The Beautywood

And in the middle of the dark forest
there is a spot called the beautywood
where the light shines, the fire burns
where they sing, dance, play music
together well into the night
where laughter fills the air
and happiness magically sparkles
where everything looks beautiful
and perfect

And she,
she watches it from a distance
in the dark behind some trees
She is not from the beautywood,
she came from far
with just one little lantern
the light in her heart
to guide her way

She is a wanderer
with a desire for home
For long she thought,
she was a lost soul
in the dark of the forest

And now she watches the beautywood,
hears the enchanting sounds
With pain in her heart
she thinks, it’s out of her reach
it isn’t for her
she is just an outsider, left out
excluded, unwelcome
she doesn’t belong

And in the night she cries
to the moon like a lonely wolf
The moon carefully strokes
her hair with her soft
glimmering light and smiles:
‘Oh dear, do not fear the beautywood
Do not block your own way
Desire attracted you
The light in your heart led you
Love, beauty and happiness
will never exclude’