Never Give Away Your Own Authority

And in the forest the bird was searching
For the answers to the
Why’s, the how and the when
She encountered several birds
that told her their opinions

And she thought:
‘They know better
As that one is bigger than me
And that one is older’
But in fact they never told her
more than what she already knew inside

And then there were birds
that asked her to sing
songs for them
And as she liked to please,
to have harmony,
or she thought, she owed them something
She often said ‘yes’
Although there was a ‘no’ inside

There were also birds
that wanted to take over
her place in the open sky
They said:
If you don’t like to fly there,
Just let us do it for you

She noticed
that those other birds
all had pieces of her
And she had allowed it
She had given away her authority

Until one day she decided
to call back all those pieces
She would not give herself away
like that no more
She would stand in her own authority
She would fully trust and follow
her own heart song

Even if that would mean
she needed to take flight
without the others,
without support, without any likes
and on her own
For she knew in the end she always has
herself, her beloved and God
by her side



  1. What a beautiful poem, ringing with simple truth about human nature.
    I would like to add that once little birdie takes flight on her own and acknowledges her strength she’ll surely find others of her own flock.

    Liked by 1 person

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