The Unfinished Story

I’ve been absent for quite a while on my blog because I was very ill and was in the ICU. However, I don’t know anything about it as I was unconscious. At first, when I came back, I didn’t know who I was anymore and lost my memories. Luckily, those are coming back.
It’s still a rollercoaster and I need a lot of rest and care but at least and Thank God! I’m able to write again.

The Unfinished Story

Life was eclipsed
darkness covered the eyes
-I can’t even see
myself no more,
memories buried
mind, body gone
into nowhere land,
But then destiny,
the unfinished story
of you and me
sends me its sun



  1. Oh Marieke. My heart goes out to you. I am SO sorry. But SO glad you are okay. Oh Marieke, I am sending you ALL my love. You know where I am. Holding you in my heart.

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  2. Dear Marieke,
    Wow! I’m so thrilled that you are ok and on the mend from your illness!!! Sending you Love and Hugs and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!!! It’s good to here that your recovery is progressing!! I so missed You and Your Awesome poems, and I know so many other have too.
    Your poems have always been a bright spot in my day! So Happy to have you back, My Dear!
    Chuck 😊💕💕🌹

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