The Dropping

God let him and her meet
and see heaven in each other’s eyes
A gaze that left forever an imprint
in their hearts
He let them feel a love so deep
and beautiful
that they would never be able to forget
and after that he took them both
and dropped them separately
in a big forest

He gave them the assignment
to find back each other
and to return home in each other’s arms
But first they needed to show
that they were strong and independent enough
to carry such a great, true love
that was only for the braves

So in the forest he made the two lovers lost
He let it thunder, storm
and he placed obstacles and tests
On their own they needed to face
their worse demons and shadows
He let them battle with their minds
and shed their ego
The only compass they had
was placed in their hearts

And while they both struggled
their way through the forest
and were being tested
to choose love over and over
They both made a trail of poems and songs
that send GPS signals into the sky
to show each other where they were

God gave them angelic support
that showered them with signs
and performed miracles along the road
And the more they trusted and believed
and put faith in love and in their journey,
the more the path unfolded
before their eyes
that finally led home


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