Poseidon And Amphitrite

The ocean between us may look
calm on the surface
But my Poseidon, do you feel
in the deeper waters our waves of
longing and passion roll towards
each other?
The sea is our kingdom, our throne
The space is all ours
We drowned for too long in still
waters of sadness
We made the sea our dark grave of grief
as we were deceived by a Fata Morgana
That showed us we had lost each other
But let’s turn the tide
Our deeper waters true and pure
do call us
So let your mighty waves move
Let the tides go high
and make love
to bring back our sea to peace


My Acropolis

First you need to climb up the hill
Your head in the clouds
to find my acropolis

Only you have the keyword
to unlock the door
and to enter my holy temple

Athena guards the portal
First speak your truth of love
to have full access
to all that is yours

Inside Aphrodite resides
Together with Freyja
She stokes the fire of love

Oh my Apollo,
See me waiting for you
at my altar
Let’s dance
into higher realms
To find the highest peak
of the Olympus



In the light of my sword of truth
I can see the darkness even better
The owl on my arm makes me see
deeper than my eyes could reach
Courageous is my heart
My sword may be sharp
but is compassionate

Justice shall prevail
The truth of soul will reign
and will liberate you
from the darkness of the mind

My sword penetrates reality
and makes you see
everything for what it is
Love as the only thing that is real

I have Nike by my side
Victory is always near
For those who believe,
who are true to themselves
and choose love


Create With Me

I am your Freyja, your Goddess
I liberate you from all your
‘musts’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘don’ts’
We ride the waves of pleasure
shamelessly together
We are free and only belong to our love

Fertile is my ground
Create in me, through me, with me
Touch my poetry deep within
and make it come alive

Trace my lines, my curves with your fingers
I flow in the form of your hands
I vibrate to the song of your heart
Celebrate each part of my body,
make it dance with yours

I am your warrior
I strive our way tirelessly
high into the sky
And as we unite fire and water
we make a lightning bolt


Osiris And Isis

If you would be Osiris
Then I would be your Isis
As king and queen
they ruled the land of ancient Egypt

Together they fought the dark
Osiris got killed,
his body disappeared
But like Isis, I would mourn and weep
And would look for you everywhere

I would seek all over the land
to get back all the pieces of you
And then I would use the fire
Use my great magic
to breathe life back into you

And when all the dark would be defeated
We would be reunited for eternity
for true love even overcomes death
and its sacred kingdom has no real enemies