The Fear Of The Raven

Once there were
two nightingales
A male and a female

Every night the male bird
sang his heart out
in the trees
of the forest
And then the female bird
came to listen
to his magic sounds

And he saw her there
flying around
Under the moon
Her beautiful eyes
lit up the dark
And he flew towards her
To look
into those two diamonds

First she stayed
at a distance
But as she found
more trust in her heart
She flew closer too

But the closer they grew
The more he started
to shake
Who was that girl
With her magic eyes
that seemed
to have bewitched
his heart
As she stirred up
the deepest emotions
and the truest love

And then she also
started to sing
She sang her words of
into his ears
He started to shake
even more
He enjoyed it,
for sure
But it needed to stop
It scared him, overwhelmed him
It created too much turmoil

So then one night
He called in his friend
the raven
And the raven ambushed
the bird girl
And he thundered through
the forest:
‘Keep your distance, you
weird bird
Don’t come any near
to him no more.
Don’t even fly over
Or otherwise I will call
my army of ravens’

She started to shake
Like she had never shaken
And with her heart broken
and her head hanging down
She flew away

But what to do
As her songs of love
Continued to flow
from her heart
And she could not stop
to sing?
Though every night
She shivered
as she could still hear
the echo
of the thunder cry of the raven
in her ears

So in another part
of the forest
in her own tree
she continued to sing
No one, not even the raven
Could forbid her to love

And one night
When she sang her heart out
In her tree
Under the moon
She saw two beautiful eyes
that lit up the dark
It was her own nightingale
that came to listen
to her magic sounds


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