A Scientific Research

I did a scientific research on
the love I feel for you
In an objective and unbiased manner
I tested the hypothesis ‘I love you’
I did a literature review of my poems
and wrote a theoretical framework
I did an observation of my heart
I systematically collected the data,
analyzed them
And then came to the conclusion
Now it is scientifically proven
that I love you



      1. Ha, I can imagine that a poetic thesis would not do well under scrutiny of university faculty 🙂

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      2. No unfortunately.. I never tried it. Although, I did defend my thesis in a very unconventional way. By just being me in my own unconventional, clumsy way. I can tell you that wasn’t boring. Even the most boring academics were laughing and they said they had never seen anything like that 😂 But they did find it interesting and entertaining 🙂 🙂

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      3. Ha, that’s a wonderful story and I am not one bit surprised, even though I only know you through your blog. You seem very unconventional and it’s a breath of fresh air to meet people like you are are simply themselves. I can imagine how entertained they were, especially if the defense included any kind of dancing or music 🙂

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      4. Haha thank you. There was, actually. When I started, I said ‘I first need to move a bit to get grounded and get rid of the nerves.’ And so I did 😄 Pretty hilarious. They were looking at me like ‘What the hell is she doing’

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