O Meu Amor

O meu amor, I find you in
the ocean that waves of desire
and connects our two continents
I find you in the brightness
of the sun that shines high
in the sky on the two of us
I find you in a prayer said
in the early morning
to bless our eternal love
I find you in the grace of the trees,
in the emotion of a fado song
in the majesty of the castle,
in every street,
every step in this town
As I carry the world within
with you in my heart


Like A Rock

(With video below)

I have my head in the clouds
here on top of the mountain
The ocean in the distance
The woods surround me
While I stand like a rock
In all directions
I let the air sing
of my love for you
And let the wind bring it
to your heart


The Magic Of True love

I sit on my fairy bench
in the woods of Sintra
Through the wind whistling in the trees
spirits speak to me
about all the love stories
that kings and queens,
knights, princes and princesses
once lived here

And I think of our journey, our story
You, my king, my prince, my knight
And I pray for the two of us
The rocks, the trees and the wind
surround me with their strength
and hold me
As I hold you in my heart
Fairy tales are real
if you believe
in the magic of true love


What I Would Like To Tell You

I walk in the streets of Lisbon
with an ice cream in my hand
a soft smile in my heart

The clouds above show a silver lining
And I hear the tunes of
Ana Moura’s ‘Amor afoito’
the first fado song
I once shared with you

And I think of all the things
I would like to tell you
But then I realize,
my words would always fail
to describe the infinite ways
in which I love you
and how deep the love goes
Only if you allow yourself
to open your heart fully
its true impact can be felt



At times, the castle on the hill
seems so close and in full light
that if I would squint my eyes,
with my hand I could touch it
And by the movement of my breath
I could spread my wings and fly up
So close, that I can already feel
the warmth of the home fire
And how the table is set for us

And at times,
the castle seems so far and high
And I see all the obstacles
How dark clouds surround it,
the road I need to climb

But it’s not the castle that changes position
It’s my mind that creates the distance

And how far it may seem
It’s the promise of the castle
that won’t get out of my heart’s sight


Book Of Life

Here in Lisbon I went to the oldest
bookstore of the world
That, since several ages,
holds inside so many stories
I asked the owner
if our book of love was in there too
He said it was
with both our names in gold
written on the cover
I asked if I could have it
to read further our story
He smiled and told me
he could not yet give the book
as we first need to live the words
I said I understood
But as I walked outside
The owner called me
I turned around, the old man said:
‘I read the book and
for what I can tell you
It’s a beautiful,
breathtaking love story.’


The Bird That Came To Serenade Her

And by the river
She leans her back
against a white wall
She closes her eyes
and bathes herself
in the soft sunlight,
in the sound of the water
and in the wind that plays
with her hair
and blows her head empty

A bird comes close to her and
sings his song at her feet
A beautiful serenade
And if she let the wind blow
just little bit more
to remove all barriers
She hears the pure music
of her beloved in it


I Try

I try not to miss you
And to see the Lisbon sun
although it’s cold this morning

I try not to let it rain inside
And to keep my eyes focused
at what is ahead of me
although my vision now is narrow

I try not to let my heart drown
in a sea of longing
And instead to swim back
to the surface
although the current underneath
is pulling me

I try not to miss you
And to feel your arms
to hear your voice,
that says,
not to miss you but to enjoy
the day, the sun and Lisbon

I try, my love, I try


Singing My Man Home

River Tagus, with your strong stream,
that takes the water
from the Atlantic ocean
into Portuguese land,
will you bring my beloved to me
from overseas
Please take his ship gently
As he endured stormy waters
that broke down his old beliefs
But could never damage his pure heart
I will stand here on your bank
as his beacon
My heart song will sing my man home


Like A Knight

(with video below)

Here at the castle of the Templar Knights
I immerse myself in the sacredness of vivid silence
I sit under a pine tree
The smell of oranges strokes my nose
Branches wave softly in the wind above me
While the rain falls down
I meditate and write my poetry

And regardless of the weather,
the birds continue to sing their songs
Regardless of how many battles,
the Templar knights continued
to fight for their cause
And regardless of the rain,
the time, the ocean between us
or whatever,
I continue to love you, to have faith
and stand for my heart


I Wish

I wish I could tell you all my tales,
live with you the stories
And make the magic flow once again
in this town
‘Cause the buildings are just buildings
My letters are just letters
The night is just the night
And even Lisbon is just Lisbon
If it isn’t touched by your fairy eyes


Eternal Love

(With video below)

Here in Lisbon it’s like time doesn’t exist
And history is now
All what lies between us is erased
All what will happen has already been written
The stars in our eyes once told the story
Nothing to worry, but a lot to smile
As I walk in the streets, I float
in the eternal space of our love


Once It Flows, It Flows

And I walk along the river
Where you should have walked too
Next to me there is the water now
Which I cannot hold, but it flows
The river is like sadness
Where does it start
Where does it end
Once it flows, it flows

The sun burns on my face
Like my heart burns for you
Even the birds don’t fly today,
but they walk
on an empty riverbank
And I find the freedom in my footsteps
My hope in my heart
And once I walk, I walk


Lost Lovers – Prayer To St. Anthony Of Lisbon

St. Anthony, there are two lovers
Who love each other
like nothing else in the world
He is her sun, she is his rose
Though they are wandering
And can’t find their way
back home

Please, St. Athony
Since you are the protector
of the lost and the lovers
Bring them back
to where they belong
and let them find each other
in one another’s arms


Warriors Of Love And Light

A wind of turmoil is blowing around
and dragons of fear and sadness
are near.
And you wonder
How to fight
or is it better to hide
And not to show your face
No more.
Who is the enemy
and who can be trusted
Is this real
Or are we living a dream

