Choose Yourself First

I chose many things
many people and situations

When I was a small kid
I chose to be a good girl
I chose to be loyal to my father
even when he physically
and emotionally abused me

I chose to be loyal to my mother
even when she didn’t choose me
I chose to take care of her
even when that meant
that I couldn’t be a child myself

I chose to be loyal to my teachers
and to be the best student
so I wouldn’t disappoint

I chose to be loyal to my husband
even when I didn’t truly love him
and he beat the hell out of me

I chose to be a good friend
to always reach out an helping hand
even when I had nothing left to offer

I chose many things,
many people and situations
But somehow in the process
I forgot to choose myself
so I couldn’t be chosen by others



  1. a poignant poem, and a message that many can relate to… You’re not alone. In the process of being everything to everyone we often neglect ourselves. The truth is the love and acceptance we seek in others, we can only find in ourselves. We are also incapable of loving another when we don’t love and value ourselves. So what we are giving is useless unless in comes from a whole and not broken place. Be well 💕

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