The Pain Of Being Excluded

Once there was a bird,
And you could call her a strange bird
As she was not like the others,
She was different
So yes, maybe she was a bit strange
Her feathers were coloured
And instead of just singing bird things
She sang her poetry

And one day she went to the forest
Of the black and white birds
And there was a singing bird
She wanted to listen to him, to his concert
She wanted to be part and join the others

But from his high tree he shouted:
And all the other birds
started to laugh at her

She could not believe
She didn’t understand
She only came to bring her colours
and sing him her poems of love
And now she was being excluded
And had to leave

And lonely and on her own
She cried and was in pain
It was like she had no right to exist
She wanted to hide her colours
and to paint them black and white

But then there was a wise owl
Who had watched and heard it all
And he said:
‘Oh strange bird, be proud to be strange as you add colours
to a forest that has lost its shine’

And indeed
In fact,
the singing bird could never forget about the strange bird
And he kept wondering about her
He had only excluded her
because her colourful shine had blinded and scared him

And one day he regretted
and he flew over to her
He asked her
to teach him her colourful,
strange ways
and to sing in his forest



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