The Law Of Cause And Effect

Every thought, every feeling
every word and every action
has an effect in the world
They are the waves of energy,
sent out into the universe
Like a stone that is thrown
into the river
And makes ripples in the water
You can either pollute it
or make the water clear
by sending out what you want



  1. Still waters run clear and deep, pure water, however, is harder to find 🙂 A lovely analogy and we can reflect exactly what are the waveforms of energy in love? There is much to be discovered. A lovely post Marieke 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, David! If we allow the water to become still and remove polluted layers of ego from the surface, we find the pure water underneath, our true soul essence. It’s just there, we only need to tap into it 🙂

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