Moon Landing

She was his moon
Her mysterious glow amazed his eyes
and enchanted his heart
She danced for him every night
Sometimes she showed only part
of her naked body
Other times she showed him
her full, glorious shine

He watched her pirouettes and circles
from afar
and let his heart dance to her sacred rhythm
While he wished upon every star he saw
that his wildest dream would come true
that he would be in her arms
and dance together with her

Though there were so many things,
so many fears and barriers in his mind
that held him back, held him down,
tied him to the earth
that prevented him to fly
and to reach for his dream

So he tried to cover his eyes
and not to look at her anymore
But even in the complete dark
He could still feel and see her
with the eyes of his heart

And one day, one night
her call got too strong
and he could not resist anymore
With the fire of his love and his longing
he inflamed his rocket
and he flew straight through
the barrier of his fears
to land on his moon, to land in her

It was a big step for him
a giant leap for mankind as well
as from that day on
they shined their love
together upon the world



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