Our Fado Song

Here in the narrow, steep streets of Lisbon
We step into a fado song
And drown in the lake of longing
Our story woven
into the history of this town

A you and a me
A love that reaches overseas
Sailing the stormy waves of destiny
Wine and fish, music, poetry and tears
Melancholy blends with hope
O meu amor do silêncio
Your melodies are echoing
forever in my heart



      1. Haha, I guess it’s really fun for tourists. But the Lisbon I grew up in has far drowned in hostels and bars. Even the house where I was raised is now an AirBnB. Porto still has a lot of its portuguese integrity, and so do other cities like Braga, Évora, Coimbra, so on.
        I understand the magic of Lisbon, but I really believe Portugal has better to give.
        And I’m really happy you love my country! I love it too.

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      2. I understand that it’s different when you grew up here or are a local.
        I have been in Évora too! Indeed it is lovely.
        In only 1,5 year I have visited Lisbon 12th times so I don’t feel like a typical tourist anymore 😃

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