How The Two Lovers Of True Love Solve The Problem Of Global Warming

And I say: ‘Oh my cutest cutie,
I almost burn alive
here in the extreme heat
of the Dutch Summer’
You say: ‘Oh yes, my sexy sweetie
I have the same trouble over here
I’m on fire in this hot Californian night’

‘Oh no! Could it be that because
our love is just so hot,
the flame of our passion burns so high,
that that causes the global warming?’
‘You could be right, my sexy sweetie,
it would actually explain a lot.’

‘Oh cutest cutie!
That means we need to cool down!
But how can we do it?
For every time when I think of you or feel you
the fire gets stoked up,
the temperature increases!
I eat ice creams all day,
I take cold showers
And I even went to the local supermarket
to be in their walk-in fridge
But nothing seems to work,
the flame can’t be extinguished!’

‘My sexy sweetie, I know, I know
Last night when I played my guitar
I almost set fire to the audience
because of the passion that flamed
from my strings
Maybe we should discharge
it a bit
in controllable measures
Let’s just continue to write
our songs and poems’

‘Cutest cutie, when you speak
about discharging,
I have a much better idea
Just come fly over to me
and I will show you
how, at least for a moment,
we first bring the climate to a climax
But after that,
I bet we are much cooler’

‘You are brilliant, my sexy sweetie!
I’m on my way,
Let’s together solve the problem
of this global warming.’


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