It’s Already There

What if all that we wish for
our bright future, our big dream
is already there, is available for us
right here in the now

What if we just need to tap into the energies
to feel it, become what we want
to let it roll into our world

Then, there’s no need for impatience,
for worry, for fear,
no need for needing,
for grasping and chasing
for we know, it’s already there
and it’s all ours


Blue Moon Super Moon

Blue Moon Super Moon
Let me bathe in your white glow
Light my shadows
Burn away the darkness
And I will dance on its ashes
With every fiber
Of my soul

Stars weave dreams
High up in the sky
I plant their seed
Here down into the earth
Blue Moon Super Moon
Moon of manifestation
Let your magic spark
Upon my heart’s desires

Blue Moon Super Moon
Ruler of the tides
Will you magnetize him
Back into my arms