Great, Greater, Greatest

And if we skip
the superlatives,
the wow’s, the amazing’s
and the capitals
we’ll have true, honest,
humble words



    1. Thanks a lot. Yes true. It’s more that I see a lot of people use those words all the time. It doesn’t feel true and authentic to me, but hollow… (if something is really amazing, which words are you gonna use then). Something like that. Maybe it’s a difference in culture. Here in the Netherlands we are more like ‘just act normal, then you’re already weird enough’. And although I don’t fit in that either as I am pretty weird myself, I like to keep my words ‘simple’, honest and meaningful.

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      1. Of course, culture has a lot to so with it. A lot of things about this online writing platform bugs me. So, I understand. Some writers bring out the emphatic for me, especially if it moves me in some way or if I connect with it on an internal level. I come from a culture where hyperbole is frequently used. I do agree, the simplest is usually the most genuine.

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