When I remember
the vast, still ocean
the temporary ripples
the pathways drawn
between the stars
the true essence
within the shell

When I see fragments
of past lives cracked
by the light of infinity
When I hear those ancient
whispers inside
The voice of my soul

I remember love
I remember you
I remember me


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Take A Break From Their Earthly Movie

And…. cut!

The two lovers of true love
take a break from their earthly movie
and meet in a higher realm

And he said:
“What is the matter my sexy sweetie?”

She said:
“Well, my cutest cutie,
I don’t feel that sexy anymore
I am exhausted, I am in pain
I want to leave that crazy
earthly movie we are in
I am done with our egos,
with the roles we play
with the crazy story
It all hurts too much, as if it is real

My ego gets triggered by your ego
by what you do and don’t do
as it longs for validation
Can’t we just leave the earthly plain
and stay here forever melted
in each other’s arms”

“I know, my sweetie, I know
we have tough karma,
tough darkness to clear
but we signed up for this
we’re together on a mission
the harder the path is
the brighter our love will shine

Like this, I always hold you
when we’re back on earth again
just close your eyes
to feel my arms around you
how I continue to whisper
sweet words of love
into your heart

Don’t get so much caught up
in the illusion of the movie
don’t think the movie on earth is real
We play our roles
to help each other heal
But we are not our roles, not our egos
we are the actors, the soul behind it

So wipe away your tears, my sweetie
stand tall again
stand strong, stand in love
Remember, we made each other
a promise”

“Okay my cutest cutie,
I must be Superwoman
This all takes extraordinary powers”

“You are, my sweetie,
you are my heaven and earth angel”

“And you, you are my all-realms Superman”


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