How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are In Heaven And Prepare Themselves For This Life’s Incarnation

I say: ‘My true love, before we descend
to earth again
Let’s first check the script
of our new life’

You say: ‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie,
It’s a soul contract we have
So we need to sign
it first.’

‘Hey! I thought we are now
in our ego free state
Why then do you
still call me ‘sexy’

‘Your sexiness is timeless,
my sexy sweetie
And even as an angel
you are very sexy.’

‘Okay, as I am without ego
I will not be flattered
But let’s now read
the contract

Oh look what I see here
Oh man, oh man
We will have an age gap
You will live on the other side
of the world
But Mr. Destiny himself
will bring you to my country
And what do I read here
What the hell!’

‘We are in heaven, sweetie’

‘Oh yeah, sorry
But oh man, oh man
First you will be really hot with me
But then you will act coldly
And temporarily
We also need to separate

You won’t tell me yet
that you love me
And then I need to trust
and have faith blindly!
Whereas I will reassure you all the time
That you are the love of my life
I will shout it from the rooftops!
This is really not fair
I’m not agree
Can I complain somewhere?
Who wrote this crazy scenario?’

‘It is God
who made this all up
As we need to learn
certain lessons
And he then made
a story of it’

‘Holy shit!
Do you see how many tears
I will cry
about you!
Rivers and rivers!’

‘Yeah, but then read here
How much turmoil
you will bring to my life!
And I need to freak out
about you all the time!

‘I think I liked
our previous life more’

‘May I remind you,
my sexy sweetie,
That you have been killed
In that lifetime
And then it was me
that needed to cry
those rivers and rivers?’

‘Yeah but this is really
a bad story, my cutest cutie
It’s too absurd
No one will believe this
It’s all really not fair
what you will say to me.’

‘But it’s me that will suffer a lot!
As we have this age gap
I need to spend
a big part of my life
without you
And all alone!’

‘Yeah, that’s true
Poor you, poor you.
But maybe,
we can adjust it a bit
I’m willing to sign
But at least,
can I have a romantic wedding
with you in the end?
Oh and can you also add:
I want a romantic white wedding dress
Oh and another thing:
Chocolate cake.
I want a lot of chocolate’

‘You can have it all, my sexy sweetie
But remember, we are in an ego free state
Why then this craving for chocolate?’

‘Because angels do like
chocolate very much too.
But it’s time for you to descend now
Don’t forget, my cutest cutie
Even though,
you won’t see me yet
for many years
I’m always around
I’m always by your side
And I will already appear in your dreams
And you will long for me in your songs.’

‘Okay, I won’t forget
Our love is stronger than strong
Let’s do this,
High five, my sexy sweetie
See you on the other side
That’s the spirit!’



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