It Is Not What It Seems


A still image on the surface
Like nothing happens
and all is hopelessly the same

But underneath
It moves and whirls,
heats and waves,
streams, vibrates
What cannot be seen
though can be felt

Under Winter’s death
Spring grows, tingles
And brings the earth in motion

Silence that asks for patience,
that asks for trust


Trusting Love

I didn’t trust love
I wanted to control the river,
wanted to hold back or push the waters

I built dams, threw stones in it
And digged the sand out
to let the river change direction
I worked and acted
I did everything
to prevent me from being still

I thought I needed to earn
I needed to prove
And worked even harder
For me to deserve
the love I knew it was mine
but didn’t dare to own

Often I thought
the river wasn’t even real
And just a mirage in my mind
That could be taken away
from me anytime
And because I didn’t trust love
I didn’t trust you, I didn’t trust me

But now, oh beautiful river,
I don’t want to
control you any longer
Please flow
and I will trust
That true love will find its way
on its own always
to where it belongs


Flying Birds

The bird flies in the open sky
And with every beat
her wings get stronger

She learned to sing
her own songs
The wind amplifies
the tunes of her words
that stream from her heart

And sometimes
She still longs back for the land
Where she can hide in trees
Where no one can see her
As the open sky makes vulnerable
and those on the land
can shoot or can withhold
their appreciating eyes

And over there in the distance
behind the fog bank
She cannot see him yet
But she knows,
there flies her beloved
As he took flight at the same time

Still he hides
And just like her,
sometimes he returns to the land
But his heart song gets stronger
And he trusts his wings
more and more

Both birds face their fears
Until they will be ready
to dare to fly
through the fog bank
and to each other
on the other side


Free Falling

Shaking rocks
Rolling thunder
This place here is not
to linger anymore

I am free falling
No mask that gives hold
A heart that is clothed in

Heaven will you catch me
Gravity will you lead me
into deeper grounds of faith


Fiercely And Fearlessly 

Now the storm is raging
And lightning splits
The dark sky
Wild dreams hunt
The ones
Who are without sleep

I have my cave
To shelter
The pole star
to guide me
A fire
to warm me
In this cold night

And I wait
the storm
To pass
The sun to rise
Free are the ones
Who embrace
Whatever may come

What else could
I do
What more would
Be left
Than fiercely
And fearlessly
Loving you


Knight Of The Heart

She raises her sword
Her heart is on fire
She holds the love
And claimes her own life

She loves the love
That is sacred
Trusts God to bring
What is meant to be
She liberates herself
From the layers
Of all that won’t serve her
She is only armed
With her naked truth

She had her battles
And learnt how to choose
Which one to fight
Which to surrender
The cause of the heart
Is never to lose

She can’t go back to sleep
As she has already awoken
The point of no return
She rides her horse
Carries the torch
And knows
What is in the heart
Cannot be broken



You go with me
Wherever I am
You move me
Wherever I go

The horizon
Is out of sight
White stripes
on the road
That point
to the unknown

I am
I only have
My hands to touch
My ears to hear
My heart to feel

You who have
touched me
Your song I hear
Your heart that beats
within me

And then
I know
I sense
I breathe
Trust has got my back
My feet go straight
To the horizon
in my mind
And I just take
A leap of faith


Run Away My Love

I thought of you
Again of you
Always it is you
My thoughts hold on to
Only you
And I know
I have to let you go now
To still have you

So run away my love
Like my thoughts
run away with you
Don’t look back
Only forward
I won’t go after you
Run for the hills
Run for the clouds
As far as you need
Just find your way
Back to me

So run now my love
And while you run
I’ll hold the space
I’ll hold the love
For you to return