From The Rooftops

I could shout from the rooftops
And let the birds sing it
Send my messengers around
Let the sun declare it in the sky
And let the air hum it, vibrate it
Let the flowers bloom it
Bring it into the world
by words of poetry
by dancing footsteps
So everyone will know
That I love you
And how much my heart bursts


The Most Beautiful Poem

Everywhere you are
Wherever I go
You are always around,
my fairy man
I am always with you
You are always within
No days without you
No place where I cannot find you
Your presence surrounds me,
infuses me
As the most beautiful poem
sung by the wind
And written in our hearts


Flying Bike

I ride my bike
Under a clear, nightly sky
The stars surround me
The moon is behind me
She’s got my back

And I am weightless
As I glide
over the roads here
in this town

I almost fly
It’s like I go to you now
And I could cycle
miles and miles and miles
Towards the west
A smile on my face
Stars before my eyes

Is it the moon
Or is it you
That fires me
Through the Dutch
nightly sky


The Recalcitrant Poem

I want to rhyme in schemes
But my poem doesn’t let me to
I want to find the harmony within the A,B,A,B
But my poem wants the A,F,B,G

I want to find perfect words
But my poem likes pure expression,
raw words, flowing like a rough river
directly from the heart
I want a garden with borders
but my poem likes the wild flowers
and the uncut grass

I want to write an
composition in
But my poem does
whatever it wants

And now, at least,
I want to end it all in style
But my poem says:
Just do whatever you like


The Day You Were Born

The day you were born
heaven came to earth
Flowers bloomed,
birds serenaded,
the sun shined
All celebrated
your unique expression of life
Angels blew their horn
and spread the word that
you had arrived
You, free spirit
that came flying from above,
held within the seeds
of so many songs yet to be sung
You were born to be love
and be loved
by me


Tram 28

Lisbon, February 15th

I glide up and down the hills
trough the narrow alleys
on tram 28
This vehicle of romance
that shakes me into nightly daydreams

And suddenly
I am in a movie in black and white
And my heart starts to beat excitedly
Because – who knows –
At the next stop there is a man waiting for me,
holding a red rose
in his hand


Love Doves

Is it true
that today
heaven’s blue looks
even bluer than blue?
And the houses of white
are brighter than bright?
People who pass by
give me their smile
And palm trees
of greenest green
wave excitedly at me
Doves do a love dance
Then go up into the sky
I let me,
let you go
Birds just need
to fly