A Journey Of Soul Love

On this sacred journey of love
I need to believe
what is not touchable
I need to believe
what I have seen in your eyes
The truth I know in my soul

I need to fully trust myself
Trust my own heart
I need to fully surrender
And find this higher faith
Live this higher love
Despite my mind,
Despite the facts

It’s not an easy task, my love
I am blindfolded
And sometimes
it’s all just so dark
What I yet cannot see,
yet cannot touch,
yet cannot hear
I need to find it inside
Hand it over to God
And keep moving forward

I need to go down on my knees
Fall through my thoughts
Break through old patterns,
Leave old pain and old beliefs behind
To find this pure, true love,
To find you on the other side



  1. Such beautiful lines. Yes, going beyond old beliefs and the mind is indeed difficult. But, as I read somewhere, we need to trust our heart even if it tells us to break our heart. That’s the only way to know true love.
    Your poems have a profound beauty to them. Well done.

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