When I remember
the vast, still ocean
the temporary ripples
the pathways drawn
between the stars
the true essence
within the shell

When I see fragments
of past lives cracked
by the light of infinity
When I hear those ancient
whispers inside
The voice of my soul

I remember love
I remember you
I remember me



We climb the mountain together
step by step we go higher
closer to the sun

And as we ascend
our minds, our feet
may lose their grip
and it may look like
we fall deep
back to lower grounds

But we have the fixed
rope of love that secures us
that gives us a hold
We always have
each other’s back

And if we would look
from above
we would see our
upward progress
We would see that
eventually, we’ll reach
the top


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Take A Break From Their Earthly Movie

And…. cut!

The two lovers of true love
take a break from their earthly movie
and meet in a higher realm

And he said:
“What is the matter my sexy sweetie?”

She said:
“Well, my cutest cutie,
I don’t feel that sexy anymore
I am exhausted, I am in pain
I want to leave that crazy
earthly movie we are in
I am done with our egos,
with the roles we play
with the crazy story
It all hurts too much, as if it is real

My ego gets triggered by your ego
by what you do and don’t do
as it longs for validation
Can’t we just leave the earthly plain
and stay here forever melted
in each other’s arms”

“I know, my sweetie, I know
we have tough karma,
tough darkness to clear
but we signed up for this
we’re together on a mission
the harder the path is
the brighter our love will shine

Like this, I always hold you
when we’re back on earth again
just close your eyes
to feel my arms around you
how I continue to whisper
sweet words of love
into your heart

Don’t get so much caught up
in the illusion of the movie
don’t think the movie on earth is real
We play our roles
to help each other heal
But we are not our roles, not our egos
we are the actors, the soul behind it

So wipe away your tears, my sweetie
stand tall again
stand strong, stand in love
Remember, we made each other
a promise”

“Okay my cutest cutie,
I must be Superwoman
This all takes extraordinary powers”

“You are, my sweetie,
you are my heaven and earth angel”

“And you, you are my all-realms Superman”


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Divine Interventions

Two small yellow trams
glide through the streets of Lisbon
Each has its own destination
But then, they suddenly seem out of control
Is it because she is in one of the trams
And he is in the other tram?
The strong magnetic attraction
between them even make trams
go their own way
and drive towards each other
until they almost collide
Because the whole universe will conspire
and will push and pull
to bring two lovers of true love
back to each other
and then will even make trams
to its vehicle of fate and fortune


Union Within

I am the strong woman
And I am a shy girl
I am optimistic
and can drown in deep despair
I am courageous and open
I am closed off
and shaken with fear
I am adventurous, sociable
And I am a loner

I always thought that
to become whole within me
All the time I need to be
that strong, expressive woman
And make the other pieces of me
But then I realized,
to be whole is to accept and acknowledge
all those different pieces
to unite them within me
and don’t see them separated

And maybe I am all, maybe I am none
I am the presence behind it
that observes and writes about this

I am the poetess
and I am my poetry
I am your beloved
and I am the poet
My beloved is in me

(As within, so without)


As Above, So Below

My fairy man, let’s go up
We fly through the veil
And see everything from above
Under us are just the storylines
that unfold themselves
A world that moves fast,
that twists and changes
But here we are in the realm
of the soul
Where truth is consistent
And time does not exist
There is just love
We are together here always
Don’t pay so much attention
to what you see down under
But focus on this feeling, on us
On our hearts that are connected
Every day even stronger
And as we strengthen
our world of love
we bring it from here
down to earth


When All Elements Come Together

Eyes that recognize
And do a soul dance
Sealed by an eternal kiss

Air is exchanged
We breathe inspiration
into each other
Love as the force
that keeps us both alive

Heart to heart
The waters of
feelings and thoughts
flow into each other
Rivers in motion
When love becomes liquid
and deeper undercurrents
have been touched

