Heart Talk

All day long
I talk with you through the heart
Through the line
between your heart and mine
I whisper words of love

We speak feelings,
images and dreams
and exchange kisses
back and forth

Through the heart we talk
Through the heart I see
your eyes gaze at me
My eyes gaze at you
As we say
more than words
through this line
between our hearts
and its magical



Every time when the journey gets hard
My heart feels heavy
Then, the angels step in
They show me signs and synchronicities
Like your name and initials everywhere
Even though, your name
is not from here
Number sequences like
1111, or 2222
They put white feathers in front of me
The sign I have asked them for
Or other things that remind me of you
To help me to have faith
and to believe

My dear angels make sure
that I can never forget
as all their signs direct
me to you


The Roses Shirt – A Fated Connection

She saw in a picture that her beloved,
who lives on the other side of the world,
wore that night a new shirt with roses

She, on her side of the world
had been gifted, just a few hours before,
the same shirt
The person who gave it to her
didn’t know about him or
about her love for roses

So now on both of their chests
The same roses blossom
As a proof of their fated connection


A Journey Of Soul Love

On this sacred journey of love
I need to believe
what is not touchable
I need to believe
what I have seen in your eyes
The truth I know in my soul

I need to fully trust myself
Trust my own heart
I need to fully surrender
And find this higher faith
Live this higher love
Despite my mind,
Despite the facts

It’s not an easy task, my love
I am blindfolded
And sometimes
it’s all just so dark
What I yet cannot see,
yet cannot touch,
yet cannot hear
I need to find it inside
Hand it over to God
And keep moving forward

I need to go down on my knees
Fall through my thoughts
Break through old patterns,
Leave old pain and old beliefs behind
To find this pure, true love,
To find you on the other side


Ocean Of Peace 

I float in my own ocean
An endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And I am filled with grace

Though then the thoughts arise:
‘What if the storm is real
and this is just a dream’
‘What if dark clouds will push the sun away’
‘What if the waters will be rough again
And I will sink in deep’

My fears arise and make
Ripples in the water
On the surface
Of my ocean

Then I hear
a voice from within:
‘It is up to you
Do you let the sharks come in
Do you make
them appear
or disappear’
I choose.

I fall back in my own ocean
This endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And no sharks any near


Divine Love

I didn’t look
for love
Though love found me
And put
a fire in my soul
I didn’t know
That I have always known
The mirror of
my soul

I fall down on my knees
in this holy house of love
Truth is blissful
Blessed and grateful
As veils of illusions
are pulled aside
I say a prayer
of naked words

My heart is a lighthouse
That brightly shines its light
So that you can find
your way home
To love
is the closest thing
to God