We Feel, We Know

I started to write
as I wanted to tell you many things
about what’s going on
I could fill many pages
with my words,
write many poems
to depict my life, my heart to you
But then I put the pen aside
as I realized
we can say everything
to each other
with no word at all


Fairies Like Us

It is quiet here in the woods
where we only hear birds singing
and the sound of our breath
My fairy man, the tears that flow
from our eyes,
are those tears of joy or tears of sadness
But does it even matter
as the weather always changes
everything always changes
Except the love in our hearts

And although we may long to stay here
safe in our dreams
where we always hold each other
and where the outside world
can do us no harm,
fairies are meant to go out and go up,
to play, to fly, to sing and to dance
and to create and tell their tales
to spread their love and magic
sparkle their dreams
for we need each other
and the world needs fairies like us


If I Didn’t Have You

If I didn’t have you
your presence always with me
your song in my heart
your sun in my eyes

If I didn’t have you
in these tumultuous times
of illness and insecurity

My words would have no source
and would have nowhere to go
My days would lack the music
My feet would have no reason to dance

For if I didn’t have you
I wouldn’t have the bright light
of love in my heart that,
no matter how dark the darkness,
shines me through it



She had seen the most beautiful things
Sunsets and sunrises
Views from the top of mountains
Fields of flowers, pieces of art,
palaces, cathedrals
that left her breathless
Beauty that brought tears to her eyes

But seeing her man showing his heart,
showing himself pure and vulnerable
how he had changed and had grown
and was facing his fears
Although she had seen the most beautiful things
there was nothing more beautiful than that



I breathe your love in
like it is my oxygen
that softly fills
my infected lungs
to heal them

Your gold that finds its way
through my bloodstream
and transmutes the virus
as you let my cells vibrate
at the frequency of love


Almost Live

When I lie in my bed alone
and awake at night
and my heart catches your heart
broadcasting love
at the other end of the world
Radio waves that come to touch
and stroke me
And almost as if you’re ‘live’ here
beside me,
you lullaby me into sleep


Ancient Wisdom

And somewhere in the woods
where the sun shines magically
through a roof of branches and leaves
two wise owls, two old souls
sit hugged up
with each other on a branch
and they smile peacefully
Whatever may happen outside the woods
Whatever is going on around
the turmoil of the world cannot
truly reach them
For they have the gift of
multidimensional sight
and see clearly, even in the dark
Thus they know that the soul,
know that their love is unshakable


I may post a little less than usual
these days as I am dealing with
health issues

May The Spring Sing

May the Spring sing
all over the planet
may it sing its song of hope
and rebirth
May its gentle breeze
warm the scared and
lonesome hearts
May its light shine
into every corner
find every crack
May the Spring sing its promise
that it will come
that things will change
even when the Winter
is tough and harsh

My love, may we be
the harbingers
may we dance in the forefront
for we have love blossoming
inside our hearts


The Calling

Sing me a song
a soft, soothing melody
to pull me out of fear
and sadness
and back beside you

Back to my place
where I belong
We’ll sing together
of our love
We’ll shine our light
in times of darkness

As we both hear
the call on our soul
the inner song
an ancient tune
to take our place
and stand strong
to share with the world
what’s in our hearts
our treasure of love


Love Knows No Danger

When I am in the grocery store
people around me are panic buying
and we are all forced
to keep 1,5 meter distance
from each other
indicated on the floor by lines,
I feel you so close with me
which makes me feel oneness with all
And with our love that burst
from my heart like a bright light
I embrace everyone at a distance
as love knows no danger, no lines


Solar Energy

I bathe in the light of the sun
as if it is you
And you warm me,
you light me up
and make me forget
about the world,
the time behind and before me

You charge my heart
so I can dance the day,
dance the moment

For the sweetest, softest
most powerful
most beautiful energy
is to be in love with you


Sun And Wind

The sun shines on my face
as a fierce wind blows around me
that makes hair and skirt flutter

Sun and wind cooperate
and remove
the last parts of winter,
the last storylines,
the last fears and darkness
They shine and blow it
off my shoulders,
off my mind and heart
so I can blossom even more,
even brighter in loving you
and in trust



When I remember
the vast, still ocean
the temporary ripples
the pathways drawn
between the stars
the true essence
within the shell

When I see fragments
of past lives cracked
by the light of infinity
When I hear those ancient
whispers inside
The voice of my soul

I remember love
I remember you
I remember me



Oh the places I’ll write,
the places I’ll dance
my poetry for you

I’ll write on your lips
I’ll write on your cheeks
I’ll write on your mind
I’ll write in your dreams

I’ll write the places you go
the places you’ve been
the places you long for

Every corner of your world
Every spot of your body,
your heart, your soul

I’ll travel, I’ll dance
and I’ll write
these places all again
until you’ll see
your world is
nothing but love
and poetry



My guitar man, standing strong
looking good, looking cool
looking you and beautiful

With a guitar at your chest
as your sword of truth
You play your heart
Fingers dance on strings
and voice your inner world
in all its colours, all its tones

And I hear your melodies
They find an echo in my poems
and dance with my words
as we are both instruments
of love


The Story Of Us

We’ve been in so many stories
Our minds entangled in narratives
But stories of the past were
created by the past
They are not the present moment
They are not the future

For if all stories have ended
the book is closed
what still continues
beyond the pages
written in our hearts
is the story of love
what lies before us is
a new story of us


Look Deeper

On the surface
it may look like
the rose in the shades
has been abandoned
and ignored
by the sun
and this could easily
have panicked her

But in fact,
if she just stays
where she is
rooted in herself
she will see
that the sun
just makes his turn
in his circle
to find her again
while constantly
rays of light
within her heart
as there,
in the depth
he never left her


In Your Gut Feeling

Dive deep into your soul
all the way down
Find me dancing
in your depths
Find me nude
in your emotions
Find me kissing you
on the inside
Find me as
your high priestess
in your gut feeling
Find me loving you
and tap into this source
deep within your soul
to find and love yourself