Dormant fire ignited
that has awakened us both
We know, we remember
It’s been you and me always
Flames burn higher and entwine

My earth to your earth
Female fertile soil
and male solid rock
Two bodies unclothe
become their naked truth
And root sacred love on earth


Be In Me

Be in me
as my courage when I feel fear
Be in me
as my rainbow when I lose hope
Be in me
as love when I just want to be loved

Be in me
when I miss you
And fill up the gap
from within

Be in me
when I’m lost and I seek
Let me find me in you
and you in me

Be in me
when duality and separation
knocks me down
Let me feel
there is no you, no me
But there is us
and we are always
together and one


At The Sacred Pool Of Love

Here in the woods
at the sacred pool of love
I wait for you while
the moon shines upon me

I defeated the old evil witch
who enchanted me to eat
from her illusive candy
I broke the spell
battled with demons and shadows
to find my magic,
my own healing powers

I left a trail of bread crumbs for you
to follow the path home
But hungry birds took them and
ate them all

So then I made a trail of
pieces of my heart and yours
Our hearts that shattered when
our physical paths parted

If you follow the trace
and pick them up
You’ll find me
And our hearts
will be once again whole


Heart Talk

All day long
I talk with you through the heart
Through the line
between your heart and mine
I whisper words of love

We speak feelings,
images and dreams
and exchange kisses
back and forth

Through the heart we talk
Through the heart I see
your eyes gaze at me
My eyes gaze at you
As we say
more than words
through this line
between our hearts
and its magical



Every time when the journey gets hard
My heart feels heavy
Then, the angels step in
They show me signs and synchronicities
Like your name and initials everywhere
Even though, your name
is not from here
Number sequences like
1111, or 2222
They put white feathers in front of me
The sign I have asked them for
Or other things that remind me of you
To help me to have faith
and to believe

My dear angels make sure
that I can never forget
as all their signs direct
me to you


The Roses Shirt – A Fated Connection

She saw in a picture that her beloved,
who lives on the other side of the world,
wore that night a new shirt with roses

She, on her side of the world
had been gifted, just a few hours before,
the same shirt
The person who gave it to her
didn’t know about him or
about her love for roses

So now on both of their chests
The same roses blossom
As a proof of their fated connection


A Journey Of Soul Love

On this sacred journey of love
I need to believe
what is not touchable
I need to believe
what I have seen in your eyes
The truth I know in my soul

I need to fully trust myself
Trust my own heart
I need to fully surrender
And find this higher faith
Live this higher love
Despite my mind,
Despite the facts

It’s not an easy task, my love
I am blindfolded
And sometimes
it’s all just so dark
What I yet cannot see,
yet cannot touch,
yet cannot hear
I need to find it inside
Hand it over to God
And keep moving forward

I need to go down on my knees
Fall through my thoughts
Break through old patterns,
Leave old pain and old beliefs behind
To find this pure, true love,
To find you on the other side


Ocean Of Peace 

I float in my own ocean
An endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And I am filled with grace

Though then the thoughts arise:
‘What if the storm is real
and this is just a dream’
‘What if dark clouds will push the sun away’
‘What if the waters will be rough again
And I will sink in deep’

My fears arise and make
Ripples in the water
On the surface
Of my ocean

Then I hear
a voice from within:
‘It is up to you
Do you let the sharks come in
Do you make
them appear
or disappear’
I choose.

I fall back in my own ocean
This endless space
of peace
and love
Carried by the waves
Water that is deep
and calm
And no sharks any near


Divine Love

I didn’t look
for love
Though love found me
And put
a fire in my soul
I didn’t know
That I have always known
The mirror of
my soul

I fall down on my knees
in this holy house of love
Truth is blissful
Blessed and grateful
As veils of illusions
are pulled aside
I say a prayer
of naked words

My heart is a lighthouse
That brightly shines its light
So that you can find
your way home
To love
is the closest thing
to God