alive
But then because of her nerves,
accidentally, she kissed him into a frog
Though she didn’t care
for she loved him unconditionally
And it was a good opportunity
to kiss him again and again
until she found the right spell
to kiss him back the fairy man
who now was convinced,
after so much magic,
that the clumsy fairy truly was his


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Solve The Problem Of Global Warming

And I say: ‘Oh my cutest cutie,
I almost burn alive
here in the extreme heat
of the Dutch Summer’
You say: ‘Oh yes, my sexy sweetie
I have the same trouble over here
I’m on fire in this hot Californian night’

‘Oh no! Could it be that because
our love is just so hot,
the flame of our passion burns so high,
that that causes the global warming?’
‘You could be right, my sexy sweetie,
it would actually explain a lot.’

‘Oh cutest cutie!
That means we need to cool down!
But how can we do it?
For every time when I think of you or feel you
the fire gets stoked up,
the temperature increases!
I eat ice creams all day,
I take cold showers
And I even went to the local supermarket
to be in their walk-in fridge
But nothing seems to work,
the flame can’t be extinguished!’

‘My sexy sweetie, I know, I know
Last night when I played my guitar
I almost set fire to the audience
because of the passion that flamed
from my strings
Maybe we should discharge
it a bit
in controllable measures
Let’s just continue to write
our songs and poems’

‘Cutest cutie, when you speak
about discharging,
I have a much better idea
Just come fly over to me
and I will show you
how, at least for a moment,
we first bring the climate to a climax
But after that,
I bet we are much cooler’

‘You are brilliant, my sexy sweetie!
I’m on my way,
Let’s together solve the problem
of this global warming.’


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A Romantic Scenery

It’s already late and I sit
in the garden under the rosebush
I look up at the stars
The summer night lays its warmth
around me
A breeze gently strokes my skin

And it seems such a romantic scenery
That could make hearts sigh and melt
The perfect entourage for a poem
The only missing piece in it is you
Though the universe is generous
and sends me an army of mosquitos
to keep me company instead


Home run

I put all our fears, our insecurities,
any left obstacles between us
into a ball
and with a bat I hit it very far

So take my hand, my love
we have all the space now
to run undisturbed together
all the way
around the playfield
to our home base


I Am Your P.P.

I am your P.P.
Your Personal Poetess
Just give me a word, a theme
and I write you a poem
All what you do
and even what you don’t
What you write and sing
All our dreams
I record it
for I’m a humble word servant
of true love
I take note and do
poetically the correspondence
of all the matters
of our hearts


Release My Words

Although I could never catch it all
And every attempt is in vain
Still, with each word I try to catch
my love for you
I put in each word as much as I can
And make them fully overloaded
with love

Can you please release my words
as they almost explode
Take them to your heart
and let their content flow into it
in a sigh of relief


Let’s Make A Number-One Summer Hit

Let’s make a Summer hit together
and a video clip along with it
Some easy-going tunes
In a hot scene on the beach

But we don’t need tequila’s
For you can drink
from my sensual cocktail of love
And then we get that shiny skin
of passion
Without needing any sun

Actually, we also don’t need
other people around us
Let’s make it a Summer hit
of just you and me
We watch the sunset together

And then in fact,
we don’t even need additional music
For we listen to the sound of the waves,
hear the desirous beating in our hearts
Which makes the best Summer hit ever
A sparkling melting into One



And I drink my morning coffee
in a restaurant in town
With the cup in my hands
of course, it is you I think about
And then I just float away
Stare into the universe,
dreamy eyes, happy smile
As I fly with you together
among the stars

And when I land back
on earth again
and look around
Still in ecstasy
after my trip into space
I see a dozen people look
and smile tenderly at me
It seems like
my spacy state of love
is highly contagious


Life Matters

And every night
She dances through the living room
Makes weird moves,
Climbs on the furniture,
stretches her arms
to catch with both of her hands
a fly or a moth
And when she finally catches one
Carefully she brings it outside alive
and sets her insect friend free
For life matters to her
And she doesn’t want to kill or hurt
(But also doesn’t want to be disturbed by a fly)
Then she needs to go inside
very quickly and close the door
Because animals seem to like her
And if she isn’t fast enough
They just fly with her inside again
And then the catching ritual starts all over


A Fiery Rocket Kiss

I opened the roof window
and blew a fiery kiss for you
into the sky of a hot
Dutch Summer night
that made it flame even higher

And like a rocket
I saw it go up and
at full speed disappear
between the stars
to reach you
without losing its heat

So if suddenly your lips
start to burn with desire
And you feel
stoked up from inside,
know that you’ve received
my fiery rocket kiss


We’re Gonna Make Some Jazz

Light the candles
Lean back in my arms
I’m gonna move you
We’re gonna make some jazz
Lazy jazz

The piano plays
Please touch my keys
And make a riff
We’re gonna make some jazz
Sexy jazz

The trumpets join
My hips go round and round
Feel the rhythm
We’re gonna make some jazz
Swinging jazz

Tunes go wild
We dance on the frontline
Free and in ecstasy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Wild, fast jazz

Laid-back tones again
We make it the Big Easy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Easy jazz

Music stops
Our hearts take over
and beat a melody of love
We’re gonna make some jazz
Deep love jazz


You’re My Page-turner

You’re my page-turner
You completely turn me on
I cannot wait to read you further
I devour every part of you
And only want more and more

I lick my finger
and then quickly I page through you
You thrill me and
take me on a wild adventure

You’re a novelty
A novel of suspenseful romance
A never ending story
Pure literature that draws me along


Even Out Of Dark And Dirt Beauty Can Grow

Under a roof of roses in my garden
I drink my morning coffee
write my poems, dream and
look at the stars and moon at night
I cherish those beautiful flowers of love
I wear them proudly in my hair
And they make me smell of roses

I thought my roses bloom so beautifully
because of all the love I feed them
How wrong was I….

One evening when I took a shower
suddenly all the water came up
from all the drains in the house
and as well from the toilet

In a panic I called a repairman
And already quickly he made the diagnosis:
the problem was in the sewage
outside under my garden:
The roots of my rosebush had grown
into the pipe and had caused the obstruction

So all the time I had thought
my roses grew on love
where in fact,
they grew on shit

Though it does give hope
Even out of dark and dirt
beauty can grow



Be careful to read my poetry
with uncovered eyes
and an unblocked heart
for the love I spread
through my words
is very contagious
It might affect you in
unexpected ways
And its virus is
highly resistant to
any disbelief,
any fears and hate


A Scientific Research

I did a scientific research on
the love I feel for you
In an objective and unbiased manner
I tested the hypothesis ‘I love you’
I did a literature review of my poems
and wrote a theoretical framework
I did an observation of my heart
I systematically collected the data,
analyzed them
And then came to the conclusion
Now it is scientifically proven
that I love you



I took the two variables
‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’
to measure if there is
a statistical relationship
between them
I quantified and counted
Used the formula
and found
a correlation coefficient of 1
which means
it is mathematically proven
the more I love you
the more the ‘I miss you’ variable
will increase


Real Poetry

Sometimes my own poems
just scare me
for they are so real
and honest
They aren’t photoshopped
Their words uncovered
They do not use a filter
or wear make-up
However, the most scary thing is
that not even the profile
they use is fake
But they are signed with
my very real name


A Kiss In Public

This poem is like a
kiss in public
Feel how its words
dance on your lips
Play with your tongue
Passionately and tenderly
While its readers watch
our intimate moment

For all to see
How proud I am
that you are my man
and I am your woman
For this special love
needs to be shared