A Song Of Hope

And the bird flew
and made a dive
as he sang a new song
for everyone to hear
The wind spread
the free sounds
of his tender voice
all over the land

It was a song of love
A bright song of hope
With his vulnerable heart,
his breakable wings
he flew strong

He sang of what he had seen
when he had dreamt
above the clouds
about the clear blue skies
that would appear soon

He sang it straight
into the heart
of his beloved
where he let his tunes
make rainbows


Fiercely And Fearlessly 

Now the storm is raging
And lightning splits
The dark sky
Wild dreams hunt
The ones
Who are without sleep

I have my cave
To shelter
The pole star
to guide me
A fire
to warm me
In this cold night

And I wait
the storm
To pass
The sun to rise
Free are the ones
Who embrace
Whatever may come

What else could
I do
What more would
Be left
Than fiercely
And fearlessly
Loving you



You go with me
Wherever I am
You move me
Wherever I go

The horizon
Is out of sight
White stripes
on the road
That point
to the unknown

I am
I only have
My hands to touch
My ears to hear
My heart to feel

You who have
touched me
Your song I hear
Your heart that beats
within me

And then
I know
I sense
I breathe
Trust has got my back
My feet go straight
To the horizon
in my mind
And I just take
A leap of faith