When The Bird Falls From Her Tree

Once there was a bird
And one day her tears got so heavy
That she fell from her tree
Down on the ground she was
She was a heart-wounded bird

She crawled to a corner of the forest
Where she laid down
As if she was dead
She hid herself
underneath some leaves
In her tears she drowned

She lost all hope
that one day
she would be together
with her male counterpart
She tried to recall
All what had happened
She cried and asked:
‘why oh why’

Then there was a wise owl
who had watched it all
And he said:
‘Oh bird,
why are you weeping around
And you don’t use your wings
Why did you stop to sing?’

She answered:
‘I found my true love
The one I have been looking for
all my life
But now he doesn’t love me no more
I lost him
As he forgot about me
and without me he moved on’

The wise owl smiled:
‘How can he forget you
As your song is sung
in his heart
And how can he not love you
As the love that is true
You can never lose’

But how can he recognize
and find you
If you weep and hide
Underneath the leaves
He only left
to find his strength
And to let you find
your strength too
So one day you can both
return home
to the powerhouse
of your true love

So now, get up
and use your wings again
You are meant
to fly in the blue skies
Sing your own song
So he can hear it
gloriously in his heart’

Slowly she rose
And she looked up again
She spread her wings
And flew back to her tree
She started to sing

And he,
in his forest far away
Started to smile
As he heard the song
of his counterpart
be sung in his heart



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