There’s Something About The Way She Loves Him

There’s something about the way
she loves him
It makes her eyes sparkle
Her voice sing
Her feet dance
And out of her writing hand
flows poem after poem

It makes her do things
She never had imagined
she would dare to
Playfully she has picked up
old and new dreams
And as well her guitar

There’s something about the way
she loves him
She paints it out in the open sky
And she shoots her stars
right into his heart
As she loves him
Like no one else could do



Every time when the journey gets hard
My heart feels heavy
Then, the angels step in
They show me signs and synchronicities
Like your name and initials everywhere
Even though, your name
is not from here
Number sequences like
1111, or 2222
They put white feathers in front of me
The sign I have asked them for
Or other things that remind me of you
To help me to have faith
and to believe

My dear angels make sure
that I can never forget
as all their signs direct
me to you


May Both Hearts Know

When I listened to you
It suddenly hit me
I felt your pain and your fear
You’re so, oh so afraid
to be abandoned once again

And so you abandon all the time
You abandon people and places
You go out of contact,
You run away, disappear
And wander restless
around in this world
You won’t stay anywhere long enough
You are the one that leaves
Instead of others leaving you

Your pain, your fears
We’re so much interrelated
I feel yours as though
they are mine
Your tears and my tears flow
together into a common river

I kiss your wounded heart, my love
Please can you then kiss mine
I dress it with my touch
May both hearts heal and know
In depth they are whole
and they beat as one
And therefore
can never be abandoned by each other



Our soul connection
this infinite source of love,
creativity and inspiration
Let’s use the flame we have inside
And create beauty out of pain,
Love out of fear
As we transform our world,
our storylines
By our imagination, songs and poetry


Trusting Love

I didn’t trust love
I wanted to control the river,
wanted to hold back or push the waters

I built dams, threw stones in it
And digged the sand out
to let the river change direction
I worked and acted
I did everything
to prevent me from being still

I thought I needed to earn
I needed to prove
And worked even harder
For me to deserve
the love I knew it was mine
but didn’t dare to own

Often I thought
the river wasn’t even real
And just a mirage in my mind
That could be taken away
from me anytime
And because I didn’t trust love
I didn’t trust you, I didn’t trust me

But now, oh beautiful river,
I don’t want to
control you any longer
Please flow
and I will trust
That true love will find its way
on its own always
to where it belongs


No Roof

Your mind projects
limitations and barriers
obstacles and blockages
As bars in front of you
And now you are caught
behind a fence
Trapped in a cage

But you don’t realize,
That if you would look up
You would see
There is no roof on it
And there is nothing holding you back
to let your heart climb
or fly out


I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for the times that I hurt you
For the times that I let the voice of ego speak
Instead of the voice of love
When I reacted to you from a place
of fear, doubt or impatience
Instead from a place of patient, trusting love

I’m sorry for the times I didn’t love myself enough
The times that I needed something from you
That in fact, I needed to give to myself


Your Faces

My love, your faces
Your sad eyes in black and white
And then behind in colour
the you that tries
to make fun of himself

The you, the cool man in jeans
with a guitar under his arm
And the you that shows
through his eyes his heart
among the green leaves
The playful you that let out
his inner child
and dances in the fields

I love all of your faces
As they all are an expression
of you


In The Chinese Restaurant

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While in the far east the sun rises
And here the night falls,
Passion awakens
at our table for two

Our feet meet
underneath the table
Our eyes meet
Our hands that caress
and entwine
Hearts that dive
in each other’s depths

My lips can already taste you
And want to take you in
Please feed me
with all what you are
You, my beautiful man,
For only you can truly
satisfy me



The rain fell
And left a layer of water
on the ice
It’s like I skate
on a mirror
I see myself reflected
when I look down
Slippery is the ice
And a few times
I almost fall

I get scared
Fear hits me very hard
My body is uptight
And I almost don’t dare
to move anymore

But I came to dance
I came to glide
So I breathe
And rebalance
My focus on my body

Through the fear I move
I trust myself to balance
I breathe
And then I start to dance


