No matter how far two shores
lie from each other
How vast the ocean
How many miles the sky above
How great the distance between
two continents, two bodies
How far time has gone
How far thoughts wander,
how often feelings get lost
Love is the unbreakable bridge
that connects us
and brings us home


So What

And when my ego says:
what if
love was never meant for me
what if
shooting stars
won’t take my wishes
up into the heavens
but will let them drift
forever lost in space
what if?

Then I answer:
So what
I’m safe, I’m grateful,
I love and am loved
I feel, I know
as I look up and read
what’s written in the stars
and see you, see my destiny
and all the things the universe
wishes for me


The Stars Seem So Far

Lying on my bed I watch
the dark night through
the open skylight
The thought of you
accompanies me

And the stars seem so far tonight
My love, where are you
Miles of clouds drift between us,
cover up and hide

But clouds can disappear
in an instant
When clear sight is found in the heart
where stars are always known
to be there
You, I cannot unsee,
cannot unfeel

What is invisible to the eye
requires inner knowing
and faith


In His Embrace Always

When her heart grieves
so deep
all she longs for is
his arms to hold her
but they are an ocean apart

So instead, he tells her
to look at the sky above
the earth below
to sense the wind on her skin
to see the trees sway
clouds move
the stars appear
and to feel that everything
around her is his embrace


Finding Our Way To The Sun

And I watch the rain fall
It has been raining for days
So many thoughts
So many ‘I miss you’s’
Restrictions and distance
Yet in my heart the love
the connection
We talk all day long
without words

And then rain may
continue to fall
tears may be shed
but free birds like us
can’t be caged
and if grey clouds
hold back the light
we’ll find a way
we’ll just rise above
and fly to the sun


Two Stars

And I see two stars in the sky
They both seem so lonely
with a dark, black gap
between them

But if they shine
as bright as they can
with their light they can touch
each other, they entwine
and any gap,
any dark between them,


The Truth Behind The Story

Early in the morning
I cycle through the city
in the rain
and I think of you
miss you
The story of the past
on repeat in my mind
the headlights of cars
shine upon my tears
and let them shimmer
like diamonds
As if each is precious
holding a truth
behind the story
how much we are connected
and behind the pain
how deep, how strong,
how shiny
the love is