Flying Words

Silent is my pen
Words are flying around
Like humming bees
Moving the air
Like a light summer breeze
Playful and cheerful as butterflies
I am unable to catch them
Blank is the page in front of me

And perhaps
These words are not to be written
But only to be heard from within
And then I am the blank space
In which they create
Their own poetry
Without needing a pen, a page
Even without needing me


20 Replies to “Flying Words”

  1. Reblogged this on Erik Vincenti Zakhia and commented:
    I’ve never reblogged a poem
    a poem not my own
    and I am a bit afraid of doing it now
    because in a way it feels like meddling my energy, my essence
    with that of someone else

    But I have the intuition I must share on my page Rosegirl’s words and silences
    to encourage her to steady her voice, her presence in the world
    and to learn becoming more altruistic
    because after all we’re all interrelated
    and if people around you grow in wisdom and happiness
    you will grow as well, together with them
    and at the ends of time
    which is not the end of the world
    but simply the end of constraints
    we will all feast and rejoice together
    under the shade of a vine
    within the mellowness of a cloud
    in the intimacy of a sea shell
    by the fragrance of a rose

    Everything you can imagine
    will be possible

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    1. Thank you, Marie! Happy to connect with you too! I read about you on your blog and we have a lot in common (regarding violence and bringing more empathy and compassion into the world). I look forward to connecting and reading more.

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    2. Did you also write about your experiences? I couldn’t find it on your blog (I have the WordPress app on my phone). Could you send me some links? I would like to read it.
      Thanks again for your kind words!

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      1. Yes I have written about my experiences, but in an indirect way. I have not actually made any reference to myself, but I think it’s clear where the words are coming from. It is mostly in the form of prose-poetry. The best thing I suggest is to scroll through my archives and you’ll see them. My latest one was ‘When the Rain Came’, another was ‘Alice, Milton and Oscar: Making Sense of it All’ and ‘Florence’, as well as ‘Secrets’. If you do have trouble finding them, please get back to me and I’ll be happy to send links. I hope that’s ok? 🙂
        Thanks for your interest, RoseGirl.

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      2. I will definitely check it out. I am busy with preparing a talk about compassion now (I work as a counselor/psychologist). But in a few days I’ll have more time and space to read it 😊

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      3. Thank you, Marie! Do you know non violent communication from Marshall Rosenberg? I talked about that and how we can deal with conflicts in a compassionate way and make the world a better place for everyone.

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