The Solar And Lunar Eclipse Of January

The solar and lunar eclipse
overshadow my heart
And bring even more darkness
to the night
Fears have been stirred up
I’m so afraid to lose

But how can I lose you
As we are like yin and yang
in each other
Even though there are shadows around,
How can the moon lose the sun
and his light that shines upon her

But thoughts try to hold on
try to get back control
And then towers come down

Until there is nothing to hold on
no more but our love



Know you have the arms of love
wrapped around you
and you are safe

Know you’re in each of my prayers
You have your place in each of my poems
My words are built around you
They are your pillars,
Your floor to walk on,
when it feels like all your foundation
is gone

Know that even though
you may think
you don’t know it anymore,
Your heart knows
And more you don’t need to know


The Roses Shirt – A Fated Connection

She saw in a picture that her beloved,
who lives on the other side of the world,
wore that night a new shirt with roses

She, on her side of the world
had been gifted, just a few hours before,
the same shirt
The person who gave it to her
didn’t know about him or
about her love for roses

So now on both of their chests
The same roses blossom
As a proof of their fated connection


The Lost Sheep

She was not like the other sheep
For she had a sensitive heart,
a poetic walk and dreamy eyes
Although she always tried
to fit into the flock
She never truly belonged

The other sheep that all dashed along
in the same direction,
She mostly went in the opposite

She then thought that she was lost
And alone she wandered in the world
She hoped for the shepherd
to leave his flock
to find the one that is lost

But instead the shepherd
sent her her counterpart
that is as dreamy and
sensitive as she is
And through him
she could find herself


No Limits

My love for you has no limits
It is not bounded by thoughts,
by country, by time or
by whatever you do

It just flows abundantly
Wherever it wants to go
Even if there are rocks in the river
It will still find its way to you

Even if my mind is confused
and runs away
My love for you stays as it knows
For what, for whom it is here for
and what is its truth



Okay. Now stop.
Let’s just press the reset button
We’ll clear out all the bugs
And we’ll set us to default
The origin where it all began:
Your eyes and my eyes met
Heaven came down
And from there, let it all
once again naturally unfold


Great Eagle

Great eagle, where are you
Please come to pick me up
And let me climb on your back
To see things from above

For the air is too heavy to breathe
down here
The rivers of emotions are drowning me
And all the trees
prevent me from seeing the woods

Great eagle, let us float in the sky
And see the bigger picture
I will expand my heart
And then all my thoughts will be just
little ants that crawl far below
While I will have clear vision
and see unclouded my beloved


As Long As I Skate

And I skate all alone
in the Dutch night
The Winter, all the cold
and all the distance
between us
I skate it all away
The pulsing warmth in my body
A pause between my thoughts
And the melody of poetry
in every move I make

And then there is just
you and me
I feel
in every breath, in every beat
My love, you’re so much here

In meditative circles I skate
The moon high above
She hides her biggest part
But she is here

And as long as I skate
this moment lasts forever
Always now and here
And you and me


I Understand – To Him And Her

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I understand
You both were scared

This love is just so big
It goes so deep
It transformed everything
Swept you off your feet
It is spiritual, and beyond
anything you thought was true
It overwhelmed
You didn’t understand

You tried to build your walls
To defend with stories from the past
Tried to apply your old ways
But those didn’t work
As this love asks
for a new approach

You both were scared
I understand


Mirroring Flames

You mirrored me
my biggest fears,
my insecurities,
my nightmares
Stories I had made up
in my mind,
You reflected them to me

In the mirror it showed up
for me to heal and to grow
out of ego and into love

You mirrored me my truest self
the purest depths
of my soul
So I could become
the best version of me

Like two dancing flames
we mirrored our light
and our shadows
In the window of love


If I Could

If I could
I would take over all your suffering
All your burden, I would carry it for you
I would protect you like a lioness
and would fight with your demons,
I would conquer all your fears

I would prevent you
from ever having pain
If I could
But I know, it won’t help you
I cannot save you
I can only hold you in the space of love
For you need to save yourself
It will help you to get stronger
And at the other end of pain,
into love you will grow