My dear, my hand.
Feel how it holds yours always
I am with you
You are with me
We fight the dragons together
Warriors of love and light are always tested
I have your heart
and you have mine
And no dragon can come in between


The Queen Of The Birds

Look at the peacock
She is the queen of the birds
Elegantly she dances around

Sing her your songs
Court her kingly
Give her the crown of your heart

And then proudly
she’ll show you her feathers
Her truest colours
and all her beauty
is and will be yours


Mourning Sky

The sky above Lisbon mourns
It left its bright colours
and pours its heart out
upon the tiled streets
No umbrella gives shelter
as heaven’s teardrops
and its wind of sorrow
break through any shield


Wild Dreams

She is a wild girl,
a wild rose
with wild dreams
and wild hopes
as she aims
for her higher love

Some call her foolish
Some call her naive
But then she just smiles
as she has a wise heart
a wild heart
that keeps faith
and holds on
to her wild dreams


Girl By The Castle

Oh girl by the castle
Are your tears falling down again
Your heart too much of a burden
And your fairy dreams don’t let you in
Because your king is not at home?

Oh girl, looking at the clouds,
the hills and the river down there
While wishing for the stars
and a flying horse to ride

Wipe away your tears
and be his queen
Straighten your back
Rise in love
The castle is yours
For your light
is needed in the world



The strong wind is coming
He came from the west
and crossed the ocean
to ashore Portuguese land
And the rain is falling
The branches are bending
All is in motion
The wind wants
and I want you

Be as the hurricane
And blow fiercely,
blow strongly,
blow loudly
your way here to me


Girl By The River

There is a girl on the riverbank
And she waits for him
Her gaze longs
in the distance
There where the river flows
into the ocean
Far beyond her eyes can reach
But her heart knows where to look

She watches the ships that sail by
And counts time
While her tears drop one by one
into the water
The river carries them away
and brings them to the ocean
Far beyond her eyes can see
But her tears know where to flow


The Most Beautiful Poem

Everywhere you are
Wherever I go
You are always around,
my fairy man
I am always with you
You are always within
No days without you
No place where I cannot find you
Your presence surrounds me,
infuses me
As the most beautiful poem
sung by the wind
And written in our hearts


A White Shell

Your pure heart
is as the white shell
in the sand
A treasure to cherish,
gifted by the sea
to share its wealth
and its beauty
with the land

It is
the other part
that fits
my white shell
and once together
makes it complete


On A Dutch Island

Here on a Dutch island
the sun is shining
again now the storm
has passed
I build a bridge of words
to your heart
and craft my float of love

And with each of my steps
I make little earthquakes
So even you on your island
far away and overseas
will be moved by my heart



The Dutch sea seems endless
Emptiness stretches
in front of me
Waves come my way
And then suddenIy
I stand with my feet
in the water

And I could drown now
In my longing for you
In my fears of a love
we do not control

Take my hand and please
dive now with me
What else could we do
The water is everywhere
And we both lost our smiles
Before the sea takes us
Let us take the sea



Here I stand unclothed in front of you
All veils around my heart have been lifted
I cannot hide behind my words no more
Vulnerable I am, the way I was born

My only weapon is my nakedness
If you fire words of harshness
I will undress even more
to reveal a deeper layer of my heart
and how it beats of purest love

What do you see when you look into my mirror?
Is it your own nakedness that scares you?

Walls can be broken
Masks can be scattered
Though pure nakedness is unbreakable

In naked beauty lies my strength and truth


Crescent Moon Lullaby

Oh crescent moon above Lisbon
You rose from the shadows
since you grow
in your full truth more and more

And now you are waxing
and this night when I’ll
be sleeping
and you’ll keep watch
over the land underneath,
will you please bring
my beloved in my dreams


Shimmering Gold

The evening sun
lights up the streets of Lisbon
The tiles of Restauradores
are of shimmering gold
Magic paves the road
into a world
where all is possible,
where creation lies
in every step, in every word
and science is
just a poor belief


In The Courtyard Of The Castle

My dear king, where are you
I drink my glass of wine
in the shades of trees
of the courtyard
protected by the castle walls

And I look out for you
over the town,
the river and the hills
While a summer breeze
blows through my head
and strokes my cheeks

And I could conquer worlds now
and create by my poetry
My sight is so clear
My army so strong
But would it matter
as my glass is half full
And you did not yet appear?

Would it matter
That the flags are raised,
the cannons are loaded,
the table’s set,
and I toast to us
even though
There is only one glass
And there is just me
and the endless horizon
to gaze at?

Yes it matters
that the sun is shining
the king is always expected
And although my glass is empty
My veins are filled
with glowing warmth
As the throne of a king
is in a queen’s heart


I Give It To The River

I throw a flower into the air
and it takes a free flight
before it lands in the water
and the river takes it

And I give it to the river
All that is not mine
I am in motion
though my feet remain
on the riverbank

And even my strongest
heart’s desire
I give it to the river
River, will you take care
While I find ground
on solid land

And I trust you are not far
as I’m not far either
and the water will guide us
to find the harbour
of common ground


Angel Of My Heart

My angel of my heart
Even behind your clouds
I see your light
In your biggest storm
I find your stillness

Even your thunder words
In your masks I see your face
When you shout
I hear your quietness
In your distance
I feel your close embrace

Even in your fears
I see your courage
In your pain
I see you healing

In your tears
I find the rainbows
In your lies
I see your truth

Since in you
I find you


The Imperfect Rose

I saw a rose that had scars
of rough weather
of thunderstorms,
rain and cold
She had lost
some of her petals
And although
she had her shadows
and wore her thorns
She was the most
delicate flower
rooted in heaven
As she had found
her radiating beauty
within her
perfect imperfection