I’m Eating Your Chocolate

I’m eating your chocolate now
The chocolate that I had bought
especially for you
I’m so sorry, but it wanted to be eaten
and could not wait for you any longer
I really had to help the chocolate out

But just close your eyes and imagine
How you taste it through my senses
The hazelnut chocolate that is hard at first
Then melts so sweetly in the mouth

Just sense this heavenly burst
of taste, touch and smell
How it glides over the tongue
How it dances up and down
and back and forth

But hey, my darling,
don’t be so greedy
Is this still me and the chocolate
Or are we actually French kissing?!


P.S. I will buy new chocolate
for you, I promise
And if necessary (probably it is)
I will buy it again and again,
no problem


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